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Centre for Management Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia.

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To be a global centre of

excellence in management

education & research.



To provide a value based platform for

imparting quality management education

to equip future corporate leaders.



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ContentsContentsAbout Jamia Millia Islamia........................ 2

Message from Vice Chancellor ................. 3

Message from the Director ....................... 4

Message from the Placement Cell.............. 5

Centre for Management Studies

An Introduction..................................... 6-7

Board of Management.............................. 8


MBA Programme Curriculum..............12-14


Subject Association................................. 18

International Relations ............................19

Seminars and Workshops........................ 19

Corporate Relations ............................... 20

Student Profile-MBA Final Year............21-29

Student Profile-MBA First Year ............30-36


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“They built up the Jamia Millia stone by stone and sacrifice by sacrifice,” said

Sarojini Naidu, the nightingale of India. The story of Jamia's growth from a

small institution in the pre-independence India to a central university located in

New Delhi offering integrated education from nursery to research in

specialized areas is a saga of

dedication, conviction and vision of a

people who worked against all odds

and saw it growing step by step.

In Urdu language, Jamia means 'University', and Millia

means 'National'.Jamia Millia Islamia was originally

established in 1920 at Aligarh in United Provinces, India.

Under the colonial British rule, two dominant trends

joined hands and contributed towards in the birth of Jamia.The anti-colonial activism signified by

the Khilafat and the pro-independence aspirations symbolised by the non-cooperation

movement of the Indian National Congress helped to harness creative energies

and the subsequent making of Jamia Millia Islamia.

Rabindranath Tagore called it “one of the most progressive educational

institutions of India”.The known freedom fighter and Muslim theologian,

Maulana Mehmud Hasan, laid the foundation stone of Jamia Millia Islamia at

Aligarh on Friday, 29 October 1920. On 22 November 1920, Hakim Ajmal Khan

was elected the first chancellor of

Jamia. Mohamed Ali Jauhar became

Jamia's first Vice Chancellor, as Allama Iqbal could not

accept the offer made through Gandhi ji. It also elected a

syndicate and created a syllabus subcommittee.

Since then Jamia has seen many ups and downs. The

saying, 'when going gets tough the tough gets going'

cannot be truer about Jamia. In 1925 Jamia shifted from

Aligarh to Karol Bagh, New Delhi. Jamia followed Gandhiji's constructive programme for self-

reliance while it took to Charkha and Takli as favoured vocations.In the same year a group of

three friends studying in Germany Dr. Zakir Husain, Dr. Abid Husain and Dr. Mohammad Mujeeb

decided to serve Jamia.

As a result of continuous efforts Jamia Millia Islamia was made a central university of India in

December 1988 by a Special Act of Parliament. And the process of producing smart, responsible

and civilized individuals is still going on. It will keep contributing for the

development of society.

Today, Jamia Millia Islamia is one of the most prominent and promising Central

Universities of the country. The academic programs of the university leading to

the higher education degrees, diplomas and certificates are offered through

various Faculties, Departments and Teaching & Research centres.



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Jamia Millia Islamia, a central university has more than 20,000 students on its

roll and has approximately 700 full time faculty members. The university has 9

Faculties with 36 Departments and 27 Centres of excellence and research and

runs more than 200 courses.

One of the prestigious degrees awarded by Jamia Millia Islamia is the Master of

Business Administration (MBA), a postgraduate business degree, aimed at

preparing management professionals for the global business needs.

The much sought after MBA (full-time) programme of the university, with an intake

of 60 students, strives to provide the best possible opportunities, skill

development and knowledge to students. The availability of inter-disciplinary

knowledge resources from many well-known faculties, departments and centres

of university enriches the programme immensely. The programme is guided and

continuously mentored by a Board of Management, comprising of eminent

experts drawn from the field of management education and from the corporate


Apart from successfully completing their rigorous academic training at the

university, the current batch of MBA postgraduates has also undergone summer

internship at reputed firms in India and abroad in a variety of projects

encompassing different domains of the business world. These students are now

all ready to enter the corporate world as also equipped to contribute in different

ways to the development of the institutions they join.

As the head of this institution, I request you to kindly arrange a visit by senior

corporate executives of your esteemed company to our University. The visit will

enable you to acquaint yourselves first-hand with our students and make a

selection. I have no doubt that my students will not just do the university proud but

will also be a value addition to any organisation they join.

I thank you for your continued support and encouragement and look forward to

establishing a long-term relation between Jamia Millia Islamia and your esteemed


(Najeeb Jung)



Message from the

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It gives me great pleasure to invite you to the Placement Program of MBA (Full Time) at

Centre for Management Studies (CMS), Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi (A central

university by an act of parliament)

The MBA (Full Time) programme is now in its seventh year since it was launched in the year

2003. The programme is structured on the UGC's model curricula. The centre admits a

batch size of 60 students, selected from a large number of students through the process of

its own entrance examination, group discussions followed by personal interviews. The

number of candidates seeking admission to the programme is increasing every year

implying that the programme has gained popularity amongst the students aspiring for an

MBA degree.

The movement towards a global economy and unprecedented economic and technological

changes have given rise to great opportunities for development of newer methodologies in

the field of management. With companies' growing awareness of increasing opportunities

as well as competitive threats, they are looking for management graduates, who with their

fresh insights and innovative ideas can develop strategies for sustainable growth.

Thus, the dynamics of today's business and integration of global economies need a unique

class of leaders. Hence, strategic thinking, wealth creating and business acumen to

compete, excel and win are amongst the salient competencies required at the middle and

senior level. I am sure you are looking for leaders, who will prove their mettle in the industry

and who have a formal business management education from a reputed and accredited

business school. At CMS we have developed an environment that ensures rigor,

encourages team work and expects excellence. Further, because of our other post-

graduate programme in International Business and also with a good number of international

students, an atmosphere of varied international, cultural and corporate exposure prevails in

the centre. Such an atmosphere develops in our students a thirst for innovation and a will to


I take this opportunity to invite your esteem organization to campus for recruitment of our

students. I am sure these “Change Masters” will be valuable assets of your organizations for

the times to come.

Prof. U.M. Amin


Message from the


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Message from the

University Placement Cell

Rihan Khan Suri Placement Officer

The technological revolution and the forces of globalization have changed

functionality of organizations in the recent years. We at Jamia Millia

Islamia endeavor to enable our students to move forward confidently; to

embrace change rather than follow; to innovate rather than remain stagnant

and to initiate rather than respond and thereby to become competent

managers and dynamic entrepreneurs in a rapidly changing economic and

industrial environment.

We solicit your cooperation in our attempt to create a knowledge society that

fortifies the intellectual, physical, mental and spiritual dimensions of

individuals for holistic development.

You are cordially invited to our campus to interact with our new age

professional managers and assess their skills to assist helping your

organization grow perpetually.

Corporate Placement Cell

In turbulent times, the business model of every enterprise has undergone a

sea change. The recent global turmoil has opened opportunities for

management institutions to respond and customize their outputs to the

emerging management practices. We recognize this fact and endeavor to

inculcate the blend of theoretical and practical knowledge, skills and attitude

in our budding managers to grow with our organization and help in achieving

your vision and mission.

