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  • 8/3/2019 English for Business Paper English


  • 8/3/2019 English for Business Paper English



    As social beings every day we are faced with a situation that requires face to face

    with others, ranging from the scope of the local area, national to international. Then

    how do ethical when we are confronted in these situations? The answer of course we

    have to adjust or adapt existing standard of ethics, whether in speech, appearance,

    attitude, and even in amuan eat.

    This paper was prepared for students of English in particular, and to readers in

    general as instructions or guidelines about public speaking, table manner, and

    personality are of course very important to master early because after graduation

    from S1, the circumstances in which we must be prepared to speak on public, such as

    chairing a meeting, as moderator, speaking, and become an MC, the circumstances in

    which we are invited to the banquet of important people, such as officials and

    foreign embassies, and the circumstances in which we must maintain the ethics talk,

    dress, behave, from how to walk up how to sit and talk will be very frequently found.

    The first part of this paper will explain about Table Manner, then the next section

    will discuss issues relating to personality, closed with a discussion of public

    speaking, such as how to give speeches, and became the moderator and the benefit

    learning them.

    Semarang, June 28, 2011


  • 8/3/2019 English for Business Paper English



    A. TABLE MANNERTable Manner plays a very strong working relationship both nationally and

    internationally. Many people are ashamed, embarrassed, and branded

    unprofessional banquet after the event. This is due to lack of knowledge of good

    eating, talking, and about the eating utensils are provided in restaurant

    international classmates. In this section, will be discussed all things related to

    table manner.

    1. Dinner etiquette

    In business relationships or everyday life, we would never invite or be invited

    to a banquet together. The main purpose of the banquet is to strengthen the social

    relationship between those invited and guests either for business or other interests.

    With good eating and drinking our way, then someone has can be judged from the

    background of social life, education, etc. For that to those who are not used to

    follow a formal banquet, this paper is very useful because here will learn a good

    way of eating and drinking properly, in accordance with the regulations and

    internationally accepted norm.

    2. Things to consider before attending Table Manner:

    a. Letter of invitation:

    - Cover letter and white paper, the color of the letter should be neutral one.

    - Part of the paper was given the official logo (a symbol of the state, provincial,


    Cover Size + / - 15 cm x 20 cm

    Paper size + / - 14.5 cm x 9.5 cm

    - Color ink (writing): black, gold

    - Time and place of execution

    - Clothing must be worn

  • 8/3/2019 English for Business Paper English


    - Who should attend

    - RSVP (patients who Si'il vous plait) or Please reply as soon as possible.

    b. When you receive an invitation

    - Confirming the presence of an invite to the party. Usually there is writing in an

    invitation RSVP (Respondez S'il vous plait), which means "Please reply soon."

    - Arrive on time or a moment of time but not earlier invitation.

    - Wear clothing in accordance with the requirements stated in the invitation, for a

    formal event to use a jacket / evening dress or a long-sleeve batik shirt / kebaya

    - Appointed host hands in front of the entrance room.

    - Introduce your partner if necessary, and mingled with other invitees.

    - Before the banquet, there is usually a Cocktail Party where snacks and beverages


    - Ask for drinks are available and do not ask for a drink that does not exist, but not

    tea or coffee because it will be served after the meal.

    c. Attitude is running:

    - We walk the body must be kept upright and orderly steps

    - Do not drag feet to make noise

    - Walking up the stairs, he took a position in front but when the woman down stairs

    then walk in front of

    - Entering the elevator, women are welcome in advance, as well as exit

    - Walking into a room, if no Door Man then a man should be able to open the doors

    for women

    d. Posture:

    - A man will not sit to wait for first

    - A man pulled out a chair for his female partner

    - Arrange your seating to be comfortable

  • 8/3/2019 English for Business Paper English


    - Body position when sitting is a forward-facing upright and not bent

    - At mealtimes, both elbows against the body

    - Position in the normal state

    - Chairs do not get too close to the dinner table.

    - Hands should not be folded on the table, but put it in her lap.

    - Sturdy and upright body position.

    - Feet do not intersect / folded or extended in the future.

