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  • 7/27/2019 Pgt English Paper



    MRT-422-ENG 1B

    Total No. of Printed Pages: 32

    Hall Ticket No Signature ofInvigilator

    Time: 3 Hrs Max. Marks: 100

    Instructions to the Candidate :

    1. Write your Hall Ticket Number in the box provided at the left side of the booklet immediately afterreceiving the test booklet.

    2. Check whether the test booklet contains as many pages as are printed on the top of this page.3. Check whether all pages are printed properly. Do not remove any pages from the test booklet.4. Indicate your answers on the given OMR answer sheet only. Read the instructions given on both

    sides of the OMR answer shoot and follow them accordingly. Do not write the answer in the test


    5. This test booklet consists of 200 multiple choice questions. Answer all questions. Each questioncarries half (1/2 ) mark only.

    6. For rough work use only the white paper provided at the end of the test booklet.7. After completion of the examination handover the MLR answer sheet to the Hall Superintendent

    without fail.

    8. Candidate will not be permitted to leave the examination hall till completion of the stipulatedexamination time.


  • 7/27/2019 Pgt English Paper



    MRT-422-ENG 2B


    1. One of the following is Millet groupof crops

    (1) Jowar, Bajra, Ragi(2) Bajra, Ragi, Maize(3) Ragi, Jowar, Flax(4) Bajra, Jowar, Hemp

    2. Pitch Blende is a chief ore of

    (1) Uranium(2) Phosphate(3) Platinum(4) Zinc

    3.The special provisions with respect tothe state of Andhra Pradesh are dealtwith the following Article ofConstitution of India

    (1) 371 H(2) 371 D(3) 371 A(4) 371

    4. Every state shall have alegislature which shall consist of

    (1) Governor, Legislative Councilif one house is there

    (2) Governor, LegislativeAssembly, LegislativeCouncil if there are two

    houses(3) Legislative Assembly,

    Legislative Council if thereare two houses

    (4) Legislative Assembly if one house isthere

    5.Oneof the following folk dance, is a special

    local dance of Rajasthan(1) Ghumar(2) Garba(3) Gidha(4) Nautanki

    6.The proponent of musical

    instrument Sitar was

    (1) Pandit Ravi Shankar(2) Amir Khusrau(3) Ala-ud-din Khan(4) Ustad Ali Akbar Khan

    7. One of the following statement iscorrect, when financialemergency is imposed

    A) President of India can reduce thesalaries of Judges of SupremeCourt and High Courts

    B) President of India may orderthe states to submit Money billsfor his assent

    (1)A is correct and B is incorrect(2)A is incorrect and B -correct(3)

    Both A and B are correct

    (4)Both A and B are Incorrect

  • 7/27/2019 Pgt English Paper



    MRT-422-ENG 3B

    8.One of the following special power isenjoyed by Rajya Sabha

    (1)It can declare that the creation ofnew All India Services be made in the

    National interest

    (2)It can pass No Confidence Motionagainst the Government

    (3)The recommendations of Rajya Sabhaon Money Bill are final and should be

    accepted by Loksabha(4)The Council of Ministers areresponsible to the Rajya Sabha

    9.Firstever individual silver medal for

    India in Olympics was won by

    (1)Abhinav Bindra(2)Vijender Kumar(3)Leander Paes(4)Rajya Vardhan Singh Rathore

    10.Thomas Cup and Uber Cup are

    associated with the following game


    11. Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddi was famous as

    (1)She became the first woman legislatorwhen she was appointed to the Madras

    Legislative Council

    (2)She was the first woman to becomethe President of Indian National Congress

    (3)She represented the Women'sorganisation at the 2nd Round Table

    Conference held in 1931

    (4)She became the Minister for Local SelfGovernment in the United Provinces

    12. The Cabinet Mission 1946 had the

    following Cabinet members

    (1)Lord Chemsford(2)Sir Stafford Cripps(3)Clement Attlee(4)Lord Wavell

  • 7/27/2019 Pgt English Paper



    MRT-422-ENG 4B

    13. The indicators of literacy, infant mortality

    and life expectancy at age one are used for

    arriving at the following indicator of economic


    (1) Human Development Index (HDI)(2) Physical Quality of Life Index (PQLI)(3) Multidimensional Poverty Index (MDI)(4) Gender Inequality Index (GII)14.In economics demand refers to

    (1)Quantity demanded at a particulartime

    (2)Quantity demanded backed by abilityto pay

    (3)Quantity demanded for normal andinferior goods

    (4)Quantity demanded at a specific priceduring a particular period of time

    15. The Viceroy of India who organised DelhiDurbar where the Queen of England wasproclaimed as Empress of India in 1876

    (1)Lord Ripon(2)Lord Lytton(3)Lord Dufferin(4)Lord Landsdowne

    16. The slogan "Swaraj is my birth right

    and I shall have it" given by

    (1) Bal Gangadhar Tilak(2) Bhagat Singh(3) Chandra Sekhar Azad(4) Lath Lajpath Rai

    17. The new President of Maldives appointedin February 2012 is

    (1) Waheed Hassan(2) Mohammad Abbas(3) Mohammad Nasheed(4) Khaleed Mashaal

    18.SAFIA refers to

    (1) SAARC Nations Free TradeAgreement

    (2) South Asian Free TradeAgreement

    (3) South African ForeignTrade Association

    (4) South Asian ForeignTrade Association

    19.Thesevere anaemia caused in children iscalled as

    (1) Haemophilia(2) Albinism(3) Thalassem ia(4) Edward's Syndrome

    20.The instrument used formeasuring the density of liquidsis called

    (1) Hydrometer(2) Hygrometer(3) Densitometer(4) Fathometer

  • 7/27/2019 Pgt English Paper



    MRT-422-ENG 5B



    21. Language Acquisition Device refersto

    (1) innate ability to learn language(2) the material supplied by theteachers for learning language

    (3) acquisition of the language byimitation

    (4) acquisition ofthe language byusing technological devices

    22. To provide educational guidance, intraindividual differences in aptitude canbe measured through

    (1) Scholastic Aptitude Tests(2) Differential Aptitude Tests(3) Vocational Aptitude Tests(4) Interest Inventories