Looking forward to your visit to our campus and a long lasting relationship. Dr. P.K. Gupta

Placement Advisor


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MBA (Full-Time)

Major Highlights

panoramic view of the Business environment in the country highlights many prospects. The

coming age of management education has been indispensable. Steady Growth in the numbers

of qualified and well trained management professionals is a requisite. Jamia Millia Islamia, an

institution of sustained legacy could not stay back. The university in order to respond to the ever-

increasing demand for Full-Time quality MBA programme established an autonomous Centre for

Management Studies approved by the Executive Council of the University. The University has

constituted an Advisory Committee under the chairmanship of the Vice-Chancellor with prominent

academicians and professionals in management and business education as members to oversee

and guide the programme of the Centre. The Centre for Management Studies presently offers three

courses of study viz. MBA (Full Time), Ph.D & Masters of International Business. Each degree

course offered at CMS has been carefully designed to achieve set targets- that include educating

the student as regards the market updates along with the trends that have for long been followed.

The centre has started Ph.D programme in management from the academic session 2006-07. The

centre endeavors to produce quality research in analytical and applied areas of strategic and

various functional areas of management. The centre also aims to work in various areas of

importance to the country including infrastructural development, Information technology, poverty

alleviation, social and cultural issues with active support and coordination of the government and

non-profit organizations. The eligibility criteria, formalities required for admission and other aspects

of the Ph.D. programme are governed by

the rules and regulations of Jamia Millia


The MBA (Full-Time) Programme, started

in the academic session 2003-04, is aimed

at preparing management professionals

for the global business needs. The course

contents, duration and methodology of the

programme are largely based on latest

UGC Model Curriculum for MBA. Besides,

the programme is designed to be unique in

the sense that it seeks to emphasize global

business perspectives.

The objectives of the management programmes are to facilitate the development of individuals as:

Proficient managers who have acculturated the contemporary global trends in business.

Professionals who respond to the socio-economic and organisational challenges of the present

global environment with alacrity & exactitude.

Contributors to national development.

Experts with the ardour for innovation and an impulse to excel.

Responsible individuals with a conscience towards social responsibility and betterment of the


Entrepreneurs who imbibe and act with the highest principles of ethics.

The primary aim of the institution is to ensure that every student is honed as a professional in every

sphere of life. The Centre for Management Studies has become synonymous with quality education.

CMS prides itself for its student-centric attitude which has come to be the hallmark of the institute.








16 CMS

Page 9: MBA Placement Brochure 2011, Jamia Millia Islamia

This excellence emanates from the

underneath privileges.

Focus on Global Business Management

Eminent in house faculty supplemented by

visiting faculty from industry / business /

foreign university.

Strong university industry interface to

facilitate industry interaction and hands on

training for students.

Extensive Information Technology


Curriculum is continuously updated to

meet the changing requirements of the

industry along with new economic


Up-to-date curriculum to meet the

changing requirements of the industry along with new economic realities.

Participatory Learning Approach making use of out of the box techniques.

Students are groomed in an Interactive learning environment.

CMS does not confine itself to a management degree but avenues into the domain of Comprehensive

education. The infrastructural facilities, together with well qualified faculty, excellent teaching

methodology and target oriented teaching sessions provide an ambience for students to be able to reach

the pinnacle of excellence and success. CMS is where students are entrusted with resources and

responsibilities early on sculpturing their future as well as ours.A CMS manager is equipped to lead, no

matter where he goes. At CMS we create cognizant, competent and confident business leaders.

The two-year programme aims to provide knowledge and skills, which develop confidence in the students

to work on problems in varied organizational frameworks. The modular design of the curriculum stimulates

conceptual and perpetual skills. The content is such that after a strong foundation has been built in basic

disciplines, advanced work in particular areas are a natural extension. Following training in core subjects,

students choose electives, which along with project work and other assignments complete the degree

requirements. Besides, centre also organizes Faculty Development Programs (refresher courses), and

Management Development Programs (MDPs) to facilitate the spread of views on education and industry

among the larger groups.










Page 10: MBA Placement Brochure 2011, Jamia Millia Islamia



Mr. Najeeb Jung Vice-Chancellor


Prof. Abad Ahmad Former Pro Vice-Chancellor & Professor Faculty of Management Studies University of Delhi

Prof. Prahlad K. BasuFormer Secretary, Govt of India, Former Chairman IIM Kolkata

Prof. Pritam SinghFormer Director, IIM Bangalore, IIM Lucknow and MDI Gurgaon

Prof. S. Sikandar Nabi Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Jamia Millia Islamia

Mr. S. Inayat Ali Zaidi Department of Tourism, Hotel,Hospitality and Heritage Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia

Prof. Anjali GandhiDean, Faculty of Social SciencesJamia Millia Islamia

Prof. S.M SajidRegistrar, Jamia Millia Islamia

Prof. Furqan QamarProfessor, Centre for ManagementStudies Jamia Millia Islamia

Dr. Amirul H. Ansari Associate Professor, Centre forManagement Studies Jamia Millia Islamia

Dr. Saif Siddiqui Assistant Professor, Centre forManagement Studies Jamia Millia Islamia


Prof. U.M. AminHony. Director, Centre forManagement Studies,Jamia Millia Islamia


Page 11: MBA Placement Brochure 2011, Jamia Millia Islamia

F A C U L T YDr. Prahlad K. Basu


BA Economics Honours (1st class, 1st rank, University of Calcutta, Presidency College),BA Economics tripos (Cantab), MA(Cantab), Ph.D. (Business Administration), CBIM (London), CCI Mgt (London), F. Inst of Public Administration (New York), Elected Member of High Table, Kings College, Cambridge, Member of the Political Economy Club, Cambridge and Fellow of Churchill College, Cambridge. Awarded over brook fellowship of Yale university Currently Director at Cambridge Advance Management program.

Area: Strategy, Leadership.

Prof. Furqan Qamar (On deputation as V.C., Central university of Himachal Pradesh)


Ph.D. in Financial Control from the University of Lucknow, Advanced Management Programme (AMP) from the Clare College, Cambridge on Commonwealth Fellowship.

Area: Finance, Research Methodology

He has published extensively in journals such as Management Review (IIM Bangalore), Journal of Education & Social Change (IIE Pune), Journal of Educational Planning & Administration and has authored two books. He has to his credit several research projects funded by the national agencies and has provided consultancies to universities, educational institutions and corporate sectors in the areas of financial control, resource use efficiency, effective resource utilization and manpower planning. He also served as Adviser (Education) in Planning Commission, Government of India. Prof. Furqan Qamar was the Vice Chancellor of the University of Rajasthan at Jaipur before assuming charge as the first Vice Chancellor of the Central University of Himachal Pradesh.

He had been Chairman, Board for Reconstruction of Public Sector Enterprises, World Bank's Chief Advisor on Public Enterprises in Africa and Kuala Lampur, UN Advisor on Development Administration / ESCAP-APDC, Kuala Lampur, Permanent Secretary to the Govt. of India in the Ministries of Steel Mines, Planning and Programme Implementation, New Delhi,. Director General, Bureau of Public Enterprises, Govt. of India, New Delhi, Chairman IIM (Calcutta), Chairman National Aluminum Company Ltd., Bhubaneswar, Managing Director, Shipping Corp. of India, Bombay. He has been teaching Strategic

Management, Restructuring and Leadership in several Universities of India and UK.

