Jamia Millia Islamia - TENDER NO. NIT-RE33/PASSIVE ... ... Dated: 28/11/2016 JAMIA MILLIA ISLAMIA JAMIA

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Text of Jamia Millia Islamia - TENDER NO. NIT-RE33/PASSIVE ... ... Dated: 28/11/2016 JAMIA MILLIA ISLAMIA...

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    Supply & Commissioning of Passive Networking Components

    Dated: 28/11/2016


    NEW DELHI-110025.

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    Tender Notice

    Jamia Millia Islamia intends to procure Supply & Commissioning of Passive Networking Component. The enclosed tender document complete in all respect along with bank draft of Rs.1000/- towards tender fee and notified EMD in favour of the Registrar, Jamia Millia Islamia must reach The Assistant Registrar,

    (PICO) Jamia Millia Islamia latest by …………….. 2016 upto 03.00 P.M. The tender document may be downloaded from the University Portal: http://jmi.ac.in.

    (Prof. Shahid Ashraf) Registrar


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    Subject: Supply & Commissioning of passive networking components at Jamia Millia Islamia.

    Jamia Millia Islamia has requirement of procuring passive network components and accessories for the extension of its Campus wide Local Area Network. All interested eligible bidders are invited to submit their bids as per the criteria given in this document:

    1. Technical Bid and EMD should be sealed in a separate envelope labeled as “Technical Bid for ……………………. ”.

    2. Commercial Bid should be sealed in a separate envelope labeled as “Commercial Bid for ………………………….

    Both Technical and Commercial Bid envelopes should be enclosed and sealed in separate envelopes subscribing the Bidder’s Name, Address, Contact details, and Tender Number and due date. The envelopes containing the bids and other required documents should be addressed to The Assistant Registrar, Jamia Millia Islamia and submitted at the following address:

    The Assistant Registrar (PICO), Jamia Millia Islamia, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi – 110025.

    Tender Schedule:

    S.No. Activity Date Time Venue

    1. Last Date of Limited Tender Document Submission

    14/12/2016 03.00 p.m. The Assistant Registrar (PICO)

    3. Opening of Technical Bids (If required, the bidders may depute their authorized representatives at the time of opening of the bid)

    15/12/2016 03.30 PM Committee Room, FTK-CIT, JMI

    4. Opening of Financial Bids (in front of the authorized representatives of the bidder)

    Will be separately notified to the technically shortlisted bidders

    Committee Room, FTK-CIT, JMI

    Estimated cost of the tender is Rs.8,30,705/- The completed Limited Tender document should be submitted with Tender Fee Amount of Rs. 1000 in cash/DD in favor of The Registrar, Jamia Millia Islamia.

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    Eligibility Criteria for the Bidder:

    1. The Bidder should be an Authorised partner having a direct purchase and support agreement with the OEM.

    2. A letter of authorization from the Principal specific to the tender should be enclosed. 3. The bidder should have Service Center operating in or around Delhi. Communication address

    and telephone numbers for the same should be provided. 4. The bidder should have an experience of more than three years in area of Network

    Implementation. 5. The bidder should have experience of executing and maintaining LANs in university

    environments. 6. Purchase Orders of Customers where network has been implemented during the past two

    years is to be enclosed, along with the full address, telephone numbers and fax numbers of the customers.

    7. Copies of certified financial statements for the last three years shall be enclosed. Criteria for the OEM of Passive network Product

     OEM should be ISO 9001 ISO 14000 Certified.

     The OEM of the passive networking products being quoted by the bidder should have presence in India for more than 10-years.

     OEM should have the Local Support Center in Delhi / NCR Region (proof to be attached).

     OEM should have members participating in International Standard Bodies EIA/TIA

    The following Documents signed by the Authorised Signatory should to be enclosed in the Technical Bid: 1. EMD of Rs. 36000/- 2. Bid Proposal Sheet (As per the format given in Annexure – I) 3. Compliance to the Terms and Conditions of the Tender. (As per the format given in Annexure –

    II) 4. Compliance to the Scope of Work (As per the format given in Annexure–III) 5. Compliance to the Technical Specifications (As per the format given in Annexure–IV) 6. Compliance to the Bill of Material (Annexure – V) 7. Project Plan Document describing the requirements/responsibilities of JMI, the bidder and the

    total time period for project completion, various schedules (delivery of Network equipment and accessories).