    23. The following sequence ofcognitive process is correct

    (1) Sensation, perception,conceptualisation

    (2) Conceptualisation perception,sensation

    (3) Sensation, conceptualisation,perception

    (4) Perception, sensation,conceptualization

    24. The subjective method among thefollowing is

    (1) Observation(2) Introspection(3) Experimental method(4) Case-Study method

    25. The following set of terminologies are

    considered as synonymous

    (1) Motives, needs and drives(2) Motives, needs andachievement

    (3) Drives, motives andperformance

    (4) Needs, motives and learning

    26. Social development of the

    students can be facilitated by

    using the following approach

    (1) Individual project work(2) Computerised instruction(3) Co-curricular activities(4) Laboratory activities

  • 7/27/2019 Pgt English Paper



    MRT-422-ENG 6B

    27. The main purpose of defense me c h a n i sm is to

    (1) help the individual achieve well inthe area of interest

    (2) improve the status of anindividual in the society

    (3) protect the ego from anxiety(4) improve social adjustment

    28. One of the following is not true regarding


    (1) Scope of growth is limited whencompared to development

    (2) Growth refers to changes inheight, size and weight


    Growth is quantitative(4) Growth is continuous process

    29. 'Caught between the devil and

    deep sea' means the individual is


    (1) Approach --Approach Conflict(2) Avoidance -- Avoidance Conflict(3) Approach --Avoidance Conflict(4) Double Avoidance Conflict

    30. By using one of the following mentioned

    procedures we can strengthen the behaviour

    of a person

    (1) Positive reinforcement andpunishment

    (2) Positive reinforcement andnegative reinforcement

    (3) Negative reinforcement andpunishment

    (4) Punishment31. 'Conditioned Stimulus gradually ceases to

    elicit a conditioned response when it is

    no longer paired with an

    conditional stimulus', is known as

    (1) Extinction(2) Retention(3) Discrimination(4) Generalisation

    32.Aspirations should be set

    (1) Ideally(2) Realistically(3) At high level(4) At low level

  • 7/27/2019 Pgt English Paper



    MRT-422-ENG 7B

    33.The 'Universal Ethical PrincipleOrientation' is a part of the followinglevel of Moral development

    (1) Pre-conventional level(2) Conventional level(3) Post conventional level(4) Unconventional level

    34. While creating a conduciveclassroom climate for learning, thefollowing element should be avoided

    (1) Absence of threat(2) Excessive competition withpeers

    (3) Immediate feed back(4) Opportunities to make choices

    35. Transfer of learning can bemaximised through

    (1) activity-oriented approach(2) making students learn theprinciples and rules

    (3) teaching in an interestingmanner

    (4) giving lot of exercises

    36. One of the following needs to be taken

    up before planning the teaching-learning process

    (1) Assessment of learning(2) Assessment for learning(3) Formative evaluation(4) Summative evaluation

    37. According to this Psychologist,"Learning is direct and notmedia ted by ideas"

    (1) Thorndike(2) Lewin(3) Wertheimer(4) Kohler

    38. Learning Disability is defined as a'neurological dysfunction', meaningthat the individual is

    (1) Suffering from a mental disease(2) Possessing low IQ(3) Not able to process informationin conventional manner

    (4) Having a defective brainstructure

    39. A learner enhancing thelearning of other learners is

    noticed in

    (1) Integrated learning(2) Competitive learning(3) Co-operative learning(4) Programmed learning

    40. Generally heterogeneity of a

    class is least observed withrespect to this Parameter

    (1) Socio-economic background(2) Interests(3) Abilities(4) Age

  • 7/27/2019 Pgt English Paper



    MRT-422-ENG 8B


    41. The establishment of EducationalTribunal was the recommendation of

    (1) N. Janardhan Reddy Committee(2) Iswari Bhai Patel Committee(3) Kothari Education Commission(4) Rama Krishna Rao Committee

    42. One of the following is not correct

    about inclusive education

    (1) It doesn't allow children todevelop individual strengths and gifts,

    with high and appropriate expectations

    for each child

    (2) It allows children to work onindividual goals while participating in

    the life of the classroom with otherstudents of their own age

    (3) It involves children's parents intheir education and in the activities of

    their local schools

    (4) Positively affect both theirschool and community to appreciate

    diversity and inclusion on a broader


    43. One of the following was the first

    authoritative declaration on. the part

    of the British Parliament about the

    education system in

    (1) Report of Hartog Committee(2) Report of Hunter Commission(3) Despatch of Sir Charles Wood.(4) Report of Sir Michael Sadler

    44. Who was the Chairman of the Culcutta

    University Commission of 1917?

    (1) Sir Rojer(2) Rahindranath Tag,ore(3) Sir Michael Sadler(4) Mr. Smith

    45.One of the following is not a living


    (1) Greeting(2) Time Management(3) Discipline(4) Work and Perseverance

  • 7/27/2019 Pgt English Paper



    MRT-422-ENG 9B

    46. The following is/are true about RMSA.

    A) Provision of financialsupport to Government,local body and Government aidedschools

    B) Provision for residential schoolsin hill areas

    C) Provision of qualitysecondary education in termsof enhanced intellectual,social and cultural learning

    D) Provision of financialsupport to private unaidedschools if funds aresufficient

    (1) A and B only(2) B and C only(3) C and D only(4) A, B and C only

    47. The system of Universal;compulsory and free education for allchildren of 6 to 14 years old has its roots

    for the first time in

    (1) The Sergeant Report(2) The Abbot-Wood Report(3) The Sadler Report(4) The Zakir Hussain Report

    48. Kothari Education Commission didn't

    have mention of the following:

    (1) Common School System(2) Organisation of Social andNational Service Programme

    (3) Continuance of N.C.C.(4) English as medium ofinstruction in schools

    49.National Curriculum Framework-2005doesn't have reference to one of thefollowing

    (1) Ensuring quality education forall children

    (2) Reducing the curriculum load(3) Strengthening a nationalsystem of education in a pluralistic


    (4) Encouraging English medium inschools so as to enable the students to

    face the global challenges

    50.Thefollowing is/are True about KGBV(Kasthuribha Gandhi BalikaVidyalaya)

    A) The objective of KGBV is to ensureaccess and quality education togirls from disadvantagedgroups by setting up residentialschools at upper Primary level

    B) Setting up of residential schoolswhere there are a minimum of 50girls predominantly from the SC.ST and minority communitiesavailable to study in the school atthe elementary level.

