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Prepared By Trisha Carrillo EDCI 554 Spring 2010

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Prepared By Trisha Carrillo

EDCI 554 Spring 2010

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Requesting $31,483.89 from the Shell Oil Company Educational Grant Foundation

To purchase 11 ELMO p10 Document Readers to increase math scores on the NWEA assessment from 60% to 70% are higher.

To help facilitate a more interactive classroom for learning math lessons.

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The School City of Hobart Corporation enrolls 3977 students from the Hobart Community and 206 teachers in grade K-12 in six schools.

In 2010, George Earle Elementary became The Early Learning Center (ELC). The ELC currently has 266 kindergarten students, 18 Early Child Development students, 12 teachers.

Students eligible for free or reduced lunch make up almost 47% of the student body.

School City of Hobart Philosophy:

The School City of Hobart Community will foster intellectual curiosity, natural abilities, critical thinking, and literacy in students while developing respectful and responsible citizens who are excited about the challenges of tomorrow, confident in their ability to chart the future, and dedicated to the pursuit of lifelong learning.

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Students need to be offered a wide array of technology to support to educate our 21st century students.

Teachers should use technology to bring real-world experiences to learning and prepare students for a rigorous high-tech, knowledge society.

According to our NCA School Improvement Plan, teachers must promote diversified instructional strategies to fit the various learning styles.

60% of Kindergarten students are under the fall cut score on the NWEA assessment.

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ELMO Document Reader in Action!


ELMO TT-02RX Document Camera & Elmo CRA-1 Wireless Tablet

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To provide more information and interesting curriculum which will heighten motivation and cause greater attention and enthusiasm to participate and respond.

Increase student performance in the areas of mathematics and writers workshop. A. Provide students with concrete visual examples to make stronger connections.

B. Provide students with a learning environment that promotes opportunities for them to be independent researchers, critical thinkers/problem solvers, creators of knowledge, information seekers /navigators/ evaluators, effective communicators, technologists, and responsible citizens.

To increase the development of technology skills for 276 kindergarten students and 10 teachers.

To increase student achievement on the NWEA assessment in the winter and spring, helping students achieve their cut score of 152 in the winter and 156 in the spring on both the math and reading sections.

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Sharing student solved problems and probing why's from student centered approach

Demonstrate math manipulatives

Step-by-step math problem solving Display student work

Modeling note-taking

Use the document camera to project books or items onto the big screen so all students can easily see. (No more big semicircle watching the teacher)

Instant feedback on student work

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Cost: 1200 For 1/2 day session and $700. (Also, any travel costs occurred)

WVIZ workshop by request. Contact Eric Siler, [email protected], 216-916-6358, to arrange a training date and time.

Cost: $1,800 includes two Elmo TT-02s Document Cameras

Advanced Education is the leading provider of SMART and related PD for educators.

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Make any necessary changes to instruction to help students improve their test scores.

Teachers will meet once a month for 30 minutes to discuss classroom instruction and resources for the document camera.

After the winter assessment discuss results of the students from the NWEA assessment.

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Kindergarten Teachers and Intervention specialists will meet monthly to discuss the strategies being taught through the ELMO document camera.

• Both the ELMO and digital camera will be bar-coded. Therefore these items will be tracked as to how many times they are being checked out.

Student achievement will be assessed with: The EnVision Math assessments, NWEA winter and spring scores, sight word pre-tests and post-tests for each unit will be used to measure student achievement.

Evaluation will be based on frequency of usage and by the nature of the activities and lessons that it is used for.

Teacher observation during whole group instruction will be used.

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Estimated operating budget is $31,483.89Spread Sheet of Budget

Expense Cost

Equipment $20,219.89

Professional Dev. $10,999.75

Miscellaneous $264.25

Total $31,483.98

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Your support of the Learning with Elmo Grant is greatly appreciated.Please contact me at:

[email protected]

Thank you for your time and consideration.