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SOCIAL MEDIAClassifcation of social mediaThe development of social media started of with simple platforms such as sixdegrees.com. Unlike instant messaging clients such as ICQ and A!"s AI#$ sixdegrees.com was the %rst online &usiness that was created for real people$ using their real names. 'owever$ the %rst social networks were short(lived &ecause their users lost interest. The )ocial *etwork +evolution has led to the rise of the networking sites. +esearchshows that the audience spends ,, percent of their time on social networking sites$ thus proving how popular social media platforms have &ecome.what is social media??

Social media is the collective of online communications channels dedicated to community-based inut! inte"action! content-sha"in# and collabo"ation$ %ebsites and alications dedicated to fo"ums!mic"oblo##in#!social netwo"'in#!social boo'ma"'in#!social cu"ation! andwi'is a"e amon# the di(e"ent tyes of social media-ith nearl. /00 #illionactiveusers$ 1ace&ook is now the si2e of the countr. of 3erman.$ and adding over 45, #illion new users per da.6 Twitter is not as &ig &ut is also growing fast. The phenomenal growth of these online giants ultimatel. re7ects our compelling desire to connect with each other around common interests. A*8 it presents a whole new paradigm for communicating and selling online#an. companies were ver. cautious and slow to start using social media$ putting in place all sorts of guidelines for their emplo.ees a&out what could &e said and how to use these channels. #. team and I 9umped in :uickl. and started to experiment ( over the .ears we have alwa.s pushed each other to &e innovative and approacha&le$ explained the ;irgin 3roup founder.)yes of social mediaMedia sha"in# netwo"'sThis t.pe of social network is de%ned &. the primar. t.pe of media shared among users. 1ace&ook and Twitter have ama2ing video and image(sharing capa&ilities< however$ the ma9orit. of posts shared on these channels contain text. 1or channels such as 1lickr or Instagram$ however$ images are the main focus=users have to choose$ upload and edit image %les &efore proceeding with an.thing else$ such as captions or mentions of other users. )imilarl.$ with sites such as >ouTu&e and ;imeo$ or apps like ;ine and )napchat$ video is the primar. mode of communication.-hen determining whether or not .our &usiness needs to esta&lish a presence on a media sharing network$ it"s important to consider .our availa&le resources. If there"s one thing the most successful &rands on platforms like >ouTu&e or Instagram have in common$ it"s athoroughl. planned missionand carefull. designed media assets$ usuall. following a certain theme. To increase .our &usiness"s chances of success on media sharing networks$ consult our extensive li&rar. of resources.*oo'ma"'in# sitesn the earl. da.s of the Internet ?think @'osting .our own site on 3eocitiesA eraB$ content discover. online was a diCcult task. *owada.s$ there is a plethora of interesting$ useful and enlightening content online$ and sifting through all of it on .our own is simpl. impossi&le. f course$ search engines like 3oogle come in ver. hand. when .ou know what to look for$ &ut when .ou onl. have a vague idea of content .ou"d like to read or watch$ there"s &ookmarking sites. These are we& services like )tum&leUpon$ Dinterest$ and 1lip&oard$ where users collect content from elsewhere on the Internet$ and save it to their account on the platform. This content can &e private or pu&lic$ and shared with other users. ften$ these &ookmarking sites will then suggest content similar to the links or images .ou have alread. saved on the network.Online "eview!ocation(&ased review services such as >elp and Ur&anspoon are getting more traction as personalsocial networks adopt geolocation$ and more users choose to consult the Internet along with their friends for recommendations of &est dining spots. There are sites to review an.thing from hotels$ restaurant or .our latest emplo.er=and user reviews have more weight than ever &efore. )ites like Air&n& and U&er$ the &iggest service providers in the emerging sharing econom.$ rel. largel. on host and driver reviews$ respectivel.$ to determine who &ene%ts from the service.It"s vital for .our &rand to have the a&ilit. to leverage user reviews$ whether positive or negative$ to maintain client relationships. The Internet is a huge collective knowledge &ase$ and more and more consumerschoose to consult the pu&lic opinion onlineto determine whether the &rand is worth their &usiness. In order to do this in a cost(efective wa.