    C) KGBV was merged with SSAprogramme with effect from 1st

    April, 2007.

    (1) A only(2) B only(3) C only(4) A, B and C

  • 7/27/2019 Pgt English Paper



    MRT-422-ENG 10B

    51. This Cabinet Minister inGovernment of India played a crucialrole in formulating National Policyon Education -- 1986.

    (1) M. C. Chagle(2) Sheela Kaul(3) P. V. Narasimha Rao(4) Arjun Singh

    52. The following is/arc true abouteducation in Vedic Period.

    A) Moksha as goal of educationB) Character formationC) All round development of' the childD) Preservation and promotion of


    (1) A only(2) B only(3) A, B and C only(4) A, B, C. and D

    53. A child of 4 years old was deniedadmission in a government primaryschool. As per the RTEA, 2009, theH.M. of the school.

    A) Can be punishedB) Can't be punishedC) Can be advised by authorities to

    give the child admission

    D) Can be punished if the H.M.repeats the same(1) A is correct(2) B is correct(3) C is correct(4) D is correct

    54. The first teachers' association wasfound in 1890. The name of associationwas:

    (1) Women Teachers' Association,Madras

    (2) Madras Teachers' Guild, Madras(3) South India Teachers' Union,Madras

    (4) Andhra Adhyapak Mandali,Madras

    55. The medium of instruction underthe Muslim education system was

    (1) Sanskrit(2) Persian(3) Regional Languages of Regions(4) Arabic

    56. One of the following is notrelated to teachers empowerment

    (1) Creating opportunities forteachers to influence, design, createand implement school and academic


    (2) Encouraging the inclusions ofteachers in community, school and state

    level directions related to the welfare of

    all students in terms of academic


    (3) Providing teachers with accessto resources to identify and solveproblem related to their classroom in

    order to ensure that they can help all

    students learn

    (4) Encouraging teachers to jointeacher unionsand associations which

    can lookafter their welfare

  • 7/27/2019 Pgt English Paper



    MRT-422-ENG 11B

    57. Article 350 A of the Constitution of Indiais related to

    (1) Promotion of Hindi language innon-Hindi speaking states

    (2) Promotion of Sanskrit language(3) Instruction in mot her-tongueat. primary stage

    (4) Instruction in English languageat University level

    58. If a parent brings the child toschool for admission inNovember, the suitable action by the

    H.M. as per the RTEA, 2009 will be

    (1) The H.M. can refuse admissionsaying admission period is over

    (2) The WM. can ask the parent tocome back with the child on 13th , June

    i.e. day of reopening of the school for

    new .Academic year

    (3) The H.M. can give admission inage appropriate class and arrange thespecial classes to cover up the syllabus

    (4) The H.M. can ask the child tocome to school without giving

    admission and can give admission in


    59. One of the following is not the use of

    code of professional ethics to teacher

    (1) It brings about deeperunderstanding about his variety of role


    (2) It. develops positive attitudetowards work

    (3) It develops in him the sense ofduty, commitment and accountability

    towards his work.

    (4)It is moral obligation on the pan ofgovernment to look after the welfare of


    60. One of the following is wrong about log


    (1) H. M. of the school is the onlyauthority to make entries

    (2) It contains the history of the schoolof a particular year(3) Information about serviceparticulars of the staff should be in log


    (4) Visiting officers can enter theirremarks

  • 7/27/2019 Pgt English Paper



    MRT-422-ENG 12B



    61 65 Reading Comprehension:

    Read the following passage and answer thequestions below:

    There is a delicacy of taste observable in

    some men, which very much

    resembles this delicacy of passion, and

    produces the same sensibility to beauty and

    defirmity of every kind, as to prosperity and

    adversity, obligations and injuries. When you

    present a poem or a picture to a man

    possessing this talent, the delicacy of his

    feeling or sentiments makes him touched

    very sensibly by every part of it; nor are the

    masterly strokes perceived with a more

    exquisite relish and satisfaction, than the

    negligencies or absurdities with disgust or


    Rudeness or impertinence is as great a

    punishment to him. In short, delicacy of

    taste has the same effect as delicacy of

    passion; it enlarges the sphere both of our

    happiness and misery and makes us sensible

    of pains as well as pleasures that. Escape the

    rest of mankind.

    61.The delicacy of taste produces

    (1) defirmity(2) adversity(3) Sensibility(4) Prosperity

    62. When a man with delicacy a taste isshown a poem, he

    (1) reads the parts in it(2) becomes touchy through it(3) experiences the feelings in it(4) becomes sentimental by it

    63.The man with a delicacy of tastes reactswith disgust to

    (1) mistakes in a poem(2) masterly strokes in a picture(3) ridiculous mistakes in a picture(4) sentiments in a poem

    64. According to the passage the delicacy oftaste does not make a man sensitive to

    (1) disgust and uneasiness(2) rudeness and impertinence(3) beauty and defirmity(4) prosperity and adversity

    65. Who possess the talent of adelicacy oftaste?

    (1) all mankind(2) some men(3) men with perception(4) men with a delicacy of passion

  • 7/27/2019 Pgt English Paper



    MRT-422-ENG 13B

    66.In the poem, 'A Poison Tree' thetree is watered with

    (1) Tears(2) Fears(3) Smiles(4) Wiles

    67. Identify the missing word in thefollowing line from Blake's 'TheDivine Image'.For Mercy____Peace and Love.

    (1) Grace(2) Virtue(3) Delight(4) Pity

    68. Fill in the appropriate word in theline from Blake's 'The School Hoy'.How can the____that is bornfor joy, sit in a cage and sing ?