Prof. U.M. Amin

Hony. Director & Professor

B.E. (Hons.) Chemical Engineering from B.I.T.S. Pilani, M.Tech Chemical Engineering from I.I.T., New Delhi, MBA (Marketing) from FMS, University of Delhi.

Area: Strategic Management, Marketing Management, Consumer Behavior

He has been an astute & result oriented professional with 33 years of experience in the industry in the areas of strategy formulation & implementation, Project sales & marketing, business development, key account management & projects. He has been

involved in marketing of capital goods including turn-key projects to industrial sectors that include chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, petroleum refinery, food and fertilizer industries etc. A keen planner, strategist & implementer with demonstrated abilities in devising marketing activities and accelerating the business growth. Functional skills include Strategic Planning, Market Penetration, Account Management, Pre-Sales Efforts, Competitor / Market Analysis, Team Leadership. He has been teaching strategic Management, Marketing Management and Consumer Behavior subjects for last 10 years. His research interests include Strategic issues in R&D management, Consumer behavior and international Marketing.


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Dr. Amirul Hasan Ansari

Associate Professor

M.A., M.Phil & Ph.D from Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, P.G. Diploma in Training & Development

from Indian Society for Training & Development, Delhi.

Area: Organizational behavior, International/Strategic Human Resource Management

He entered to academics with national and international corporate experience. Apartment from India

he has a stint of working in the United Kingdom as Training & Education Manager. He has eighteen

years of teaching experience at post graduate level. His major commitment is in teaching

Organizational behavior, International as well as Strategic Human Resource Management. He has

attended and presented research papers in various national and international seminars and

conferences in India and abroad. To his credit there are a good number of publications in the journals

of repute. He has provided consultancy to national and international corporate in the concerned area.

His current research interest is issues related to strategy and leadership.

Dr. P.K. Gupta

Associate Professor

M.Com, NET and JRF, Ph.D (Finance), FICWA, FCS, CFA, F-III

Area: Finance and Risk Management

He has experience of more than 18 years in industry and academics. He has exposure to various

facets of the industry including project management, resource mobilization, corporate restructuring

and business valuation. He has presented papers in various international conferences and has won

outstanding research awards. He has worked on many funded research projects including that of

UGC and also represented Jamia on various international forums. He has been organizing seminars,

workshops and MDPs in the area of finance and risk management and has been actively involved in

various consultancy assignments. He has authored seven books that include Insurance and Risk

Management (2004 & 2010), Human Resource Information Systems (2004) and Legal Aspect of

Insurance (2006). He is the founder of Society for Professional Development (Regd.), Delhi and

President of Delhi Professionals Association (Regd.), Delhi. He is also the Regional Director (Hony.)

of the Delhi chapter of PRMIA, USA. He is also a visiting faculty with prestigious management

institutions of the country. His current area of research interest is enterprise wide risk management.

Dr. Rahela Farooqi


Ph.D (Human Resource), MBA from Faculty of Management Studies and Research, AMU Aligarh

Area: Marketing

She has qualified NET and JRF in Management in 2000. She has presented papers in national and

international conferences in India and Abroad. Her Area's include Managerial Economics, Service

Marketing and Sales and Distribution Management and Training and Development.

Dr. Kavita Chauhan


Ph.D (E-Commerce) from Guru Jambheshwar University, Hisar, MBA (E-Commerce) from Guru

Gobind Singh Indraprastha University

Area: Marketing

She has qualified UGC NET in Management. She has been in research for the last eight years and

has written many articles and research papers in trends of Marketing. Her area of teaching is

Advertising Management, Retailing, Customer Relationship Management, International Marketing,

Business Communication, Management Information System and Knowledge Management. She had

provided consultancy to Japan Design Foundation (Japan Government) in the area of Marketing.

She has done Major Research Project on Electronic Integrated Marketing Communication funded by



Page 13: MBA Placement Brochure 2011, Jamia Millia Islamia

Dr. Saif Siddiqui

Assistant Professor


Area: Finance, Entrepreneurship

He has more than 10 years of experience in industry and academics. He is an active researcher

and has published several research papers, articles, case studies, book reviews in reputed

Indian and Foreign Journals. He has authored one book and presently working on another. His

current areas of interest are Stock Markets, Venture Capital Financing and Entrepreneurship.

He has recently completed a Minor project funded by National Stock Exchange of India Ltd.

Mr. Saiyed Wajid Ali

Assistant Professor

MBA, B.Sc. (Computer Science), Pursuing Ph.D.

Area: Product and Brand Management, Management Science, Entrepreneurship.

He has Qualified UGC NET in Management. He started his career with Crystal Hues Limited, a

multinational company which has got its collaboration with Euro Logos group of Russia as

Manager Marketing & Promotions. He was Involved in Product Development and Marketing

Communication for a very popular portal called gift-flowers.com for three years. He worked

with Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management, Gwalior as Lecturer in Business

Studies for five years. He is also involved in training volunteers for common wealth games


Area of research: Entrepreneurship and Intrepreneurship.

Ms. Rachna Gedam

Assistant Professor

B.Sc, MBA (Human Resource) from Nagpur University. Diploma ISTD, Delhi.

Area: Human Resource Management and Organization Behavior.

She has qualified UGC NET in Human Resource Management. She has attended national and

international conferences. She is presently taking papers on industrial Relations Training and

Development, Organization Behavior and Change, Human resource management,

Compensation Management and Human Resource Information System

Ms. Sunayana

Assistant Professor

B.sc (Bio), MBA (HR) from FMS, MDSU, Ajmer, Pursuing Ph.D.

Area: Human Resource Management and Strategic Management.

She has qualified UGC NET in Management. She started her career with Rajasthan Institute of

Engineering and Technology, Jaipur. Then she worked with Government engineering college

Jhalawar (Rajasthan) as Assistant Professor.

Area of Research: Tourism.

Dr. Taufeeque Ahmad Siddiqui

Assistant Professor

M.Com, MBA, Ph.D from A.M.U Aligarh.

Area: Finance and Accounts

He has qualified UGC NET

Mr. S.Veeramani

Assistant Professor

B.Sc Industrial Chemistry, Madras University, IMM (IB) - International Management,

Pondicherry University, MA(Pol.Sc) Gold Medal, Madurai Kama raj University, M.Phil-

International Organization, JNU, Ph.D- Political Economy, JNU.

Area: International Business, Export Import Management, Globalization, Business

Environment and Political Economy. He has qualified UGC NET in IR/HRM.


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MBA (Full Time) Programme Curriculum

The MBA programme is spread over four semesters. The first two semesters

provide an insight into the fundamentals of various disciplines of management

and has a generalist approach. This is followed by an eight week summer training

programme to provide proactive interaction with industry and also to provide a

first-hand experience of the corporate world. The third and the fourth semester

focus on chosen specialized areas. The curriculum offers a wide choice to the

students with specialization ranging from Finance, Marketing, Human Resource,

Operations, and International Business.

The programme envisages providing state-of-the-art infrastructure in terms of the

campus, well-equipped library and competing IT integration. The MBA

programme has full time faculty, which is highly qualified, competent and

committed to fulfill the vision of making the MBA programme of Jamia Millia

Islamia - a class apart, rendering quality education and transforming the

candidates from mere students to value-added professionals.