    - When sitting, do not glance to the left and right.

    e. Attitude speaks:

    In our banquet instead encouraged to speak with guests who are near us or one table,

    it is necessary to consider the following matters huh:

    - Avoid talking when there is food in the mouth

    - Avoid talking with excessive hand gestures especially while holding cutlery

    - Avoid talking while pointing to the direction of the person or another table in order

    to avoid misunderstanding

    - Avoid interrupting others

    - Do not expose to dominate talks

    - Avoid talking too fast or weak voice- Avoid excessive attitude when speaking

    f. Smoking in the banquet:

    - If you want to smoke should be done after the main course was served

    - Ask permission to the person sitting next to you

    - Consider whether the subjects are allowed to smoke or not

    - Do not dispose of cigarette ashes into the food dishes

    - Do not leave burning cigarettes on the table even though in the ashtray

    - Do not smoke cigarettes on a person

    3. Good way to use eating utensils:

    a. Guest Napkin

    - Once you are seated and dinner was to begin, then open the table napkin carefully

  • 8/3/2019 English for Business Paper English


    and place it on your lap

    - Napkins meal is used to wipe the lip when there are food remnants left by the

    napkin is clipped with the middle finger and index finger

    - Each time out is used for wiping must be returned back to the fold

    - Napkins eating well as a symbol / sign when you leave the room but still come


    b. How to use eating utensils

    - Begin with the equipment and then into the outer.

    - Then the next equipment.

    - Appliances near the center piece / show plate for main meals.

    - For dessert (dessert), usually placed at the top.

    - Glasses are to the right of the knife

    - The plate of bread are on the left or above the outermost fork

    c. Water cablet

    - Glass-legged with the body as a whole held the glass but by way of slipping it in

    between your middle finger and index finger

    - Use a glass to drink using your right hand

    - Use glass in accordance with its function

    - Ask for additional water to the officer if your glass is empty

    - Dinner spoon, soup spoon

    - Spoon held between thumb and forefinger with the middle finger to help hold

    - When used for soup dish, a spoon is used without using a fork

    - To take a soup dish, use a soup spoon with his right hand

    - To take a kind of soup liquid, use of the side to put food into your mouth

    - To take existing content type of soup, use a soup spoon from the front to put food

    into your mouth

    d. How do I use a knife and fork

    - The blade should be straight. Use your index finger as a suppressor knife, middle

    finger and thumb as the blade clamp.

    - Position the fork tilt facing inwards, as a suppressor index finger, middle finger and

    thumb as a fork brace.

  • 8/3/2019 English for Business Paper English


    - If you are including people who use your left hand (left Handed) cutleries then the

    whole structure must be moved before the banquet begins.

    e. How do I eat bread

    - Take the bread by using the right hand, then torn into small pieces each time you

    will eat it.

    - Do not divide your bread with a knife because a knife is used only for spreading

    butter only

    - Take the butter using a butter knife, then dab on a little bread that was cut earlier.

    - If the butter dish was served with butter, take the butter with a spoon to move it to

    your bread plate.

    - Bread can be eaten with salad or soup.

    - When the bread has run out, do not ask again.

    f. How do I eat appertizer

    - Generally use a dessert plate appetizer was served.

    - Appetizer eaten with a fork (dessert fork) and a knife (knife dessert)

    - For a software appetizers like terrine or croquet, use only a fork only.

    - For Appetizer who serve snail (snail) intact then use the fork and snail snail tong

    - Appetizer When using meat or vegetables that are too long, you can cut it with a

    knife (knife dessert)

    g. How do I eat salad

    - Usually served salad using salad bowls (salad bowl) or a plate of salad (a salad


    - Salad eaten with a fork (dessert fork)

    - When using a lettuce salad or vegetables too long, you can cut it with a knife (knife


    - When you split a salad sauce, the sauce / dressing can be poured into a salad, but do

    not stir the salad with salad dressing in bowl / plate.

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    h. How to eat pasta (noodles and the like)

    - For use pasta dinner and the dinner fork spoon

    - Dinner spoon placed on the left and the dinner fork on the right.

    - Dinner fork is used to fetch or roll the pasta and spoon is only used to rotate the


    - For the pasta like canelloni or meat lasagna or using such a large size of lobster

    spaghetti can be cut using a knife (knife Dinner)

    i. How do I eat risoto (Rice)

    - For use Risoto or Rice Pilaf Dinner dinner spoon and fork right hand on the left.

    - Risoto can be served in a dinner plate or pasta bowl.

    - Sendoklah risoto from the front or the side towards the middle.

