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Target audience In meetings Presentation to management Conference Lecture in Institutions Training sessions Corporate HRD

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Presentation Skills A workshop by : Corporate -HRD What we will cover today... Target audience & expectations Dos & Donts Computer presentations Effective Public Speaking The last minute syndrome Mental preparation Evaluation Corporate HRD Target audience In meetings Presentation to management Conference Lecture in Institutions Training sessions Corporate HRD Expectations Theoritical Practical Technical / Non-technical Formal / Informal Detail Terminology Corporate HRD Choose a subject which suits You Your Audience The Occasion Time Allowed Corporate HRD Dos Do Dress for the occasion Relax Use eye contact Speak up Show enthusiasm Use a pointer Practice your presentation Practice your presentation! Corporate HRD Donts Do not Wear a hat Wear sunglasses Chew gum or tobacco Use note cards Use the screen instead Stand in front of the screen Corporate HRD Computer Presentation Screen quality Monitor better than projector Background Dark (not black) is best Text Use a light color Avoid red and green colors Corporate HRD FONT Font Use Arial or Helvetica May look better than Times on screen Bigger is better Caps ALL-CAPS ARE DIFFICULT TO READ All-caps are difficult to read Corporate HRD Key words Vs Sentences (Long) sentences are distracting Use keywords 7 x 7 rule Max 7 lines per slide Max 7 words per line Corporate HRD Tables, Graphs & Figures Often better than words Redo if you have the data Amount of data Do not show data you do not mention Watch Alignment of text and numbers Corporate HRD Spellings & Grammars Emportant than there is no erors looks Veru improfesionel People maynot take your seriuosly Corporate HRD Keep Slides Simple Avoid Sound effects Slide transitions Fancy layouts Clip art More than 3 bullet levels Keep slides simple Corporate HRD Effective Public Speaking Body Language Skills, Creativity & Communication Justice to the Subject Corporate HRD Body Language Confidence Dress Code Posture Gestures Facial Expression Eye Contact Voice Modulation Handling the Microphone Corporate HRD Skills, Creativity & Communication Command over the Language Time Management Use of quotations and anecdotes Arousing the curiosity and Creating Interest Listening Skills Appropriate Humour Use of Charts, Visuals Corporate HRD Justice to the subject Preparation and Home Work Introduction Body of Speech Depth of Knowledge Climax and Conclusion Corporate HRD Speech consists of... INTRODUCTION.15% A) Attention Getter B) Preview BODY75% A) Main Points B) Arranged Logically C) Supported with Data CONCLUSION10% A) Review B) Memorable Statement. Corporate HRD Last Minute Syndrome Be ready before the presentation Know your equipment Arrive early and set up Run through all slides Law of Dynamic Negatives Anything that can go wrong, will Be prepared - you need those slides Corporate HRD Mental Preparation Stage Fear Corporate HRD Mental Preparation Rapid heart beat Trembling Knees Quivering Voice Blurring of Eyes Sweating of Hands Mouth Goes Dry Faster Breathing Mind Goes Blank Voice Cracks etc. Corporate HRD Reasons for Stage Fear Doing something totally new Facing a group of people for first time Fear of Failure All Eyes are focused upon you Embarassment Feeling of Shame and Humiliation Sence of having lost control Corporate HRD How to control Stage Fear Choose a subject that U are totally confident Prepare thoroughly Visualise Success Concentrate on what U are Saying Realise that U appear more confident than U feel Corporate HRD Practice For Fixing the Speech in your mind For Polishing the Delivery Remember the Ideas, not Words Practice mentally rather than aloud Practice with actual cue Cards, not with Script Take care of your time Practice,Practice,.Practice Corporate HRD Evaluation What has been good? choice of activities, topics, style of teaching, grading, more structure, less structure in section, section material too fluffy? What has been bad? What would you like to do our our remaining sections? Any suggestions? Corporate HRD Thank U All What have you Learnt Jot Down The Points Corporate HRD Now Shoot Questions ?