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Plant Respiration and Photosynthesis By- Justin Ehrenpreis

Photosynthesis, Plant Respiration

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Text of Photosynthesis, Plant Respiration

  • 1. Plant Respiration and Photosynthesis By- Justin Ehrenpreis
  • 2. What do leaves provide for plants? Light Energy
  • 3. Roots are structures for Anchorage, Nutrient storage and. Absorption of water.
  • 4. Root absorbs water and salts for the conduction of minerals
  • 5. The outer layer of the leaf is Epidermis
  • 6. What is a Cuticle? -It is a waxy covering of the epidermis. -It protects the internal tissues of the -Leaf from -water loss, invading -fungi, and -physical injury
  • 7. Photosynthesis in leaves take place in the Palisade layer Its placed in the Upper epidermis
  • 8. The exchange and circulation of gasses occurs in the Spongy layer , which has many Air spaces that Carries on Photosynthesis
  • 9. Most leaves, chloroplasts are presented in the Palisade layer which is the Spongy layer And is in the __________ cells. Guard cells
  • 10. Opening in the cuticle is the Stomates
  • 11. Stomates are regulated by Guard cells
  • 12. Stomates allow the exchange of. O2, CO2, and H2O Between. The external environment and the Internal air spaces.
  • 13. Most photosynthesis occurs in the leaf
  • 14. There are 2 Guard cells per each.. stoma
  • 15. Veins carries water and minerals to cells are called The Xylem
  • 16. What distributes food to other plant organs is called Phloem
  • 17. Phylum = Food
  • 18. Photosynthesis is The ability of most green plants and certain Monerans and Protests to Manufacture organic compounds from Inorganic raw materials Is called Autotrophic Nutrition
  • 19. The principle of autotraphic process is called Photosynthesis
  • 20. What is organisms that get their own food and cannot make there own food is Hydrotropic also known as consumers
  • 21. Photosynthesis is A process where light is converted into.. Chemical energy of organic Molecules
  • 22. Heterotrophic Nutrition Cant make there own food and Get there own food is called consumers
  • 23. Photosynthesis is.. A process that releases oxygen in our air.
  • 24. What carries on photosynthesis? Chloroplasts
  • 25. What is in chloroplasts, absorbs light, and is the green pigment for plants are Chlorophyll
  • 26. Reactants Products
  • 27. What are the two major reactants occur in photosynthesis? Light and Dark
  • 28. Light reactions occur within the Layered membranes in chloroplasts
  • 29. Stacks of chloroplast membranes are called? grana
  • 30. What is outside of the grana? stroma
  • 31. Split water molecules are called photolysis
  • 32. ATP produced in the Chloroplasts during what reaction Light reaction
  • 33. ATP stands for Adenosine Triphosphate
  • 34. Carbon-Fixation means Dark reactions
  • 35. What is within the chloroplasts? stroma
  • 36. Dark reactions are? stroma
  • 37. Hydrogen atoms from light and carbon dioxide from a 3-carbon sugar called PGAL