    8. Documents in support of “Eligibility Criteria” of the bidder and the OEM laid down in this Tender document

    9. Technical Literature of the Products quoted as Per the Technical Specifications.

    Documents to be enclosed in the Commercial Bid:

    1. Price sheet as per enclosed the Price Format in Annexure - VI. 2. Commercial Terms and Conditions (if any).

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    Annexure -I


    Tenderer’s Proposal Reference No. & Date: Tenderer’s Name & Address: Person to be contacted: Designation: Telephone No.: E-Mail.: Fax No.: To The Registrar Jamia Millia Islamia University Jamia Nagar, New Delhi Subject: Supply & Commissioning of passive networking components at Jamia Millia Islamia. Dear Sir, We, the undersigned Tenderers, having read and examined in detail the specifications and scope of the work as specified in this document in respect of Supply documentation of passive network at Jamia Millia Islamia do hereby propose to supply the required products. PRICE AND VALIDITY All the prices mentioned in our proposal are in accordance with the terms as specified in bidding documents. All prices quoted by us for the products shall remain valid respectively for a period of 180 calendar days from the last date of submission of bids. EARNEST MONEY We have enclosed the required earnest money in the form of Bank Draft/ Bank Guarantee in the Technical Bid.

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    DEVIATIONS We declare that all the work performed strictly in accordance with the Technical specifications mentioned in the Tender document. No Technical deviation will be acceptable and any technical deviation is liable to the rejection of tender. ADDITIONAL PURCHASE/WORK ORDER We understand that the Jamia Millia Islamia, in case of the requirements may also place repeat purchase order/work order on the company. In such cases, we shall accept and execute all the purchase/work order placed on us by Jamia. BID PRICING We further declare that the prices stated in our proposal are in accordance with your Terms & Conditions in the bidding document. We further understand that the quantities as specified in this Tender may increase or decrease at the time of Award of Purchase Order as per the requirements of Jamia Millia Islamia. QUALIFYING DATA We confirm that we satisfy the qualifying criteria and have attached the requisite documents as documentary proofs. In case you require any further information/documentary proof in this regard during evaluation of our bid, we agree to furnish the same in time to your satisfaction. CONTRACT PERFORMANCE SECURITY We hereby declare that in case the contract is awarded to us, we shall submit the performance Guarantee Bond in the form of Bank Guarantee for the amount of 10% of the total order value. The BG shall remain valid for a period of 1 year from the date of supply. We hereby declare that our proposal is made in good faith, without collusion or fraud and the information contained in the proposal is true and correct to the best of our knowledge & belief. We understand that you are not bound to accept the lowest or any bid you may receive. Thanking you,

    Yours faithfully,

    (Authorized Signatory) Date: Name: Place: Designation: Business Address: Seal

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    Item Compliance Statement/ Deviation (Pl. write)

    1. The Tenders submitted after the due date and time shall be rejected. Your quotation must be neat and clean duly signed by authorized signatories. No erasure or alteration must appear in the quotation.

    2. ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: Documentary proofs showing satisfaction of the eligibility criteria laid down in the Tender document must be attached.

    3. SCOPE OF WORK: Please see Annexure – III

    4. PRICES: The prices should be quoted in Indian Rupees. Please note that Jamia Millia Islamia is an educational institution and is exempted from payment of custom duty and certain taxes as per Govt. rules for which necessary certificates will be provided by the University. The quoted prices should be FOR “Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi” inclusive of Packing, Forwarding, Freight/Cartage and insurance charges.

    5. LITERATURE: The Catalogue/Pamphlets/ Technical Literature and Instruction Manual must be attached along with your quotation.

    6. TAXES/DUTY/ETC.: All applicable taxes, duties etc should be clearly and separately mentioned