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  • Ma. Fernanda Blanco Global Enteprises

    High Quality

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    Retail Brands (Clothing)

  • Ma. Fernanda Blanco Global Enteprises

    In the perceptual map we can analyze how different brands that sell a similar product and positioned in the range of price vs. quality. The brands I chose are well known brands in the retail world. Some people think that the more expensive the clothes they are given a better quality but this isnt always the case. High Quality-High Price: True Religion jeans; you can buy a pair of this jeans for approximately 400 USD but they last you for years and years. High Quality-Low Price: Such brands such as Abercrombie, Gap, Hollister are nice cothes they can last you about a year an they are not expensive. Low Quality-High Price: Low Quality-Low Price: Forever 21, H&M and Zara are in this category because even they carry nice clothes just after a few washes they began to fade in color or something like that.

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