The programme also seeks to lay special emphasis on improving the language

proficiency and communication skills of students. It emphasizes on the teaching

methodology and pedagogy by incorporating more of case discussions,

presentations and role playing which make classrooms more interactive so that

they are more learning oriented.

Details Semester I Semester II Semester III Semester IV Total

Compulsory Papers 8 8 3 1 20

Optional Papers 6 3 09

Summer Training Report 1 01

Final Project Report 2 02

Total Papers 8 8 10 6 32

Maximum Marks 800 800 1000 600 3200

Scheme of Papers and Marks


Page 15: MBA Placement Brochure 2011, Jamia Millia Islamia


A variety of teaching / learning techniques including

lectures, case analysis, simulation management

games and exercises are employed to impart

knowledge and skills to the students.

Syndicates and Small Group Discussion

and practical project work are frequently

used to develop analytical and decision

making abilities needed to face the

challenges of the complex business and

organizational environment. At CMS,

both students and faculty work together

to facilitate and accomplish its major

objective, which is to help the students

experience the realistic approaches to


We inculcate the human skills with ethical values,

clear conceptual understanding of the subjects with

complete exposure to industrial practices so as to nurture and

develop conceptual and practical skills of budding managerial minds.

The state-of-the-art theoretical inputs are provided by the faculty of the institute.

To get the feel of changing business environment, the future managers are required to visit

industries and call out information from newspapers, magazines, journals and reference books.

To expose the budding managers to (i) Real Life Situation (ii) Develop analytical abilities

and (ii) Improve Communication Skills, the case method is extensively used in the pedagogy.

The curriculum requires the student to undertake comprehensive projects. These

projects required the students to deal with specific topics by intensive discussion with industry personnel

supplemented by library work so as to collect and analyze primary data. On completion the faculty and

external examiner evaluate the projects.

Though classroom learning is given emphasis, students are required to take up a number of practical

projects in different courses of the programme in which information gathered from the business / industry

are analyzed and presented in the form of reports. While exposing the students to the theories and

concepts of modern management, no efforts are spared to develop practical orientation in them. After

completing the first two semesters of instruction during the first year, all students are required to undergo

practical training in an organization for a period of eight to ten weeks during the summer months. Each

student is selected by a reputed company and given a practical assignment. The student works under the

guidance of a senior manager in the organization and submits a report to the organization. The

performance of the student is also evaluated by the organization and communicated to the University in


Students' performance is assessed through a continuous system of tests, quizzes, class participation,

midterm evaluation and semester-end examination to ensure highest academic standards as well as

practical orientation.

The approach includes the following steps

Classroom Teaching:

Self Study:

Case Method:

Research Project:

Summer Training:





f Stu









as y



Seor Pre






























Page 16: MBA Placement Brochure 2011, Jamia Millia Islamia


Core Courses
















Principles of Management Quantitative Methods and Business StatisticsManagerial Economics Business and Economic Environment Business Communication and Management Skill Development Accounting For Management Decision MakingBusiness Ethics and Corporate GovernanceComputer Applications in Management

Business Policy and Strategic Analysis Decision Support and Management Information

SystemBusiness Legislation Summer Training Project Electives I-VI














Organization Behavior and ChangeManagement ScienceHuman Resource ManagementFinancial Management Marketing ManagementProduction and Operations Management Methodology of Business Research International Business Environment

Corporate Structuring and LeadershipComprehensive Project WorkOptional I-III


XFinancial Decisions Analysis XSecurity Analysis and Investment Management XPortfolio Management XInternational Financial Management XManagement of Financial Services XManagement Control System XInternational Accounting XCorporate TaxationXFinancial Derivatives XProject Planning, Analysis and Management XInternational Financial marketsXManagement of Financial Institutions XWorking Capital ManagementXInfrastructure FinancingXEnterprise Risk Management

Insurance and RiskXManagementXFinancial Engineering XStrategic Financial Management



XAdvanced Consumer BehaviorXAdvertising Management XConsumer-based Marketing

StrategiesXInternational MarketingXSales and Distribution Management

IndustrialXBusiness MarketingXSales Promotion ManagementXMarketing of ServicesXProduct and Brand ManagementXPlanning and Managing Retail

BusinessXInternet Marketing & E-CommerceXAdvanced Marketing ResearchXCustomer Relationship ManagementXSupply Chain Management

International Business

XInternational AccountingXInternational Financial ManagementXInternational Financial MarketsXForeign Exchange MarketsXInternational MarketingXExport-Import Procedures,

Documentation and LogisticsXRegional BlocksXInternational Economic OrganizationXIndia's Foreign Trade PolicyXGlobal Human Resource Management

Human Resource

XManagement of Industrial RelationsXManagement of Comparative RelationsXManpower Development for Technological ChangeXCompensation ManagementXLegal Framework Governing Human Relations XManagement Training and DevelopmentXManaging Interpersonal and Group ProcessesXOrganizational Change and InterventionXCounselling Skills for ManagersXHuman Resource Development; Strategies & Systems XHuman Resource Planning and DevelopmentXGross Cultural and Global ManagementXHuman Resource Information System


XOperations ManagementXPurchasing and Materials Management XTotal Quality ManagementXProduction Planning and ControlXApplied Operations ResearchXLogistics ManagementXGoal Programming in ManagementXTransportation ManagementXService Operations ManagementXWorld Class Manufacturing


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The students of MBA have full-fledged access to one of the best managed

libraries in the country. The library is fully equipped with various types of

facilities like OPAC (On-Line Public Access Catalogue) with wide range of

network access across the campus wide LAN. It stocks as well as garners the

best books and has a collection of more than 3.5 lac volumes, more than 500

subscriptions of journals including foreign journals.

Most of the core journals in the field of

Marketing, Finance, Human Resource

M a n a g e m e n t , a n d S t r a t e g i c

Management are available in the library.

Popular business newspapers and magazines

including Financial Times (London) Harward Business

Review (HBR), the Economist and many reputed online

journals are subscribed by the library. Besides this, the

department has its own library with good collection of text and

reference books and reputed journals in the various areas of


Students have access to the most modern state-of-the-art

computer centre with high computer to student ratio. The

centre has switch-based local area network operating

under Windows NT. The students can work on various

platforms such as Windows Vista, XP and Linux and

software like SPSS, Lotus Smart Suite etc. The systems

are supported by a variety of peripherals such as high

speed network laser printer, high resolution color

scanners, ink jet printers, laser printers etc., DVD drives

etc. Internet connectivity has been provided in all the computers for the lab.

The central auditorium has seating capacity for more than 600 attendees. It has world class acoustic

arrangements complete with seating and lighting arrangements. It has various national and

international level events.



Page 18: MBA Placement Brochure 2011, Jamia Millia Islamia


The institute has a well-equipped Seminar Hall for conducting various academic activities like

Guest Lectures, Workshops, and Seminars etc. It also serves as the venue for holding corporate

interaction programs.


The institute has 7 hostels for boys and 4

hostels for girls where students from

different religions, cultures, castes and

ethnic background reside giving a true

cosmopolitan look to the hostel. The hostel

provides various facilities like 24 hour

internet facility, library cum reading room,

common room, recreat ion room,

playground, RO purifier, hygienic dining

hall, 24 hours power backup, telephone

facilities etc.


