New Year New Resolutions

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Hello friends! Happy New Year 2012! Really glad to made my first post. Hope this presentation could enhance you to chase your goals and resolutions in this year. Happy reading and please leave me comments to improve it later. Thanks!


<ul><li> 1. NEW YEAR NEW RESOLUTIONS JAN 3, 2012 EVALUATE FIRST THINGS FIRST BE REALISTIC PRINT IT OUT SHAREYOUR GOALS FLY AWAY FROM NEGATIVITY STAY HUNGRY BYE BYE BOREDOM DARE TO TRYSOMETHING NEW COMMITTEDTO FINISH</li></ul> <p> 2. 1 of 11 image credit: It might be all of us have the same question like this: why should I have goal? My life is good enough through the years. Yes, your life might be good enough, but have you wonder what will you be in 5 or 10 years in the future? I heard a nice quote from the radio: If you never plan your future, the future will keep come to you,BUT if you plan your future, the future will come like what you want it to be. What do you think about that quote? Nice isn t it? In this post, I would like to share 10 things that might help you to create your resolutions and how to pursue it until the end of the year. Good luck! WHY SHOULD I MAKE RESOLUTIONS? 3. 2 of 11 image credit: Over 60 percent people make the same resolution year after year (I do included in those 60s which I want to get out from it this year). What have you done last year? Do you want to lose your weight but failed to achieve it? Take your time and evaluate. 1 TIPS: Be honest with yourself. Why you fail to achieve your goal? Most people say they failed because of their external factors. Is it really just because of your external factors? Be honest. EVALUATE 4. 3 of 11 image credit: 2 What priorities in your life? Is it your family? Career? Pleasure? Friends? When we know our level of priority, it will be easier for us to chase it. You ll be easily confused or hard to decide (which most people do)if you don't know which one need to be prioritized.TIPS: Try to write down your Goals List. If you feel that you have a distance with your family because being too busy, why don't decide to spend your weekend with your family? FIRST THINGSFIRST 5. 4 of 11 image credit: When you write down your list, please be realistic with your goals. Through your evaluation and strategy, are you really gonna achieve it? I didn t say that you should shut your highest dream, but if you think you can t achieve it , don t write it down (or you ll add it to your list next year - again). TIPS: Don't write I wanna be a better person this year. Think deep. Which part you want to better? Arrive on time? No delaying task? Write it specifically.I believe you can do it :) 3 BE REALISTIC 6. 5 of 11 image credit: 4 After you finish to write your Goals List , PRINT IT! I was finished my Goals List, but then I just keep it in my computer and didn t see it again until the end of the year.Why? Because I forget on what folder I placed it. Forget where your Goals List = Disremember your target = You didn t achieve it.TIPS: Write it down in ONE piece of paper. More paper means more target. It s good to have much target, but more paper could make you feel lazy because there s to many goals to be achieved.PRINT &gt;&gt; STICK IT TO YOUR WALL / DESK PRINT IT OUT 7. 6 of 11 image credit: Are you crazy Richie!? You want me to share my personal Goals List to my friends? Maybe that s running through your mind now.YES! When you share your goals, you let them know what you want to pursue so they may encourage and could offer you a hand to help!TIPS: Share with your closest one, like mentor or partner, boyfriend or girlfriend, and maybe your brother or sister.Don t ever share it to people who you don't even know. 5 SHAREYOUR GOALS 8. 7 of 11 image credit: On your ways to achieve goals, there will be many problems and challenges that you ll have to face it. When it cause you down or desperate, quickly stand up fight it, and fly away as winner! Before your feet hit the floor in the morning, get rid of negative thinking before it even starts - Joyce Meyer TIPS: Be wise on critics and suggestions. Learn to accept the critics by taking it positively. Keep walking even when you receive negativity from others.6 FLY AWAY FROM NEGATIVITY 9. 8 of 11 image credit: What I meant here isn t just physically, but also for knowledge (imagine a zombie that so exhausted to eat human). There s a ton of room for improvement. Digging your skills and talents will make you being a better person! TIPS: Prepare 15-20 minutes per day to read books and articles on the internet. I love to read,, and Find topics that you want to know more (don t just read jokes). 7 STAY HUNGRY 10. 9 of 11 image credit: Put your energy on what you do everyday!No more boring people, boring meetings, or boring moments in your life. Inject your passion and start to amaze your surroundings! TIPS: Start your day with prayer and ask God for power. Also put family photos or your special someone on your desk to make you remember, that you work to make yourself happy and craft their smile. 8 BYE BYEBOREDOM 11. 10 of 11 image credit: Time should never be wasted. Where do you waste most of your time everyday? Sitting in the car and surrounded by the traffic jam? Watching TV?You can cut it down and try to learn a new skill. Trust me, it is never too late to develop your new skill and new things. Write this down on your resolutions. TIPS: Dare to try on things that make you happy. Maybe you feel happy when you re watching Masterchef. Why just watch? Go to store and try to cook! Either it s bad or good, at least you dare to do it and feel happy when you re doing it. 9 DARE TO TRYSOMETHING NEW 12. 11 of 11 image credit: Maybe this is the hardest point to do, commitment.You have to persistence to achieve every goals you have. When you forget on what you want to do today, recall your goals by look back to your Goals List. There s long journey, but learn to enjoy your race until the finish line.Wish you all the best for this year, friends! TIPS: When you feel exhausted, take a break in a short moment (don t get too long). Take your sweet escape and back on the track.The race are waiting you. 10 COMMITTEDTO FINISH 13. NEW YEAR NEW RESOLUTIONS EVALUATE FIRST THINGS FIRST BE REALISTIC PRINT IT OUT SHAREYOUR GOALS FLY AWAY FROM NEGATIVITY STAY HUNGRY BYE BYE BOREDOM DARE TO TRYSOMETHING NEW COMMITTEDTO FINISH @richiewirjan Richie Wirjan [email_address]</p>