    - Hold a spoon by using the back of the dinner fork.

    - Use a spoon movement from the left side, right and front to stay Risoto collected in

    the middle of the plate.

    j. How to eat fish (fish)

    - To the meat Fish (Fish Fillet), use the Fish Dinner Fork and knife.

    - For whole fish (whole fish) and use the Fish Fork Fish Knife.

    - Use a knife Fish by fish scooped from the front of the blade backwards with a tilttowards the fish bones.

    - Fish knife is not used for cutting meat fish such as tuna steak, salmon steak, etc.

    - Fish Fork on the left and Dinner / Fish knife on the right.

    - Tap the fork towards the Fish (not pierced), a new cut with a knife.

    k. How do I eat meat

    - For meat (Poultry, Beef, Lamb, Pork) use the Dinner Fork and dinner knife.

    Dinner Fork Dinner knife on the left and right nostrils.- Tap the fork toward the meat (not punctured), the new cut with a knife.

    - Cut the meat section of the far left (at fork) and eat with a fork.

    - Cut the meat every time you eat it and do not cut all the new meat to eat.

    - Use a fork to pick up potatoes and vegetables.

    l. How to eat cheese

  • 8/3/2019 English for Business Paper English


    - Cheese (mozzarella) is usually served after the main meal (main course) and before


    - Cheese is generally served with crackers, grapes or dried fruit and nuts

    - Cheese eaten with cheese fork

    - Grapes, Nuts and dried fruit or crackers eaten by hand

    m. How to eat desserts

    - Dessert (dessert), usually served after the main meal (main course) or cheese.

    - Food can cover various types, among others:

    - Cake using the dessert fork

    - Pudding using a tea spoon

    - Fruits use a knife and dessert fork dessert

    - Ice cream using ice cream spoon

    n. How do I drink coffee / Tea

    - Coffee or Tea is the series finale of the meal.

    - Coffee can be served with milk or cream

    - Tea was served with a lemon

    - For the French way of coffee or tea served with chocolate praline with biscoti while

    Italy and England with a biscuit.

    - If you want to add sugar into the cup while stirring with a clockwise rotation

    direction, avoid collision with the edge of the cup spoon so as not to hear the clatter

    of voices.

    - Do not drink coffee / tea with a spoon especially through the saucer

    o. How to drink wine

    - White wine was served along with the white meat (white meat like fish and


    - Red wine was served with the Red Meat (red meat such as Beef and Lamb)

    - Rose Wine was served with the meat pink (pink meat like Pork and Canard)

    - Sparkling Wine or Champagne can be drunk with any food type.

    - Drink a little wine while you eat meat only for balancing the taste and not a thirst


  • 8/3/2019 English for Business Paper English


    - Avoid spending all wines in the glass before you finish eating, because the waiter

    will automatically fill your glass.


    Personality is referred to in this paper is the basic attitude and appearance should

    we have when we are confronted in a state of semi-formal to formal. Why is it

    important to master personality? Because in certain circumstances (semi-formal,

    formal) there is etiquette that if ignored, will create the impression that we are

    not included among those professionals, will give the impression that we are not

    polite, did not know the ethics, even going to embarrass ourselves.

    Then what should we understand and know in this personality?

    1. First Impression Analysis:

    a. Appearance

    b. Voice

    c. Body language

    First Impression Analysis impression here is about what other people caught

    the first time from us. Both in terms of appearance, voice, and body language

    is affecting how people view about us.

    2. Self-image elements:

    a. Appearance

    b. Body language

    c. Voice

    d. Communication arts

    Self-image is anything that reflects how we actually personality. It can be

    seen from the way we look, how we behave, or steadiness in fine voice, and

    how we respond to the conversation of others.

    3. Appearance:

    a. Cleaning the face / hair / body

    b. Clothing and solid color matching

    c. Accessories

  • 8/3/2019 English for Business Paper English


    d. Formal / informal

    e. Be simple, be natural

    f. Customize with culture

    Assessment of the appearance of cleanliness we halted to face adjustments to

    the culture as mentioned above is a very important thing that we must pay

    attention, because it affects the comfort of people who interact with us. When

    we wear dark pants, shirts that we use should also be dark, so vice versa. In

    addition, we must remember about the existing culture, where do we come

    from, where we are, and in what event we were at that time. We should not

    tarnish the image of a culture that has become characteristic of our nation.