The Cafeteria is a popular

point for the student's and

serves a variety of snacks

and drinks, which are

provided at subsidized

rates. Apart from the

departmental canteens, a

new Wi-Fi enabled 'Uth

Café 'has emerged as

popular junction in the



Page 19: MBA Placement Brochure 2011, Jamia Millia Islamia



Jamia Millia Islamia has been a top destination for learners from across the country. Students at the

university not only excel in academics but stand out in

sportsmanship. Students easily access the world

class sporting facilities at the university. The

university boasts the Bhopal cricket ground which

has been the centre stage of several events like the

women cricket world cup and has produced stalwarts

like Bishen Singh Bedi and Virender Sehwag.

Adjacent to it are the basketball court and the

gymnasium. A sprawling state of the art facility has

come up for the commonwealth games. The Bhopal

cricket ground was upgraded to a world class sports

complex. It served as a practice venue for the rugby

and table tennis players during the Commonwealth

games. The refurbished and upgraded complex is proving to be a permanent asset for students who have

the zeal to perform better. The University devotes full attention to its young sportspersons and extends

full support to them. Students have won appreciation and accolades at several occasions.

Jamia has over the years proved that in its pursuit of providing highest quality education to its pupil, the

institution upholds a holistic approach to their development. The students at the university put these

facilities to their best use. CMS organizes many sports events here.

Jamia's inherent love for art is quite evident from the infrastructure of the University campus. M.F. Hussain

Art Gallery beautifully depicts this.


The M.A. Ansari Health Centre provides

health care facilities for University students

and employees.


Page 20: MBA Placement Brochure 2011, Jamia Millia Islamia

CMS has a very active subject association,

which helps the students take initiative and

provide leadership in organization of events,

exhibitions and management games. It

coordinates and provides administrative

support to various student activities and events

taking place at CMS besides taking decisions

regarding student affairs in consultation with the

Director. The diverse range of activities that the

students undertake outside their classrooms

complements the inputs through the curriculum.

Students are encouraged to voluntarily

associate themselves and participate in both

co-curricular and extracurricular activities.

Vive Rue

Towards a bright future: The purpose of Viva Rue-the training and placement club is to ensure

good final and summer placements for the students of CMS. It makes representations to the

Human Resource departments of various organizations, and arranges pre placement talks,

interviews, group discussions or any other selection activities of companies for CMS.


The HR confidence: The HR club focuses on keeping the students up to date with the

happening in the field of HR. The activities including seminars, conferences, debates, etc are

regularly organized to enhance the relevant skills required to make a successful HR

professional in the corporate world.


The crux of finance: The finance club aims at educating students about all aspects of modern

day finance and financial institutions which helps the students to develop practical knowledge.

Mark Gusto

Marketing with zest: The objective of the marketing club is to bring an understanding in the

students of the ever evolving field of marketing. From time to time the club organizes various

stimulation exercises, guest lectures and tries to provide information to the students, so that

their professional development is enriched.


Your energy, our enthusiasm (cultural): the cultural club not only focuses on management as a

subject but also integrates the various fields. It endeavours to build team work and

coordination through various events like educational tours, cultural functions and

management festivals.



Page 21: MBA Placement Brochure 2011, Jamia Millia Islamia

The Centre has MOU with University of Applied

Sciences, Erfurt, Germany. In 2004, German

students visited our campus and in September

2005, 2007, 2008 & 2009 our students attended

the Summer School organized by the

Management Department of the University of

Applied Sciences, Erfurt, Germany. This year

also our students have participated in two-week

summer school in Germany.



The Centre organizes seminars, conferences,

workshops, penal discussions on a regular basis on

various topics of management and socio-economic

issues. A select list of some prominent ones


•Supply Chain Management.

•Seminar on Globalization and the State Revised

•Globalization and the limits of Redistributivism.

•Global Convergence of Financial Reporting

•Workshop in Entrepreneurship by National Entrepreneurship Network (NEN)

•Open dialogue “Corporate Meet”

•Seminar on autonomy in Institutions of Higher Learning's organized jointly with IASSI

and Faculty of Social Sciences, JMI

•Seminar on budget jointly with PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry.

•Workshop on Consumer awareness jointly with Consumer's Forum

•Role of public sector in World's Greatest Mixed Economies

•Marketing of Services-Strategies for success.




Page 22: MBA Placement Brochure 2011, Jamia Millia Islamia



Future GeneralliHCLHDFC Standard LifeHPCLHT Media LtdHDFC Bank LtdHindustan Zinc LtdHonda MotorsHonda Siel Cars India LtdIOCLICICI Bank LtdIndia Bulls SecuritiesICICI PrudentialITC HotelsIndraprastha Gas Limited

Air IndiaAI Tayer Group, DubaiAirtelAIS Auto GlassAmerican ExpressBank of AmericaBharti Realty LtdBHELBisleriBombay DyeingCadbury IndiaCoca Cola IndiaCitibankCushman & WakefieldDLFEvalueserveErnst & YoungETA, Ascon, Dubai


Kotak SecuritiesKotak Mahindra Life InsuranceLICL & TMax New York LifeMaruti Suzuki India LtdMTNLMTSMatrix CellularNTPCONGCO GeneralPepsi CoPipal ResearchPVR CinemasRanbaxyReligare LtdReliance Communication LtdReliance Life InsuranceSAILSBISiemensStandard Chartered BankSpice Digital LtdTCSTATA CapitalTATA PowerTATA Tele ServicesTATA DocomoTimes Business SolutionVodafoneWIPROYamaha India Motors

CMS has established a Corporate Relations Cell for enhancing the

exposure of the students and to act as an interface between the Institution

and the corporate world. It has been set up with the objective of bringing

industry and academia close to each other. In addition to organizing

management development programmes, various activities like

consultancy, research and in-company training programmes, industry

visits, guest lectures, quizzes, it actively involve students to develop

personal and professional skills.

Corporate Relations Cell also help students by counseling them to choose

an appropriate career depending on their aptitude and interest. It help the

students to find appropriate summer projects and final placements.


Page 23: MBA Placement Brochure 2011, Jamia Millia Islamia


Student Profile2009-2011

Background Profile

Major Specialisation Areas

Work Experience Profile

Major-Minor Breakup

Page 24: MBA Placement Brochure 2011, Jamia Millia Islamia

Chandrika Dutt (23)Qualifications: B. Sc (H & HA)Minor: I.BInternship Company: Tata Capital LtdInternship project: Portfolio management at Tata capital Ltd

Manju (24)Qualifications: B.Sc Zoology (H)Minor: I.BInternship Company: Titan IndustriesInternship project: Working capital management at Titan Industries ltd.

Md. Mozammil (25)Qualifications: B.Sc. BiotechMinor: MarketingInternship Company: Religare Technova IT Services Ltd., NoidaInternship project: market research for healthcare information service.

