Powerpoint Jeopardy SensationVision and Hearing Other SensesTypes of Perception Perceptual Organization 10 20 30 40 50

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  • Powerpoint Jeopardy

    SensationVision and HearingOther SensesTypes of PerceptionPerceptual Organization10101010102020202020303030303040404040405050505050

  • Occurs when a stimulus activates a receptor10pts

  • Give an example of Sensory Adaption20 points

  • The smallest change in a physical stimulus that can be detected is known as ______ threshold30 points

  • The minimum amount of physical energy required to produce a sensation is known as _______ threshold 40 points

  • Briefly describe Webers law 50 points

  • The most studied of all the senses is_________?-10 points

  • What is sound? 20 points

  • Light enters the eye through the _____-30 points

  • The strength of a sound is called ______ 40 points

  • Briefly describe the difference between Rods and Cones 50 points

  • What part of the ear is used for balance?10 points

  • There are two types of skin receptors. One is sensitive to pressure while the other is sensitive to ________ 20 points

  • Why is pain useful? Give an example. 30 points

  • The bodys sense of balance is controlled by the _________ system-40 points

  • Name the two chemical senses-50 points

  • The ability to recognize distances and 3 dimensions is called _______ perception 10 points

  • The ability to fill in the gaps is called ________. Relies heavily on experience. Some are inherent. 20 points

  • Objects stay the same despite the changing environment is called __________ 30 points

  • What is linear perspective? 40 points

  • ______ is the part we are focusing on while ______ is the background. This is a type of perception. ONE GUESS ONLY!!!-50 points

  • The brain organizes parts into _______-10 points

  • What Gestalt principle is this? 20 points

  • What Gestalt Principle is this? 30 points

  • What Gestalt principle is this? 40 points

  • Define Gestalt 50 points

  • Final Jeopardy

    This psychologist was in the video we watched yesterday. He was also the person responsible for the Stanford Prison Experiment.

  • Final Jeopardy

    The optical illusion we watched yesterday is known as ________ room.

    *Category 1 - 10*Category 1 - 20*


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