    After that, we must try to be reasonable or natural, do not look nervous, stiff,

    or awkward positions. Make yourself as relax as possible.

    4. Body Language

    a. Posture

    b. Eye contact

    c. Facial expression

    d. Space and territory touch

    Posture reflects our preparedness and discipline ourselves. Posture that is

    both sturdy posture, not bent. Eye contact is polite eye contact from the nose

    upwards. Facial expressions that we must show is a quiet, not rigid, and did

    not smile too broadly. Regarding the touch region of space is very important.

    That touch is meant here is a handshake, nothing more. For the familiar, are

    allowed to kiss on the cheek while shaking hands.

    5. Professional Conduct

    a. Being

    b. Professional competence

    c. Could cope with the ME's

    d. Careful and prudent

    e. Tolerate the taste and sensitive

    f. Appropriately in giving a decision

  • 8/3/2019 English for Business Paper English


    g. Full respect and courtesy

    When those five aspects above has been mastered, then the self-image is

    reflected in us as professional people, ready for a career, ready to interact

    with anyone, ready to face the globalization era.


    It is incomplete after we study the personality and table manner, if we

    do not understand how to speak in public or commonly known as public

    speaking. This section will discuss how we speak in public within the scope

    of business, meetings, and events both formal and informal.

    a. Procedures for giving speeches

    The speech, quite different from the presentation. Speech, was more

    formal than a presentation. But both - speeches and presentations - are part of

    the communication. Communication, not necessarily a speech or

    presentation. Speeches or presentations, must be communication.


    Speech is the expression of an idea / ideas, presentation of information to

    raise awareness of listeners, in order to deepening and follow-up.

    Organizing a speech is like building a bridge. There's entrance, bridges and

    roads out of range.

    Restructure FEELING HOW?

    If we feel that speech is a difficult job we do and make us helpless, begin

    with feeling:

    Forget that we're going speeches

    Think of it as if it:

    o We believe

    o We know

    o We care about, and

    o You notice everything


  • 8/3/2019 English for Business Paper English


    Before approaching the podium, calm yourself, and give opportunity to the


    to pay attention to us.

    Synthesize ourselves with the speech material. Do not let only your mouth

    do the

    talking, but we try to go talk to the entire body.

    The speech will take place by itself.

    Speak louder than usual, but do not yell and do not be too quick.


    To become a memorable speaker.

    Perform preparation.

    Ability to use body language to the optimum.

    Become a speaker capable of standing upright with sturdy front of the


    Able to end the speech with a compelling way.

    BECOME THE SPEAKER remembered

    Be yourself. Do not ever want to be somebody else.

    Be confident. Ikhlas do it, by trying to perform optimally.

    In this case, as the speaker must have a strong mentality.


    Provide a special time to prepare themselves before they appear. Especially

    for those

    who are beginners.

    Conduct training, exercises and training. After reading the script over and

    over again

    - can be ten or fifteen times until we are familiar with the structure and

    meaning of the

    speech - say next. Not reading. As if we had performed in public.


    What should I say?

    o Write down everything, do anything.

    What needs to be heard by the audience?

    o Clarification by organizers and if possible directly to the listener.

    What needs to be remembered by them?

  • 8/3/2019 English for Business Paper English


    o The main message should not be forgotten.

    o Tell

    what shall we say, say and tell them what we have said.



    o Short and simple, such as a theme.

    Reasons why the need to be heard


    o Brief description of the theme


    o The essence of the speech. As much as possible concise and easily

    understood. Try

    not to deviate from the theme



    o Represent conclusions about what should be remembered by the listener.

    Write down the MAIN THEME AS AN OPTION

    Use short sentences to pack all important message.

    Use multiple repetitions. Do not hesitate to do it.

    Generate attention with shock and surprise.

    Insert humor, to lighten the message.

    Think of all the listeners know as much as we know.

    Avoid things that cause a question mark.


    The body speaks more subtle than the words.

    Make your body language to support speech that we are doing.

    Avoid body language that do not support, for example:

    o scratching body

    o Enjoys fix accessories

    o Like the clothes he wore corrected

    Stand up straight, before the listener ROBUST

    If we can do it, surely everyone will listen to our words seriously.

    Do not engage in odd movements.