Mohd Rehan Baba (23)Qualification: B.Com (H)Minor: I.BInternship Company: Indraprastha Gas LtdInternship Project: Performance Analysis of IGL

Bishal Kumar Karn (25)Qualifications: BBS Minor: I.BInternship Company: PVR Cinema Internship project: study of growth & financial position

Devika Sharma (22)Qualifications: BCAMinor: I.BInternship Company: MTNLInternship project: study of how effectively MTNL is using its compensation administration system in improving its employee performance

Md. Bilal Ghayas (22)Qualifications: B.Com (H) Minor: MarketingInternship Company: Mahmood Saeed Collective Co.Internship project: Preparation of financial A/C & statements

Md. Mudassir Rahat (27)Qualifications: B.Tech (Comp. Sc)Minor: Marketing Internship Company: ICICI BankInternship project: Wealth management programme Work Exp.: 36 months



Page 25: MBA Placement Brochure 2011, Jamia Millia Islamia

Naresh Kumar (23)Qualifications: B.Sc Biotech Minor: Marketing Internship Company: Religare TechnovaInternship project: Market research for healthcare information service and to study healthcare ecosystem in Delhi.

Rukhsana Tabassum (23)Qualifications: B.Com (H)Minor: MarketingInternship Company: Kotak SecuritiesInternship project: Equity Advisory and Portfolio Management

Shweta Chandra (22)Qualifications: B. Com Minor: MarketingInternship Company: Air IndiaInternship project: Route economics of domestic flights and determining their profit & loss

Razia Neshat (26)Qualifications: B.Tech (Electrical)Minor: I.BInternship Company: Evalueserve


Sandeep Kumar (25)Qualification: B.Sc (Math's) Minor: I.BInternship Company: CMI Ltd.Internship Project: Working Capital ManagementWork Exp: 30 months

Santosh Kumar (24)Qualifications: B.com (H)Minor: MarketingInternship Company: HDFCInternship project: Study on process of recruitment of financial agent

Subhanshi Arya (22)Qualification: B.B.AMinor: MarketingInternship Company: SAILInternship Project: Critical Analysis of expansion of Bokaro Steel Plant

Mohit Kaul (22)Qualification: B.ComMinor: MarketingInternship Company: Standard Chartered BankInternship Project: Comparison of Mortgage offerings from Branch with Customers and Market Expectation


Page 26: MBA Placement Brochure 2011, Jamia Millia Islamia

Syed Mohd. Fahad (25)Qualification: B.Tech (Electrical)Minor: Internship Company: Times Business SolutionInternship Project: Analysis of SAP R/3 FICOWork Experience: 15 month


Anoop Kumar (22)Qualification: B.Com (H)Minor: Internship Company: TATA Teleservice LtdInternship Project: Analysis of Factor that affects the Profitability of CoCo stores


Khalid Khursheed Qurashi (23)Qualification: B.B.A.Minor: MarketingInternship Company: ICICI PrudentialInternship Project: Risk Analysis of ULIP Investments and their comparison with Mutual FundsWork Experience: 6 months (RBS)

Arif Hussain Haidary (21)Qualification: B.Com (H)Minor: I.BInternship Company: TATA Tele service LtdInternship Project: Analysis of Factor that affects the Profitability of Coco stores

Rohit Kumar Singh (21)Qualification: B.Sc (Maths)Minor: MarketingInternship Company: Religare Technova IT Services LtdInternship Project: Market research on various Health care facilities in East Delhi and to know the scope and acceptance of EMR among Doctors

Fazlur Rahman (22)Qualification: B.Com (H), M.Com (P)Minor: MarketingInternship Company: SIEMENS (Energy)Internship Project: Metering & Control of 11 Kv Feeder at 220 Kv DTL Grids by Siemens for NDPL (A Project Analysis)

Sunder Lal (35)Qualification: B.Sc (Gen)Minor: Internship Company: State Trading Corporation of IndiaInternship Project: Analysis of the Trading Process of Maize



Nadeem Khan (24)Qualifications: B.Tech (Electrical & Electronics)Minor: MarketingInternship Company: India bulls SecuritiesInternship project: Comparison of different broking houses in India.


Page 27: MBA Placement Brochure 2011, Jamia Millia Islamia


Anam Khan (21)Qualification: B.Sc (H) Comp ScMinor: HRInternship Company: Spice Digital LtdInternship Project: Market Research of Mobile Radio though VOC

Deepshikha Aggarwal (22)Qualification: BA (H) EconomicsMinor: OperationsInternship Company: Dainik JagranInternship Project: Brand & Strategy DevelopmentWork Exp: 12 months

Anwar Kamal (22)Qualification: B. Tech (Mech.)Minor: Operations Internship Company: FAAC India Pvt. Ltd.Internship Project: Study of dealers satisfaction level and find out the services provided by FAAC is appropriate or not.

Chandresh Kumar (23)Qualification: BA (H) GermanMinor: FinanceInternship Company: Infinity Optimal SolutionsInternship Project: Analysis of DTH industry in India and scope of investment for IOS

Chow Luckya Chowlu (28)Qualification: B.Sc (IT)Minor: HRInternship Company: IOCLInternship Project: Study on Growth potential and opportunities in the Natural Gas business at Indian Oil Corporation Limited

Faiz Rehman Abbasi (24)Qualification: B.Tech (Mech)Minor: OperationsInternship Company: TATA DoCoMoInternship Project: Sales through SME's & HNI's for post-pay segment and mapping the accounts for opportunities available and telecom spend.

Farhan Naqavi (24)Qualification: B. Tech (Mech.)Minor: Operations Internship Company: Maruti Suzuki India LtdInternship Project: E3 to E4 market Research & AnalysisWork Exp: 16 months

Fazela Begum (26)Qualification: B. Tech (Mech.)Minor: OperationsInternship Company: Religare Technova IT Services Ltd.Internship Project: Market Research for Health care Information services: Competitor analysis of Health Portals

Work Exp: 13 months


Page 28: MBA Placement Brochure 2011, Jamia Millia Islamia

Md. Asif Khan (22)Qualification: B. Tech (Mech.)Minor: OperationsInternship Company: Reliance Communications Ltd.Internship Project: Analysis of Customer satisfaction level and competitive analysis of Reliance Wire Line Broadband Internet connection.

Imran Ashja (24)Qualification: B. Tech (Mech.)Minor: OperationsInternship Company: TATA TeleservicesInternship Project: Post pay operations in SMEs

Work Exp: 12 months

Jaspreet Singh (22)Qualification: BIBF (H)Minor: FinanceInternship Company: TATA TeleservicesInternship Project: Viability of TATA product in Individual and SME-B Sector.

Md. Aariz Imam (22)Qualification: B. Tech (Electrical)Minor: OperationsInternship Company: PEPSI Co.Internship Project: Understanding the distribution system in the city of Pune & suggest measures to increase number of outlets.

Md. SarwarQualification: BA (H)Minor: HRInternship Company: BLUE Star Ltd.Internship Project: Analyzing marketing strategies and consumer satisfaction level.

Md. Javed (25)Qualification: BA (H)Minor: HRInternship Company: ETA General Group Pvt. Ltd.Internship Project: Analysis of existing consumer behavior.

Naiyer Alam (22)Qualification: B.B.SMinor: FinanceInternship Company: Future GeneralliInternship Project: Agent Distribution Network.

Gaurav Mehra (21)Qualification: BBE (H)Minor: FinanceInternship Company: TATA TeleservicesInternship Project: Viability of TATA product in Individual and SME-B Sector.



Page 29: MBA Placement Brochure 2011, Jamia Millia Islamia


Zaid Siddiqi (23)Qualification: B. Tech (E&C)Minor: OperationsInternship Company: Maruti Suzuki India LtdInternship Project: E3 to E4 market Research & Analysis.