    (1) Child(2) Youth(3) Sky-lark(4) Bird

    69. Which part of speech do the words'oh', 'hush' belong to?

    (1) adverb(2) adjective(3) noun(4) interjection

    70. The definite article 'the' is used inthe following cases except

    (1) before nouns of which there is onlyone(2) before a thing known or alreadyreferred to

    (3) before proper nouns(4) before a noun to give the force ofa superlative

    71. The phrases 'neither ... nor', 'both ... andnotonly ... but also' are

    (1) coordinating conjunctions(2) correlative conjunctions(3) conjunctions(4) subordinating conjunctions

    72. In the sentence `To be or not to be'the conjunction links

    (1) two phrases(2) two clauses(3) two words(4) two sentences

    73.'On the Grasshopper and TheCricket' byKeats refers to

    (1) The poetry of earth(2) The song of poetry(3) The voice of poetry(4) The poetry of nature

    74. In the ode to A Nightingale the poet fliesto the bird on

    (1) the chariot of Bacchus and pards(2) the throne of the Queen Moon(3) the viewless wings of poesy(4) the starry Fays

    75. In the Ode to Autumn, Keats asks

    "Where are the songs of(1) Autumn(2) Spring(3) Summer(4) Winter

  • 7/27/2019 Pgt English Paper



    MRT-422-ENG 14B

    76. In his poem, 'A Lecture upon theShadow' John Donne refers to

    (1) One shadow(2) Two shadows(3) Three shadows(4) Many shadows

    77. Fill in the blank with theappropriate preposition.

    Mrs. Monica kept talking________the journey.

    (1) until(2) for(3) from(4) throughout

    78. Identify the sentence in whichthe adverb is wrongly placed?

    (1) Gently, she was patting the baby(2) She was patting gently the baby(3) She was gently patting the baby(4) She was patting the baby gently

    79.Identify the tense used in thefollowing sentence.For how long have you beenlearning French?

    (1) present continuous(2) past continuous(3) present perfect continuous(4) past perfect continuous

    80.What is the word for superlative degreefor the word 'little"?

    (1) less(2) littlest(3) little(4) least

    81. In his poem, 'The Sun Rising' Donne

    describes the Sun in the following ways,


    (1) old fool(2) old friend(3) unruly(4) through curtains calls

    82.In hispoem, 'The Wild Swans At Coole'Yeats says

    "Upon the brimming water amongthe stones Are ______________Swans."

    (1) ninety(2) ninety five(3) nine and fifty(4) fifty

    83. In Yeats' Byzantium the poet says''Before me floats

    (1) man or shade(2) more image than a shade(3) an. image(4) shade more than man

    84. Yeats' The Second Coming' expresses(1) the artifice of eternity(2) social disintegration(3) an analysis of sell(4) transformation of hi hire

    85. The modal auxiliary verb 'will' hasthree following meanings except

    (1) to offer politely(2) to express willingness(3) to express intermediate volition(4) to express insistence

  • 7/27/2019 Pgt English Paper



    MRT-422-ENG 15B

    86.The subject of a sentence can be placed

    (1) only at the beginning of thesentence

    (2) only in the middle of the sentence(3) anywhere in the sentence(4) only at the end of a sentence

    87. Which of the following statements is not

    true of clauses?

    (1) They convey complete sense(2) They are part of a sentence(3) They are grammatically complete(4) They are of three types

    88.Which type of sentence is the following?

    "Issue an invitation"


    (2) Exclamatory(3) Imperative(4) Optative

    89. What is not true about the Albatross in

    Coleridge's 'The Rime of the Ancient.

    Marinere' ?

    (1) Through the Fog it came(2) The Marineres did not Iced it:(3) Everyday the Albatross followed

    the ship

    (4) The Albatross was shot

    90. Emily Dickinson usually finds her subject

    in the following, except

    (1) things merely entertaining(2) her relation to God(3) her perception of death(4) her addiction of nature

    91. Which road does the poet take in poem,

    'The Road not taken"?

    (1) one that he could sec as far as hecould

    (2) one less travelled(3) one that diverged to the right(4) one leading to another way

    92. in the poem, 'Dust ofsnow' the poet

    goes through

    (1) a change of mood(2) a snowy road(3) snow in imagination(4) a snowy heart

    93.Passive voice is used in the following

    instances except

    (1) If we do not take interest in thesufferer of the action

    (2) If the active subject is not known(3) If the subject in the active voice isunmistakably clear

    (4) if we do not want to mention theactive subject

  • 7/27/2019 Pgt English Paper



    MRT-422-ENG 16B

    94 . According to the rules forchanging Direct into indirect Speech,which of the following is not correct?

    (1) simple present changes to pastcontinuous

    (2) Present. perfect changes to pastperfect

    (3) past continuous changes to pastperfect continuous

    (4) shall/will change to should/ would95. When the introductory verb in direct

    speech is in the present- tense, in theindirect speech,

    (1) it changes to past-tense(2) it changes to present continuoustense

    (3) there is no change in tense(4) it changes to past continuous tense

    96.In the sentence, 'To lie is wrong' (To lie'is

    (1) a gerund(2) a participle(3) a finite verb(4) a non-finite

    97. In the poem, 'Stopping by woods on asnowy evening' Who thinks it queer tostop ?

    (1) The owner of the woods(2) The poet(3) The horse(4) The woods98.

    98 . In Tagore's poem, The Last

    Bargain' the person is hired with

    (1) power(2) money(3) nothing(4) a smile

    99.Complete the following line from Tagore's'Where the mind is without Fear' Wherethe mind is led forward by thee intoever- widening _______(1) desert sand of dead habit(2) heaven of freedom(3) country(4) thought. and action

    100.Tagore's Lover's Gift is acollection of

    (1) Sonnets(2) Lyrics(3) Poems(4) Essays

    101. To transform a complex sentence intoa compound sentence the dependentclause should be changed into

    (1) a subordinate clause(2) the principal clause(3) a coordinate clause(4) an independent clause

    102.Which type of sentence is thefollowing?

    "His bark is worse than his bite"

    (1) simple sentence(2) complex sentence(3) compound sentence(4) compound-complex sentence

  • 7/27/2019 Pgt English Paper



    MRT-422-ENG 17B

    103. Which of the following is not true of anidiom ?

    (1) It is a fixed unit(2) The meaning of it resides in the

    whole expression

    (3) Its elements cannot be varied(4) Meaning can be built, up from its


    104. The phrases 'account for', 'refer to','start with' are

    (1) phrasal verbs(2) prepositional phrases(3) adjectival phrases(4) compound verbs

    105.The semi-colon marks

    (1) a pause equal to a full stop(2) a longer pause than the comma(3) a shorter pause than a colon(4) a pause equal to a comma

    106. What does Sarojini Naiducompare bangles suitable for a bride ?

    (1) silver and blue as a maiden's wrist(2) a glow with the bloom that cleaves(3) purple and gold flecked grey(4) like fields of sunlit corn

    107.Complete the following line from Bacon's

    'Of Studies'.