$ select a customer success team mem&er to address reviews on sites relevant for .our &usiness. Entrust them with answering an. :uestions or concerns from clients with average or dissatisfactor. experiences$ and see if there is an.thing that can &e done on .our end to turn a possi&le detractor into a fan. 1or more on this topic$ read our &log posts onhow to respond to negative reviewsandonline reputation management.Discussion fo"umDiscussion fo"ums is one of the oldest tyes of social media$ *efo"e we connected to ou" f"st unive"sity f"iends on)he +aceboo'! we discussed o cultu"e! cu""ent a(ai"s! and as'ed fo" hel on fo"ums$ ,e"has it-s that un.uenchable desi"e to #et a sha"e of collective 'nowled#e that accounts fo" the wide "each and nume"ous use"s on fo"ums such as "eddit$ /)he f"ont a#e of the Inte"net!0 as well as othe" fo"ums li'e 1uo"a and Di##! seldomly "e.ui"e the e"son-s "eal name to "e#iste" and ost! allowin# fo" comlete anonymity! if desi"ed$Social ublishin# latfo"ms)ocial pu&lishing platforms consist of &logs and micro&logs$ where long and short(form written content can &e shared with other users. These platforms range from real(time interaction networks such as Twitter=which$ while still oCciall. placed in the categor. of micro&logging platforms$ is not normall. included in the &logging categor. &. most users=to #edium and Tum&lr$ which are &attling it out for the title of the &est interactive social pu&lishing< to more traditional &logging platforms$ such as -ordDress and Flogger.E-comme"ce!ast &ut not least$ a &ig trend emerging across all t.pes of social media is the a&ilit. to view and purchase desired goods with a click of a &utton. )ites such as Dol.vore aggregate products from diferent retailers in a single online marketplace$ and services like Ets. allow small &usinesses and individual crafters to sell their products without an existing &rick(and(mortar location. ver the past .ear$ e(commerce elements have &een adopted &. man. networks whose primar. functionalities place them in diferent categories$ such as Dinterest$ Twitter$ and 1ace&ook.Social media 2- Advanta#es $1acilitates open communication$ leading to enhanced information discover. and deliver..Allows emplo.ees to discuss ideas$ post news$ ask :uestions and share links.Drovides an opportunit. to widen &usiness contacts.Targets a wide audience$ making it a useful and efective recruitment tool.Improves &usiness reputation and client &ase with minimal use of advertising.Social media 2- Disadvanta#es$pens up the possi&ilit. for hackers to commit fraud and launch spam and virus attacks.Increases the risk of people falling pre. to online scams that seem genuine$ resulting in data or identit. theft.Dotentiall. results in negative comments from emplo.ees a&out the compan. or potential legal conse:uences if emplo.ees use these sites to view o&9ectiona&le$ illicit or ofensive material.Dotentiall. results in lost productivit.$ especiall. if emplo.ees are &us. updating pro%les$ etc.3LO*AL 4SA3EAccording to the article GThe Emerging +ole of )ocial #edia in Dolitical and +egime ChangeG &. +ita )afranek$ GThe #iddle East and *orth Africa region has one of the most .outhful populations in the world$ with people under ,H making up &etween IH(/HJ of the population in each countr.. The. make up the ma9orit. of social media users$ including a&out 4K million 1ace&ook users$ ,H$000Twitter accounts and /0$000 active &logs$ according to theAra& Advisors 3roupA social netwo"'in# use olicy #ene"ally8e%nes what social networking is particular to .our organi2ation$ so emplo.ees know exactl. what is meant &. the term.Esta&lishes a clear and de%ned purpose for the polic..Communicates &ene%ts of social networking and of having a polic..Drovides a clear platform for educating emplo.ees.Takes into consideration an. legal rami%cations of not following laws.+efers to con%dentialit. of emplo.er trade secrets and private or con%dential information. Talks a&out productivit. in terms of social networking.Drovides guidance regarding social networking outside of compan. time5propert. that could &e associated with the compan.$ emplo.ees or customers. )ome emplo.ers ma. prohi&it posting of compan. information on social networking sites without explicit consent.Drovides examples of polic. violations.utlines disciplinar. measures to &e taken for polic. violationsPrincipal Used in Social MediaDefnes what social networking is particular to your organization, so employees know exactly what is meant by the term.stablishes a clear and defned purpose !or the policy."ommunicates benefts o! social networking and o! ha#ing a policy.Pro#ides a clear plat!orm !or educating employees.$akes into consideration any legal ramifcations o! not !ollowing laws. "onclusion..%&ence, by this presentation it shows how social media has ad#antages as well as disad#antages on today's genration.(t has many good e)ect as well as #ery bad e)ects.(t defne the meaning o! Social Media as well as the principals used.