Siddique Meraj Ahmad (24)Qualification: B.Sc (H) Biomedical ScienceMinor: FinanceInternship Company: Ind-Swift Ltd. ChandigarhInternship Project: Methods of Brand positioning related to increasing Brand equity.

Irfan Zakir (24)Qualification: B. PharmaMinor: FinanceInternship Company: Fortis HealthInternship Project: Community outreach Program Marketing InitiativeWork Exp: 4 months

Naveen Chandra Narain (23)Qualification: B Sc (H) BiochemistryMinor: FinanceInternship Company: SAILInternship Project: To study the Marketing strategies of Steel Secondary Product & By product at Bokaro Steel Plant, SAIL.

Sonal Kumar Singh (23)Qualification: BA (H) EnglishMinor: FinanceInternship Company: Whirlpool of IndiaInternship Project: Study of Consumer Satisfaction and Perception about Whirlpool Purafresh Water purifier

Work Exp: 18 months

Rahul Kumar Jha (21)Qualification: B Sc (H) BiosciencesMinor: FinanceInternship Company: Religare Technova IT Services Ltd.Internship Project: Market Research for Health information services.

Shepherd Murmu (28)Qualification: M Sc GeologyMinor: HRInternship Company: TATA TeleservicesInternship Project: Analysis of Training Conducted at TATA Tele Services

Varun Narain (23)Qualification: BA (H) MathematicsMinor: FinanceInternship Company: TATA TeleservicesInternship Project: Viability of TATA product in SME-B sector.

Varun Valsalan Nair (25)Qualification: B.Sc Biotech.Minor: FinanceInternship Company: Future Generalli Life InsuranceInternship Project: Study of the Agent distribution networkWork Exp: 24 months


Page 30: MBA Placement Brochure 2011, Jamia Millia Islamia


Farah Khan (22)Qualifications: B.I.B.FMinor: MarketingInternship Company: TATA Teleservices Ltd.Internship project: Employee Engagement in Knowledge Management.

Huma Khan (24)Qualifications: B.Tech (Civil)Minor: OperationsInternship Company: Hindustan Zinc Limited, DebariInternship project: absenteeism and the related issues of grievances and disciplinary actions

Nisha Singh (23)Qualifications: B.Tech (E & C)Minor: MarketingInternship Company: Al Tayer Group LLC, DUBAIInternship project: Emerging Practice in Recruitment and their effect on business profitability and culture.Work Exp.: 10 months

Shahla Ali (23)Qualifications: B.Tech (E & C)Minor: MarketingInternship Company: Tata Consultancy ServicesInternship project: Retiral Policies

Hafsa Khan (23)Qualifications: B.Sc. BiosciencesMinor: MarketingInternship Company: CITIBANKInternship project: Recruitment and Selection in BPO Industry

Khushbu Bhargav (25)Qualifications: B.Sc (Major) Minor: MarketingInternship Company: SAIL Internship project: Quality of Work Life Work Exp.: 36 months

Pallavi Dhar (25)Qualifications: B.E (Electronics) Minor: Operations Internship Company: TATA PowerInternship project: Streamlining of HRISWork Exp.: 16 months

Faiza Khan (21)Qualifications: B.Com (H)Minor: MarketingInternship Company: MTSInternship project: Marketing Intelligence in HR


Page 31: MBA Placement Brochure 2011, Jamia Millia Islamia


Shehla Malik (24)Qualifications: B.A.C.AMinor: OperationsInternship Company: L& T Internship project: Study of training and development.Work Exp.: 5 months

Aaisha Ahmad (24)Qualification: B.Tech (Electrical)Minor: OperationsInternship Company: ETA (ASCON), Dubai, UAEInternship Project: Training ManagementWork Exp.: 3 months


Page 32: MBA Placement Brochure 2011, Jamia Millia Islamia

B AT C H 2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 2

Abhishek Priyadarshi (25)Proposed Major: OperationsProposed Minor: IBQualifications: BE (Computer Science)Work Experience: 13 Months

Disha (21)Proposed Major: HRProposed Minor: MarketingQualifications: B.Com (H)

Ankit Diwaker (23)Proposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: OperationsQualifications: B.Tech (E & C)

Ashish Kumar (24)Proposed Major: HRProposed Minor: FinanceQualifications: B.Sc

Danish Zaki (21)Proposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: Operations Qualifications: B.Tech

Arham Husain (21)Proposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: HRQualifications: BA (Social Work)

Bhawna Tewatia (22)Proposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: OperationsQualifications: B.Tech (ECE)

Dhiraj Kathuria (20)Proposed Major: MarketingProposed Minor: FinanceQualifications: BBA

Adnan Ahmad (21)Proposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: MarketingQualifications: B.ComWork Experience: 10 Months

Faiza Talat (22)Proposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: MarketingQualifications: B.Com


Page 33: MBA Placement Brochure 2011, Jamia Millia Islamia

Huma Iftikhar (22)Proposed Major: MarketingProposed Minor: HRQualifications: BBS (H)

Fardeen Mukhtar (21)Proposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: IBQualifications: B.A (H), Social Work

Hamza A.M Rizvi (22)Proposed Major: MarketingProposed Minor: FinanceQualifications: B. Com

Iqra Imtiyaz (20)Proposed Major: MarketingProposed Minor: FinanceQualifications: BA (H) (English)

Imran Gouri (23)Proposed Major: MarketingProposed Minor: IBQualifications: BCA Work Ex.: 12 months

Laxmi Negi (20)Proposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: MarketingQualifications: BIM

Lalthasangi (21)Proposed Major: MarketingProposed Minor: HRQualifications: BBA

B AT C H 2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 2

Hafsa Faraozan Ali (22)Proposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: IBQualifications: BBA

Himanshu Meena (23)Proposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: MarketingQualifications: BE (CSE)

Humera Fatima (20)Proposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: HRQualifications: B.Sc (H) (Computer Sc)


Page 34: MBA Placement Brochure 2011, Jamia Millia Islamia

B AT C H 2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 2

Manisha Tomar (21)Proposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: OperationsQualifications: B.Tech (IT)

Mansur Farhat Yusufzai (21)Proposed Major: MarketingProposed Minor: FinanceQualifications: BBS (H)

Mayank Sharma (20)Proposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: IBQualifications: B.Sc (H) (Zoology)

Manoj Sengar (23)Proposed Major: IBProposed Minor: MarketingQualifications: BBSWork Ex: 12 Months

Megha Singh (21)Proposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: MarketingQualifications: B.Com

Md. Ashzad (23)Proposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: IBQualifications: BBSWork Ex.: 03 months

Misbah-Ul-Islam (21)Proposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: HRQualifications: BA (H) (Economics)

Mehdi Syed Riaz (21)Proposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: MarketingQualifications: BIBF

Manish Kumar (21)Proposed Major: MarketingProposed Minor: FinanceQualifications: B.Sc (H) (Bio-Med.)