    'Reading maketh ____________

    (1) an exact man(2) a full man(3) a ready man(4) a good Man

    108. In Lamb's essay, 'DreamChildren A Reverie' he finds himselfupon awakening in

    (1) uncle John's house(2) his arm-chair(3) grandmother Field's house(4) a huge mansion

    109. In 'The Nightingale and the Rose'the colours of roses mentioned are thefollowing, except

    (1) Red rose(2) Yellow rose(3) Golden rose(4) Crimson rose

    110. In his essay, 'How to Live to be 200'

    Leacocksays the following except

    (1) eat a bag of starch(2) eat a sofa cushion(3) have a drink of glue(4) have a spoonful of Portland


  • 7/27/2019 Pgt English Paper



    MRT-422-ENG 18B

    111-114 Read the following Prose piece

    and answer the questions thatfollow: Questions 1.11-114.

    What ho! What ho! This fellow is dancing

    mad! He bath been bitten by the

    Tarantula All in the. Wrong.

    Many years ago, I contracted an

    intimacy with a Mr. William Legrand. He

    was of an ancient Huguenot family, andhad once been wealthy; but a series

    of misfortunes had reduced him to want.

    To avoid the mortification consequent

    upon his disasters, he left New Orleans,

    the city of his forefathers, and took up his

    residence at Sullivan's Island, near

    Charleston, South Carolina.

    This Island is a very Singular one. It

    consists of little else than the sea sand,

    and is about three miles long. Its

    breadth at no point exceeds a quarter of a

    mile. It is separated from the main land by

    a scarcely perceptible creek, oozing its

    way through a wilderness of

    reeds and slime, a favorite resort of the

    Marsh-hen. The vegetation, as might be

    supposed, is scant, or at leagt dwarfish.

    No trees of any magnitude are to be seen.

    Near the Western extremity? where Fort

    Multrie stands, and are some

    miserable frame buildings, tenanted,

    during summer, by the fugitives from

    Charleston dust and fever, may be found

    indeed, the bristly Palmetto; but the wholeIsland, with the exception of this

    Western point, and a line of hard, white

    beach on the seacoast is covered with a

    dense undergrowth of the sweet myrtle,

    so much prized by the horticulturists of

    England. The shrub here often attains the

    height of fifteen or twenty feet, and forms

    an almost impenetrable Coppice,burthening the air with its fragrance. in

    the inmost, recesses of this coppice, not

    far from the eastern or more remote

    end of the Island, Legrand had built

    himself a "Small hut, which he occupied

    when T first by more accident,

  • 7/27/2019 Pgt English Paper



    MRT-422-ENG 19B

    made his acquaintance. This soon ripenedinto friendship-for these was much in therecluse to excite interest and esteem. I foundhim well educated, with unusual powers ofmind, but infected with misanthropy, andsubject to perverse moods of alternateenthusiasm and meloncholy. He had with himmany books, but rarely employed them. HisChief amusements were gunning and fishing,or sauntering along the beach and through

    the myrtles, in quest of shells orentomological specimens; his collection ofthe latter might have been envied bySwammerdamn....

    111.In the above story Poe creates an

    environment that corresponds to his

    main character. Therefore Legrand

    (1) In harmony with nature(2) Isolated and solitary(3) Imaginative and amusing(4) Happy and wealthy

    112. The story Gold Bug begins with Poe

    introducing :VIT. William Legrand and

    talking about

    (1) The misfortunes of Legrand(2) His moving to Sullivan's Island(3) Legrand's family being wealthy(4) The friendship that developed


    113.The 'Coppice' mentioned in the story

    Gold Bug is of the following qualities,


    (1) tall(2) fragrant(3) a scanty(4) impenetrable

    114.Poe describes Legrand using the

    following expressions. except

    (1) people-hater(2) recluse,(3) melancholic(4) gothic

  • 7/27/2019 Pgt English Paper



    MRT-422-ENG 20B

    115-118 Read the poem below and

    answer the questions that follow:

    Questions 115-118.

    Encased in talent like a uniformThe rank of every poet is well known;

    They can amaze us like a thunderstorm,

    Or die so young, or live for years alone.

    They can dash forward like hussars; but


    Must struggle out of his boyish gift and


    How to be plain and awkward, how to beOne after whom none think it worth to


    For, to achieve his lightest wish, he must

    Become the whole of boredom, subject to

    Vulgar complaints like love, among the


    Be just, among the Filthy filthy too,

    And in his own weak person, if be can

    Must suffer dully all the wrongs of Man.

    115. The above poem "The Novelise

    contrasts the poet and the novelist as

    artists. It depicts the novelist as

    (1) dashing(2) amazing(3) plain(4) solitary

    116.The poem is an example of the literary

    form called

    (1) Sonnet(2) Lyric(3) Ode(4) Elegy

    117.In this poem the line they can amaze

    us like a thunderstorm means

    (1) to make a quick appearance(2) to make a big noise(3) to rise to fame suddenly(4) to proclaim difficult things

    118.How does the novelist "in his own weak

    person" "Suffer the wrongs of Man" ?

    (1) By acting out the characters in thenovel

    (2) By entering the skin of eachcharacter for a realistic potra3ral

    (3) By comparing the characters in thenovel

    (4) By imagining the creation of theCharacters

  • 7/27/2019 Pgt English Paper



    MRT-422-ENG 21B

    119. Which of the following words makes

    use of a diphthong?

    (1) Church(2) Behave(3) La ugh(4)Milk

    120.IdentifY the correct accentual pattern

    of the word 'Photographer'

    (1) Photographer(2) Photographer(3) Photographer(4) Photographer

    121. The sentence "shut the door" can be

    said as a command by using the

    following tone

    (1) Falling(2) Falling -rising(3) Rising(4) Rising - falling

    122. Identify which of the following pairs of

    words is an example of a minimal pair?

