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Photosynthesis vs. Cellular Respiration Ms. Liu Biology 2/9/12

Photosynthesis respiration liu

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  • 1. Photosynthesis vs.Cellular Respiration Ms. Liu Biology 2/9/12

2. Cellular Respiration How animal AND plant cells obtainenergy: ATP 3. Cellular RespirationWhat happens? We eat food which contains sugar(glucose) and..it goes into our cells 4. Photosynthesis Glucose = the simplest sugar Its in ALL foods that we eat and some drinks Breaking down of glucose Glycolysis 5. Cellular Respiration Animal cells have special organelle called:MITOCHONDRIA Its a Power house of the cell and where glucose is broken down to make ATP 6. Cellular Respiration ATP = Adenosine Triphophate A form of usable energy that ALL living things need 7. Cellular RespirationEQUATION:Glucose + Oxygen CO2 + Water + ATP (Reactants) (Products) 8. Photosynthesis Occurs in PLANT cells only. How they make sugar glucose 9. PhotosynthesisHow does photosynthesis occur? Need sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide 10. Photosynthesis These components are then transformedinto sugar (glucose) in theCHLOROPLAST A special green organelle in plant cells only 11. Photosynthesis A pigment called: CHLOROPHYLLCaptures sunlightenergy 12. Photosynthesis EQUATION:Light + Water + CO2 Sugar + oxygen(Reactants)(Products) 13. So then how do plants get energy, or ATP? 14. They use cellular respiration too but after photosynthesis!!! 15. Bellringer Start on Photosynthesis Riddles: Answer 2 questions 5 min 16. EXTRA Credit Create comic strip (5 boxes) explaining: Photosynthesis OR Endothermic and exothermic reactions Due on day of test (Wednesday nextweek)