    At a speech on a particular part, say with full confidence.

  • 8/3/2019 English for Business Paper English


    Distributes weight is carried by the neck and shoulder, toward the body.


    heavy upper arms channeled into the hands and fingers.

    Do it with full consciousness.


    VERBAL - 7%

    o Not as easy as one might imagine

    o verbal language, the main means of communication

    Vocal - 38%

    o Anatomy of said instruments played

    o The sound can be shaped through practice

    o The quality, rhythm, clarity, strong / weak, the velocity and pressure

    o The first impression is influenced sound speaker

    VISUAL - 55%

    o Facial expressions (fear, anger, sadness, etc.)

    o gaze, what she thought / felt someone


    The attitude of the body should be interesting. Encourage safe, because the


    of the body - mainly the head, leg and shoulder posture is central.

    Movement, do not be excessive.

    Movement cues, try a natural.

    Eye contact is necessary, because the eyes have a million meanings.

    Facial expressions, an essential role in conveying emotion.

    personal appearances, greatly affect audience responses. Including how to


    The sound may affect the ability to understand the interests of audiences.


    recommend that hard, but not shout.


    Be efficient and effective

    Master the material

    Ready to physical (eg: health, clothes)

    Ready to mental illness (eg, confident)

  • 8/3/2019 English for Business Paper English


    Make eye contact and use body language

    Make p idato as a fun thing

    Do not be rigid

    Make handouts for the entire audience

    END ADDRESS BY compelling

    Before ending his speech, pausing. Silence, shut up a minute. Let your


    All of our attention. Waiting with a confused facial expression.

    Once all the attention focused on us, continue the speech.

    Next, take exit to conclude our speech.

    God willing, we ended the speech with great charm.


    Speech is successful if:

    The fulfillment of the elements / components of the speech.

    After the speeches took place, s asaran understand, understand the message and


    change attitudes and behavior in accordance with the purpose of communication.

    In a speech and communication, the important "how" it.

    Speech as part of the k omunikasi have to be careful, because the effect (negative)


    difficult to remove.

    b. The procedure to a moderator

    Moderator in an oral presentation was important enough even to be the

    second person in a presentation ... Even my own current opinion of whether or not

    the course of a presentation followed by discussion depends on the settings of the

    moderator .... Start from ngatur time presentations, question and answer time, and

    attract at least a presentation .... Therefore, between the presenters and moderators

  • 8/3/2019 English for Business Paper English


    must establish communication as much as possible first before starting the course of

    discussions in order to design the scenario presentation ... and now moderator of

    discussions and presentations should also help each other .... Nevertheless moderator

    must remain faithful to the people pakemnya The second in a presentation .... so that

    the moderator in this case will not be issuing a statement that contrary to the

    presenters let alone to impose the presenter ... .. because it's a presentation of the

    presenter is the main actor ....

    There is some sequence of steps to be performed in a moderator of the

    presentation, namely: 1) Opening Ceremony; 2) Welcome Speech at the Participant;

    3) A brief description of the background and purpose of the presentation; 4)

    Introduction and Theme Presentation renderer; 5) The timing and mechanism

    frequently asked questions; 6) Invited speaker presentation; 7) Summary

    presentation of the general core renderer; Inviting the audience to ask questions; 9)

    thanks to the presenters and listeners; 10) Moderator to close presentation


    Moderator's first task is to open the presentation, discussion, seminars,

    workshops. As an example I present the opening sentence as follows:

    Good Morning .... Ass. Wr. Wb ... ..

    Fine gentlemen and ladies, let's open meeting this morning with the first say

    grace of

    Almighty God ... .. kehadlirat

    Participant Welcome Speech

    The following tasks are to welcome the participants. Here the participants

    to attempt to get a nice impression of the presentation ceremony at the

    same time a bit to give the impression that you are a good moderator.

    Sample sentence is

    Welcome to the young executives who attended the show an interesting

    discussion of this and implemented in the building that is also exclusive,

    ie .. ...

    A brief description of the background and purpose of the presentation

    Encourage participants to feel attracted to the material presentation by

    telling the background and purpose of the presentation. Here, the

  • 8/3/2019 English for Business Paper English


    moderator should try to topics that are presented as if it is necessary,

    up to date as well as close to daily life of participants. Sample

    sentence is

    This interesting discussion was motivated by the existence of our

    concerns on ... ... .. Therefore, our discussion today will aim to ... ..

