New Year, New You /new-years-resolutions/ Dec. 28 to Feb. 26

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Text of New Year, New You /new-years-resolutions/ Dec. 28 to Feb. 26

  • New Year, New You /new-years-resolutions/ Dec. 28 to Feb. 26

  • Mission statement/content Research: Why a New Year's section? Where do the ads go on the page? How can I sell thissection? Promote this section: BestpracticesAgenda

  • Mission Statement/Content

  • Every year millions of Americans attempt to reset their lives on Jan. 1. They vow to themselves that they will start fresh, do better, achieve more by making a New Year's Resolution. But how? We've created a rich, interactive content section that answers the "how" for those making a New Year's Resolution. In turn, it creates an appealing environment for health and wellness advertisers.

  • Sample section headlines: Sex and relationships can get better with age

    How to plan a stress-free morning

    Womens workout myths busted

    Recharge resolutions with new thoughts

    Travel and exercise go hand-in-hand

    Five healthy foods that arent

    How to make your credit cards work for you

    Workouts can bring couples closer together

  • Content:This section also features an interactive "Yoga At Your Desk" video element featuring a certified Yoga instructor. She demonstrates the ten most popular yoga moves for on command! Try it out:

  • Research: Why a new years section?

  • Audience: Why focus on New Year's Resolutions: 40 percent of Americans made New Years Resolutions in 2008 60 percent of all resolutions in 2008 were focused on losing weight (Harris Interactive)

  • Why highlight Yoga?: 40 percent of those who practice Yoga are between 18 and 34 44 percent have an annual income over $75K 24 percent have an annual income over 100K (Yoga Journal, 2008 survey)

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  • Who should I sell this section to?Consider trying to sell this section to any business promoting wellness: In 2002, "Wellness" was a $200 billion worldwide industry

    By 2008, the "Wellness" industry was worth $500 billion worldwide

    By the end of 2010, Experts predict "Wellness" could be a $1 trillion industry!("The Wellness Revolution")

    Rise in HSA accounts driving Wellness spending

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    Pain Management Centers Fitness centers Massage therapists, acupuncturists


    Nutritional, organic or produce markets Physicians/internists

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