    (1) Bead- beat(2) peal- meat(3) lurk-bird(4) call- girl

    123. The conjurer in Stephen Leacocks

    essaytakes revenge against the

    quick man by doing the following,

    except(1) painting stripes on his overcoat(2) by tyinghis suspenders in a knot(3) by breaking his pride(4) by smashing his spectacles

    124. The style of the essayist Lucas ismarked with the following, except

    (1) all-round brevity(2) brevity in sentence construction(3) brevity in the make-up of the essay(4) brevity in eloquence

    125.In the story, 'After Twenty Years' The

    name of the policeman is

    (1) Jimmy Morgan(2) Jimmy Wells(3) Jimmy(4) Jimmy West

    126.Dr. Isaac Asimov is a Master of

    (1) the science fiction genre(2) fictional universe(3) astounding stories(4) fiction

  • 7/27/2019 Pgt English Paper



    MRT-422-ENG 22B

    127.Which of the following consonantsounds is voiced?

    (1) /P/(2) /f/(3) /k/(4) /W/

    128.The phrases yours sincerely/faithfully/truly are called

    (1) signature(2) subscription(3) salutation(4) heading

    129. A notice can be any of thefollowing except

    (1) A written statement(2) Information given in advance(3) A decision(4)

    A warning

    130. A. report is a presentation of facts andfindings which can be used as a basisfor

    (1) Instruction(2) Fact finding(3) Persuading(4) Recommendations

    131. A. G. Gardiner's observations on life aremarked by the following, except

    (1) humanity(2) satire(3) sanity(4) humour

    132.R. K. Laxman is a poet and a(n)

    (1) essayist(2) novelist(3) cartoonist(4) journalist

    133. What stands between the boy and

    the river in Ruskin Bond's "How Far is

    The River ?"

    (1) A house(2) A mountain(3) A village(4) A winding path

    134. The story of the novel 'Animal Farm' by

    George Orwell begins with a secret

    meeting called by

    (1) The Oldest Lion(2) The Oldest Elephant(3) The Oldest Man(4) The Oldest Pig

    135. The features of a good paragraph

    are the following except

    (1) Unity(2) Order(3) Variety(4) Structure

  • 7/27/2019 Pgt English Paper



    MRT-422-ENG 23B

    136.A precis summarises; the original

    passageto_________of its length.(1) Half(2) One-fourth(3) One-third(4) One-eighth

    137. The term 'Romanticism' has been

    applied for the following, except

    (1) Nature-poetry of Wordsworth(2) The hero-epic Iliad(3) Coleridge's rendering of

    supernatural as usual

    (4) The ideal ism of Shelly138.Coleridge participated in the

    publication of___________along with


    (1) Education of nature(2) To a Skylark(3) Lyrical Ballads(4) Ode to Inclinations ofImmortality

    139.R. K. Narayan's 'Next Sunday is

    (1) A novel(2) A collection of essays(3) A short story(4) An autobiography

    140.'The Guide' of R.K.Narayan mainly


    (1) Malgudi, the imaginary landscape(2) Narayan's true life as an


    (3) Raju's life story(4) The culture and values of Malgudi

    141. Jane Austen considers 'Pride and


    (1) Darling child(2) Superficial(3) Too light, bright and sparkling(4) Romantic

    142. Jawaharlal Nehru's 'Discovery of

    India' is considered

    (1) An autobiography(2) A book of history(3) A book of philosophy(4) A book of his personality

    143.The following are the works of John

    Keats except

    (1) Ode to a Grecian Urn(2) Ode to the West Wind(3) Hyperion(4) Endymion

  • 7/27/2019 Pgt English Paper



    MRT-422-ENG 24B

    144.Which of the following words does

    not describe Shelly?

    (1) An idealist(2) A dreamer(3) A revolutionary(4) A classist

    145.The term 'Byronic' is associated with theword

    (1) -protagonist(2) -hero(3) -author(4) -character

    146. Charles Lamb's essays are markedwith the following, except

    (1) Self-revelation(2) Wit(3) Pathos(4) Modernity

    147. In the play "The Tempest'Miranda is referred to as a

    (1) A darling of virtue(2) A piece of virtue(3) A diadem of virtue(4) A girl of virtue

    148. Who is the nobleman whodiscovers first the murder ofDuncan ?

    (1) Banquo(2) Flearice(3) Malcon(4) Macduff

    149. Whose words are the following ? "My

    heart is in the coffin there with Caesar,

    And I must pause till it come back to


    (1) Antony(2) Brutus(3) Cassius(4) Straw

    150. The last words of Hamlet: "I am dead

    ... I am dead ... 0, I die. ... The rest is

    silence" suggest

    (1) Frustration at death(2) Farewell to Ophelia(3) Completion of his work(4) Forgiveness not revenge

    151.The following are the works of Charles

    Dickens, except

    (1) A Christmas Carol(2) David Copperfield(3) Kubla Khan(4) Dombey and son

    152.Which of the following is not a work

    of William Hazlitt ?

    (1) The Spirit of the Age(2) Examiner(3) Life of Napoleon(4) My First Acquaintance with poets

  • 7/27/2019 Pgt English Paper



    MRT-422-ENG 25B

    153. In his poem 'In Memoriam.'Tennyson works his way primarilythrough

    (1) grief(2) happiness(3) doubt(4) philosophy

    154. In the dramatic monologue thecharacter other than the individualspeaking is

    (1) a portrait(2) a philosopher(3) an audience(4) a critic

    155. In J. B. Priestly's play 'Mother's Day'who is the mother?

    (1) Mrs. Fitzgerald(2) Mrs. Annie Pearson(3)


    (4) Cyril156. Fritz Karinthy's 'The Refund' is


    (1) Science(2) Mathematical(3) Nature(4) Abstract.

