Coaching English skills in corporate Kuwait

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Coaching English skills in corporate Kuwait . Hendrik van der Merwe. Introduction: . Hendrik van der Merwe [Henk] MBA [Human Resource Management] Post Grad [Australian Law and Practice] Professional Workplace Coach PhD Candidate [International School of Management] - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Coaching English skills in corporate Kuwait

Coaching English skills in corporate Kuwait

Coaching English skills in corporate Kuwait Hendrik van der MerweTESOL Kuwait Nov 20131Introduction: Hendrik van der Merwe [Henk]MBA [Human Resource Management]Post Grad [Australian Law and Practice]Professional Workplace CoachPhD Candidate [International School of Management]

Executive: Australian Not-for-ProfitACK School of BusinessHRM, Ethics, Law and general business topicsTESOL Kuwait Nov 2013summaryTheoretical basisCoaching methodsKuwait case study

Learnings for the futureTESOL Kuwait Nov 2013Learning theory

TESOL Kuwait Nov 2013Learning theory

TESOL Kuwait Nov 20135HRM & Training / Development

TESOL Kuwait Nov 20136Coaching theory

TESOL Kuwait Nov 20137Coaching theory

TESOL Kuwait Nov 20138Coaching vs training

TESOL Kuwait Nov 20139Coaching vs trainingHow to draw a circleTESOL Kuwait Nov 201310Coaching vs mentoring

Be realistic - credit others with your successTESOL Kuwait Nov 201311Coaching theoryCoaching is "a process that enables learning and development to occur and thus performance to improve. To be a successful a Coach requires a knowledge and understanding of process as well as the variety of styles, skills and techniques that are appropriate to the context in which the coaching takes place" Eric Parsloe, The Manager as Coach and Mentor (1999) page 8. Eric is a respected author and Director of the OCM TESOL Kuwait Nov 201312Coaching theoryCoachee drivenOutcome focusedGood to GREATDevelop trustIn confidenceAsk questions

Not to correct / punishSet agendaDominate / leadProvide answersRepair the pastBecome a captive

TESOL Kuwait Nov 201313Coaching models

TESOL Kuwait Nov 201314Coaching models

TESOL Kuwait Nov 201315Coaching models

TESOL Kuwait Nov 201316Coaching modelsO outcomeS situationC consequencesA actionR - review

TESOL Kuwait Nov 201317Coaching models

TESOL Kuwait Nov 201318Kuwait case studyBackgroundHigh-Tech business on 3 sitesGovernment and Private stakeholders100% Kuwaiti staffed

Project ObjectivesImprove English communication skillsPilot coaching as a methodologySupport other T & D initiatives [classroom, e-learning, overseas training]TESOL Kuwait Nov 201319Kuwait case studyPeopleYoung non college graduates [47]Supervisors [5]Managers and consultants [3]

Physical resourcesTraining center [e-learning hub, Rosetta stone] Diwaniya style recreation room Leaning materialsTESOL Kuwait Nov 201320Kuwait case studyProcessInitial meeting facilitated by supervisorCoaching planCommunications activities / tasksDetailed data collection / analysis

Measure / Control# participants Hours of coaching delivered Coaching plans completed

TESOL Kuwait Nov 201321Kuwait case studyResultsDelivered 1200 hours of targeted coachingCreated 28 coaching plansCompleted 12 Performance wheels50% never engaged directly with coach

Improved English communication skills..?

TESOL Kuwait Nov 201322Kuwait case study: What did we learnGood to GREAT20/28 coaching plans were from top 10% employeesEmployees determined to learn found ways to Poor performers did not engage at all

Integration VERY importantLearning resourcesHR strategies [PMS, T&D, Promotion, Remuneration]Formal and informal contact

TESOL Kuwait Nov 201323Coaching English skills in corporate Kuwait Hendrik van der MerweTESOL Kuwait Nov 2013