M. Zuhaib (21)Proposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: IB Qualifications: B.Tech


Page 35: MBA Placement Brochure 2011, Jamia Millia Islamia

B AT C H 2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 2

Mohd. Kamil Asrar (24)Proposed Major: HRProposed Minor: OperationsQualifications: B.Tech (Computers)

Mohd Nasir (21)Proposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: MarketingQualifications: B.Com

Mohammad Faisal Pasha (20)Proposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: MarketingQualifications: B.Sc (H) (Chemistry)

Mohammad Wasi (24)Proposed Major: MarketingProposed Minor: OperationsQualifications: B.Tech

Mustafa Necati Ozdemir (26)Proposed Major: MarketingProposed Minor: IB Qualifications: B.Ed (Sports)

Neeraj Narula (21)Proposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: Marketing Qualifications: B.Com

Prashant Kumar (21)Proposed Major: MarketingProposed Minor: FinanceQualifications: B.Sc (Bio Tech.)

Mohd. Waseem (22)Proposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: MarketingQualifications: B.Com

Nirjhara Nir (23)Proposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: HRQualifications: M.Sc (Phy)

Prateek Rastogi (21)Proposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: MarketingQualifications: B.Sc (Bio Tech.)Work Ex.: 12 Months


Page 36: MBA Placement Brochure 2011, Jamia Millia Islamia

B AT C H 2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 2

Rajesh Kumar (21)Proposed Major: IBProposed Minor: MarketingQualifications: BBA

Ramreisem R Shimray (22)Proposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: MarketingQualifications: BIBF

Ritika Bharti (23)Proposed Major: HRProposed Minor: MarketingQualifications: BA

Rameez HassanProposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: MarketingQualifications: BBS

Saad Ahmad (21)Proposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: MarketingQualifications: BBS

Syed Haaris Mahmood Alvi (22)Proposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: MarketingQualifications: BA

Saquib Aftab (22)Proposed Major: MarketingProposed Minor: OperationsQualifications: B.Tech

Saher Sayed (24)Proposed Major: HRProposed Minor: Marketing Qualifications: B.Com (H)

Priyanka (21)Proposed Major: HRProposed Minor: Marketing Qualifications: BBA

Preeti Kataria (21)Proposed Major: HRProposed Minor: IBQualifications: B.Com


Page 37: MBA Placement Brochure 2011, Jamia Millia Islamia

B AT C H 2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 2

Himshweta Pushkar (20)Proposed Major: HRProposed Minor: IBQualifications: B.Tech (CSE)

Ved Parashar (22)Proposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: MarketingQualifications: B.Tech

Sunil Kumar (23)Proposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: Marketing Qualifications: B.Sc (Life Sc.)

Vinay Pathania (24)Proposed Major: MarketingProposed Minor: IBQualifications: B. Tech

Rohit Kumar Paswan (23)Proposed Major: MarketingProposed Minor: FinanceQualifications: BA (H)Work Ex.: 2 Years

Titoo Chowdhary (22)Proposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: IBQualifications: B.Com (H)

Yogesh Kumar Yadav (21)Proposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: MarketingQualifications: B.Com Work Ex.: 23 Months

Raghav Kuishono Shouma (21)Proposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: IBQualifications: B.Com (H)

Kishore Kumar (22)Proposed Major: MarketingProposed Minor: OperationsQualifications: BA (Materials Management)

Ali Salim (21)Proposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: MarketingQualifications: B.Com (H)


Page 38: MBA Placement Brochure 2011, Jamia Millia Islamia

B AT C H 2 0 1 0 - 2 0 1 2

Adil Shafi (23)Proposed Major: MarketingProposed Minor: FinanceQualifications: BBAWork Ex.: 12 Months

Hashir Moheet (21)Proposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: MarketingQualifications: B.Com (H)

Jakir Hussain (21)Proposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: HRQualifications: BBS (H)

Saroj Prasad Sah (24)Proposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: IBQualifications: BBA

Mohammad Naseem Khan (22)Proposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: MarketingQualifications: B.Sc

Nick Mohammad Sultani (21)Proposed Major: FinanceProposed Minor: MarketingQualifications: BIBFWork Ex.: 12 Months

Salman Khan (22)Proposed Major: HRProposed Minor: FinanceQualifications: B.Com (H)


Page 39: MBA Placement Brochure 2011, Jamia Millia Islamia

Prof. U.M. AminHony. Director

Dr. Amirul H. Ansari Coordinator (Research)

Dr. P.K. GuptaPlacement Advisor

Dr. Kavita ChauhanStudents Advisor

Dr. Rahela FarooquiAcademic Coordinator

Dr. Saif SiddiquiStudents Coordinator

Mrs. Rachna GedamAcademic Coordinator

Mr. Saiyed Wajid AliPlacement Coordinator

Vice PresidentMd. Sarwar

General SecretaryFaiz Rehman Abbasi

Joint SecretaryMansoor Farhat

Class Representatives:Rahul Kumar Jha MBA IInd Yr.Saad Ahmad MBA Ist Yr.

Vive Rue The Training & Placement Club:IInd YearHuma KhanKhalid Khursheed QurashiMohit KaulNaveen Chandra NarainShepherd Murmu Md. Aariz Imran Ist YearArham HussainHamza RizviHuma IftikharMisbah-ul-IslamYogesh kumar Yadav

Numero Uno The Sports Club:IInd YearFarhan Naqavi

Students Association


Mohammad Mozammil Varun Narain

Ist YearAbhishek Priyadarshi

The Strategic and co-ordination Club:IInd YearFazlur RehmanMd. Asif KhanZaid SiddiquiIst YearAli SalimSalman Khan

Finopsis The Finance Club:IInd YearShweta ChandraSyed Mohd FahadIst YearDanish ZakiLaxmi Negi

Mark Gusto The Marketing Club:IInd YearFazela BegumNaiyar AlamVarun Valsalan NairIst YearImran GouriIqra Imtiyaz

Hume'lan The HR Club:IInd YearAaisha AhmadShahla AliShehla MalikIst YearDishaSaher Sayed

Falcon The Cultural Club: IInd YearAnam KhanNisha Singh

Ist YearPriyanka KarHafsa Ali

Office StaffDr. Nasiha MuneebMr. Minhajul HasanMr. IqbalMr. Kamal KishoreMr. Abdul HaiMr. Aakash

Page 40: MBA Placement Brochure 2011, Jamia Millia Islamia

Centre for Management Studies

Jamia Millia Islamia in order to respond to the ever-increasing demand for Full-Time quality MBA programme established an autonomous Centre for Management Studies approved by the Executive Council of the University. The University has constituted an Advisory Committee under the chairmanship of the Vice-Chancellor with prominent academicians and professionals in management and business education as members to oversee and guide the programme of the Centre. The Centre for Management Studies presently offers three courses of study viz. MBA (Full Time), Ph.D. and MIB.

Placement Cell at CMS, JMI

The corporate relations cell is an interface between the corporate world and the students, which helps them to make better and informed career choices.

It maintains and upgrade database of the corporate world facilitating the decision making process for the students.

The cell manages and facilitates on campus recruitment process including pre - placement presentations by potential employees to highlight the issue, expectation and professional opportunities unique to the company industry.

CENTRE FOR MANAGEMENT STUDIESJamia Millia Islamia (A Central University)

Maulana Mohammad Ali Johar Marg,

Jamia Nagar, New Delhi

PIN - 110025

Tel: +91-11-26985519

Fax: +91-11-26985529

E-mail: [email protected]

Website: www.jmi.nic.in