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    World Food Programme /

    Fuel-efficient cookstove benefits:

    If used correctly and consistently, fuel-efficient stoves can lead to a 50 percent reduction of firewood needed for cooking.

    Fuel-efficient stoves protect the environment by reducing firewood consumption.

    Fuel-efficient stoves lower the health risks that women and families are exposed to with the traditional three-stone open fire, by reducing indoor air pollution in the form of

    unhealthy smoke and particle emissions.

    Fuel-efficient stoves protect women from exposure to risks associated with firewood collection, such as gender-based violence.

    As the worlds largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger, WFP cannot afford to

    separate the delivery of food from all the next steps needed to actually feed

    vulnerable households. Lack of safe access to cooking fuel in humanitarian settings

    has far-reaching consequences influencing long-term food security and livelihoods.

    WFPs SAFE (Save Access to Fuel and Energy) programme directly addresses the

    challenges people face when cooking the food that is provided to them. Fuel-

    efficient stoves prevent and mitigate many risks that are linked to the lack of

    access to cooking fuels. The Prakti stove, as displayed today, is an example of a

    fuel-efficient cookstove WFP uses within its SAFE programme.

    Prakti Charcoal Stove - The Prakti charcoal stove has

    proved to consistently reduce fuel consumption by 47 percent and toxic emissions by over 60 percent. It is

    considered one of the best performing fuel-efficient stoves in Haiti based on performance, durability, usability and appeal. It is easy to transport and store, performs well

    while cooking large amounts of food and is available in two sizes to accommodate different cooking needs, from

    households to restaurant.