    Introduction of presenters and Theme Presentation

    In introducing the presenter, will manage to get listeners to feel

    confident with the quality and capabilities of the speaker,

    primarily the feasibility of competence in relation to the papers to

    be served. Sample sentence is ....

    To enliven discussion, we intentionally invite an expert ... ....

    Name ... .... He was born in ... .... Once he assumed the position is

    ... .. And today he was ready with his paper entitled ... ... ... ... ..

    To expedite activities presentation this time, I (name modertor)

    will attempt to guide the program through to completion ....

    The timing and mechanism of frequently asked questions

    Preset time includes the time the presentation and question and

    answer session settings, including the allocation of time and

    number of sessions will be planned. Examples:

    So that our discussion went well, the latter will be invited to

    present a paper during ... .. minutes. While to our question and

    answer session will give time for ... ... minutes, after Dad ... ....

    Present the paper.

    Invited speaker presentation

    For example .... I'll let our experts, the paper presents Mr ... .. ... ...

    General summary of the presentation core renderer

    Summary of presentations you may often see on television is at

    the end of activity ... but there are special benefits if moderators

    convey conclusions after presenting a paper presenter, namely to

    attract participants for providing the question ... especially if

    presenternya monotonous, too text book or generally less well in

    showing paper. Example sentences are as follows.

    This is an interesting dish of the dish had Dad ... ... I am sure will

  • 8/3/2019 English for Business Paper English


    stimulate us to think the importance of ... ... The way out is

    offered among others ...

    Invite listeners to ask questions

    Better if the question and answer session was divided into several sessions with

    one session a maximum of three pen. Examples:

    To clarify the paper has been presented, we invite Dad and Mom for giving

    questions. For the first opportunity, we will open the first term with three

    asker ... .. Please Dad - Mothers to name and home institution before you

    begin to ask ... .. well ask that question given a short, right on target. We

    were invited ... ..

    Thanks to the presenters and listeners:

    Convey a friendly, sincere and full of smile. Example: ....

    Thank you for you ... .. who has been willing to share his experience on the

    show a little discussion today ... .. My gratitude also goes to all attendees,

    especially for active participation during the discussions going on ....

    Moderator to close presentation:

    Cover with a spirited speech or sentences that are pitched optimistic for

    solvingproblems that have been discussed. For example ....

    We close our discussion today with a greeting I hope Indonesia will continue


    ... .. and clapping for us all ... ...



    There is all kind of poems and memory joggers to remember what are good

    manners. For instance is Like a ship sailing out to see, I spoon my soup away

    from me. It is true that to be a good and exciting personality we supposed to

    learn the attitude well. Nowadays, not only company needs a smart employer but

    also a good personality one.

  • 8/3/2019 English for Business Paper English


    Our way treat the others, our speaking, dining attitude are represented about

    ourselves. The others can see what really we are by our manner and attitude.

    Moreover, people judge us from the first time by them too. So, it is absolutely

    important to learn that kinds of practices such as Table Manner, Personality and

    Public Speaking Seminar to polish our character and attitude, then we ready to

    face and compete in global area.

    Learning English for Business is such important subject that adds our

    knowledge about international matter, especially in business nowadays. We can

    get many information and knowledge in the usage of English in business era. We

    learn about etiquette from one country to others how they deal with business

    matter. It is interesting enough to know the others country norm in business, how

    should we do or dont in our business partner, how to make a good application

    letter, how to make a good presentation etc.

    I believe that his knowledge will useful for us to compete with others in our

    future. It is also a point plus for us to take in table manner practice that make us

    feel comfortable if we have it again.

  • 8/3/2019 English for Business Paper English



    A.ConclusionGiven that we are social beings who always interact with others, especially in

    business or employment, it is important to know, understand, and master anything

    that relates to personality, table manner, and public speaking in order to make

    ourselves professional and civilized ones.

    B. Suggestions

    In this globalization era, not only intellectual was important, but the ability,

    personality, or skills related to self personality such as personality, table manner, and

    public speaking is affecting the assessment of people against us. This is where

    people will know that we are professionals, have self-discipline, good attitude, or

    not. For this reason, we should prepare as early as possible so as not to be excluded

    from the scope of association in national or international.