    157. Mahaswetha Devi's 'Mother of1084' isoriginally

    (1) Standayini, Draupadi: Gohumni(2) A political woman(3) Hajar Chaurasi Maa(4) Journey of a mother

    158. In The study of poetry' Arnold says thatPoetry attaches its__________ tothe idea'

    (1) Religion(2) Emotion(3) Illusion(4) Meaning

    159. "The hopeless tangle of the age". Theabove statement is true of

    (1) Tennyson(2) Browning(3) Eliot(4) Arnold

    160. George Eliot is the pen name of thenovelist

    (1) Martin Amis(2) Mary Anne(3) George Henry(4) Adam Bede

    161. To which era does the writer Carlylebelong to?

    (1) Romantic(2) Classical(3) Victorian(4) Augustan

    162. Ruskin's idea of social economy iscaptured in his work

    (1) Storm-cloud(2) Praeterita(3) On Skiddaw and Dement Water(4) Unto This Last

  • 7/27/2019 Pgt English Paper



    MRT-422-ENG 26B

    163. Arnold in his 'The study ofpoetry' says that mankind has toturn to poetry for the followingpurposes except

    (1) to interpret life for us(2) to find entertainment(3) to console us(4) to sustain us

    164. In 'The study of poetry' Arnoldprescribes the following method todiscover the class to which any poetrybelongs

    (1) Touchstone(2) Infallibility(3) Poetic quality(4) Classic

    165. In 'The study of poetry' atparting' Arnold says currency andsupremacy are insured to

    (1) Good poetry(2) Good poets(3) Good literature(4) Classic literature

    166. According to Eliot, the function ofcriticism is

    (1) to promote explanation ofliterature

    (2) to promote enjoyment andunderstanding ofliterature

    (3) to provide sociologicalperspectives to literature

    (4) to give a historical perspective toliterature

    167. Complete the following line fromShakespeare's Let me not to themarriage of true minds.'Love's not fool.

    (1) Truth's(2) Time's(3) Man's(4) Tempest's

    168. In Milton's `On Time' finally timewill consume

    (1) Everything bad(2) Itself(3) Eternity(4) Everyone

    169.inthe poem 'On Shakespeare' Miltonis of the view that Shakespeare builthimself a livelong monument in our

    (1) Heart(2) Wonder and astonishment(3) Mind(4) Fancy

    170.In the poem 'The Solitary Reaper'Wordsworth describes the Reaper in

    the following ways, except

    (1) Reaping and singing by herself(2) Alone she cuts and binds the grain(3) Has the voice of the Cuckoo bird(4) Sings a meloncholy strain

  • 7/27/2019 Pgt English Paper



    MRT-422-ENG 27B

    171. Eliot's critical theory uses the construct

    of ____________ to express the

    impersonal nature of literature.

    (1) Practical criticism(2) Dissociation of sensibility(3) Objective correlative(4) Unified sensibility

    172. Eliot's construct of dissociation of

    sensibility means

    (1) Understanding not explanation(2) The function of poetic faculty(3) Rapid association of thought(4) Break between reason and


    173.The critical method that Eliot

    recommends is the following:

    (1) Comparison and analysis(2) Critical appreciation(3) Drawing from ancient sources(4) Putting the ethical imperative at

    the centre

    174.Complete the following line from

    Wordsworth's 'The Education of

    Nature' Then Nature said,

    "A lovelier______On earth was never sown;"

    (1) Seed(2) Plant(3) Flower(4) Beauty

    175. Wordsworth's "A Slumber did my spiritSeal" is one ofWordsworth's

    (1) Lucy Poems(2) Nature Poems(3) Lyrical Ballads(4) Odes

    176.In Wordsworth's "The World is TooMuch withus" he says "Little we see

    in_______that is ours"

    (1) Our hearts(2) Bosom(3) Nature(4) World

  • 7/27/2019 Pgt English Paper



    MRT-422-ENG 28B



    177. The kind of reference material

    which facilitates easy and quickaccess

    to the hooks in a library are

    (1) Catalogues(2) Dictionaries(3) Encyclopaedias(4) Indices

    178.Continuity, consistency and gradual and

    systematic development of thought arethe hallmarks of organisation in writing.

    The organisation in which the order of

    events may move forward or backward

    in time is called

    (1) Spatial organisation(2) Chronological organisation(3) The problem-solution organisation(4) Cause-effect organisation

    179.He went to Germany and she slid too.

    Here the word, 'did' is called

    (1) a substitute word(2) a distributive word(3) a content word(4) a function word

    180.Human beings can talk about

    experiences without being physically

    involved. This feature of language is

    known as(1) Arbitrariness(2) Displacement(3) Interchangeability(4) Redundancy

    181. The communication wherein the

    message of one person is conveyed to

    many at a time is called

    (1) Personal communication(2) Social communication(3) Mass communication(4) Effective communication

    182.The educationist who says,

    "Although the structural approach isa modern and a great improvement

    over the traditional methods, it

    does not serve as a multivitamin

    tablet" is

    (1) M. L. Tickoo(2) Shaik Mowl a(3) C. S. Bhandari(4) Menon

  • 7/27/2019 Pgt English Paper



    MRT-422-ENG 29B

    183.The functional grammar gives

    importance to teaching grammar in

    (1) a prescriptive way(2) a traditional way(3) a formal way(4) an incidental way

    184. Read the following sentence by

    stressing the underlined word and

    identify its correct meaning/ sense.

    I am going to the circus.


    I am the only one going to thecircus.

    (2) I am gong to the circus notanywhere else.

    (3) I am going to the circus notcoming from there.

    (4) I am going to the circus whetheryou say so or not.

    185.According to the 'Process-

    approach' to writing composition

    suggested by Antonia

    Chandrasegaran, 'Brainstorm'

    belongs to the composing process


    (1) Planning(2) Translating(3) Idea Generation(4) Reviewing

    186.The Phraseology of foreign

    language can be best understood

    in the

    (1) Translation Method(2) Communicative Method(3) Bilingual Method(4) Direct Method

    187. 'Recapitulation in the lesson plan


    (1) The questions asked by the teacherin the classroom to know what the

    students have learnt.

    (2) The questions given by the teacherto the students to answer at home

    to know what they have learnt in

    the classroom.

    (3) Assigning some project work to thestudents to do at home.

    (4) Revision of the topic at home.188.'Grasping the mood of the speaker

    and the theme of the discourse' is

    the sub-skill of

    (1) Listening(2) Speaking(3) Reading(4) Writing

  • 7/27/2019 Pgt English Paper



    MRT-422-ENG 30B

    189.Identify the letter that has both a

    'stroke and curve'.

