New Years Resolutions

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2. school I will go to sleep at 10I wont stay up so late I may get up earlier I might be 10 minutes beforelessons starts 3. family I will lay the tableI wont whash the disses I may dont be opportinisticI might dont be in front of mycomputer all the day 4. healthI will play only the weekends I wont play all thedays. I may ask my parents if I can play. I might play only one hour 5. friends I will invite my friends all the fridaysto my houseI wont dont invite my friends I may play with my friends in my house I might be with they all the time 6. money I will buy only if is so important I wont buy only 2 games in a year I may buy more books 7. TV I will see all the channelsI wontsee the same allways I mayknow how many channels are there I mightsee the most importants 8. environment I will read books and no play I wont use it at the nights I may turn off all the machines at night I might use if im diing 9. hobbies I will do all the tipes of sports I wont play only with the PS3 I may be the best at sports I might win allways 10. english I will study more I wont study all the days I may speak more and better( english) I might live in United Kingdom 11.