    (1) w(2) e(3) n(4) k

    190. When the teacher gives a dictation

    exercise in the class, it will develop in

    the pupils,

    (1) aural comprehension(2) oral comprehension(3) reading comprehension(4) assessing ability

    191.The grammatical label [C] in a

    dictionary means

    (1) Noun in singular form(2) Noun that can be used in pluralform

    (3) Noun that can be used as acomplement

    (4) Noun that comes after aconjunction

    192.Comprehensive evaluation means

    evaluating students' progress in

    (1) Cognitive and Affective abilities(2) Affective and Psychomotor abilities(3) Cognitive, Affective andPsychomotor abilities

    (4) Cognitive and Psychomotor abilities

    193.In order to carry out language,

    teaching the computer utilises various

    instructional modes. When information

    is presented in small steps followed by a

    question and the students' response is

    analysed by the computer to giveappropriate feedback', - it is called

    (1) Drill and Practice Mode(2) Simulation Mode(3) Discovery Mode(4) Tutorial Mode

    194.Read the question given in the box.

    1.Sky : Blue ;Milk : ?

    1.Prince : Princess ; Peacock : ?

    This type of question is called

    (1) Classification typo(2) Completion type(3) Alternative - Response type(4) Analogy type

    195. Read the lines given below : Abou Ben

    Ad hem awoke one night from a deep

    sleep. He saw an angel writing a book of

    gold. He asked the angel, "What Writest

    thou ?" The vision raised its head and

    said the names of those who love the


    The underlined words are

    (1) Reference devices(2) Linking devices(3) Cohesive devices(4) Demonstrative devices

  • 7/27/2019 Pgt English Paper



    MRT-422-ENG 31B

    196. There are essentially four components

    in the process of communication.

    Match the components on the left

    with what they refer to on the right

    and identify the correct answer.

    (I)The encoder a) text(ii)Message b) the idea

    (iii)Channel c) interpretation

    (iv)Decoder d) discussion/


    (1) (i)- d ;(ii) -e; (iii) - a ; (iv) -b(2) (i) - c ; (ii) -b ; (iii)- d ; (iv) -a(3) (i) - b ;(ii) -a;(iii) - d ; (iv) -c(4) (i) - a ; (ii)- d ; (iii) - c ; (iv) b

    197.The bottom-up processing -in

    teaching the listening comprehensionrefers to the use of one of the

    following in understanding the

    passage. Identify it.

    (1) Previous knowledge(2) Situational knowledge(3) Contextual knowledge(4) Incoming data as a source of


    198.One of the principles of'Structural Approach' is(1) Emphasis has to be laid on all the

    four skills that 4-ive mastery overthe structure.

    (2) Emphasis has to be laid only onaural and oral skills through


    (3) Two or more structures are takenup at a time as the teaching point.

    (4) Emphasis has to be laid on theteacher's activity rather than on

    the activity of the learner.

    199. Intelligent guessing' must beencouraged as a valid pedagogic toolin

    (1) Structural Approach(2) Communicative Approach(3) SOS Approach(4) Constructivist Approach

    200. Identify the question that tests higherorder thinking from the questionsgiven below:

    (1) How much did Stephen Leacockwant to save in the bank ?

    (2) What would you do when you wantto open a bank account ?

    (3) Why did the narrator pose 'like aman with quick temper'?

    (4) Who was the villain in thepassage?

  • 7/27/2019 Pgt English Paper



    Q.No. Answer

    1 1

    2 1

    3 2

    4 2

    5 1

    6 2

    7 3

    8 1

    9 4

    10 1

    11 1

    12 2

    13 2

    14 4

    15 2

    16 1

    17 1

    18 Add Score

    19 3

    20 1

    21 1

    22 2

    23 1

    24 2

    25 1

    26 3

    27 3

    28 4

    29 2

    30 2

    31 1

    32 2

    33 3

    34 2

    35 2

    36 2

    37 1

    38 3

    39 3

    40 4




  • 7/27/2019 Pgt English Paper



    Q.No. Answer




    41 1

    42 1

    43 3

    44 3

    45 1

    46 4

    47 1

    48 4

    49 4

    50 4

    51 3

    52 4

    53 2

    54 1

    55 2

    56 4

    57 3

    58 3

    59 4

    60 3

    61 3

    62 3

    63 3

    64 1

    65 2

    66 1 or 2

    67 4

    68 4

    69 4

    70 Add Score

    71 2

    72 1

    73 1

    74 3

    75 2

    76 2

    77 4

    78 2

  • 7/27/2019 Pgt English Paper



    Q.No. Answer




    79 3

    80 4

    81 2

    82 3

    83 3

    84 2

    85 1

    86 3

    87 1

    88 3

    89 2

    90 1

    91 2

    92 1

    93 1

    94 1

    95 3

    96 4

    97 3

    98 3

    99 4

    100 3

    101 3 or 4

    102 1

    103 4

    104 2

    105 2

    106 4

    107 2

    108 2

    109 3

    110 2

    111 2

    112 4

    113 3

    114 4

    115 3

    116 1

  • 7/27/2019 Pgt English Paper



    Q.No. Answer




    117 3

    118 2

    119 2

    120 4

    121 1

    122 1

    123 3

    124 4

    125 2

    126 1

    127 4

    128 2

    129 3

    130 4

    131 2

    132 3

    133 2

    134 4

    135 4

    136 3

    137 2

    138 3

    139 2

    140 3

    141 3

    142 2

    143 2

    144 4

    145 2

    146 4

    147 2

    148 4

    149 1

    150 3

    151 3

    152 2

    153 1

    154 3

    155 2

  • 7/27/2019 Pgt English Paper



    Q.No. Answer




    156 2

    157 3

    158 2

    159 4

    160 2

    161 3

    162 4

    163 2

    164 1

    165 3

    166 2

    167 2

    168 2

    169 1

    170 3

    171 3

    172 4

    173 1

    174 3

    175 1

    176 3

    177 1

    178 2

    179 1

    180 2

    181 3

    182 1

    183 4

    184 2

    185 3

    186 1

    187 1

    188 1

    189 3

    190 1

    191 2

    192 3

    193 4

    194 4

  • 7/27/2019 Pgt English Paper



    Q.No. Answer




    195 1

    196 3

    197 4

    198 1

    199 4

    200 3