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  • 7/27/2019 Jamia Millia Islamia Mock





    This mock has been prepared by :


    The JAMIA ENTRANCE Pattern: (Total 85 marks)

    1.Legal Reasoning- 20 questions(1 mark each)2.Logical Reasoning- 20 questions(1 mark each)3.English- 20 questions(1 mark each)4.General Knowledge- 25 questions(1 mark each)

    Use an OMR sheet to answer the questions. Do not take more

    than 1.5 hours to complete the mock.

    Best Wishes!

    (For queries mail us at [email protected])

    It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.

    ~Theodore Roosevelt

  • 7/27/2019 Jamia Millia Islamia Mock





    1. Who succeeded Mr. Ram as Editor of The Hindu?

    a) Siddhartha Varadrajan b) Siddhartha Luthra c) Amarchand Kumar d) Deepak Kumar

    2. Present Chairman of UIDAI-

    a) Nandan Nilekani b) Kapil Sibbal c) Arun Sharma d) Ambika Soni

    3. Which will be the first state in the country to have a poll monitoring system (PMS)

    implemented during the Assembly elections?

    a) Uttar Pradesh b) Madhya Pradesh c) Bihar d) Goa

    4. Which reality TV show filmed one contestant raping another live on TV?

    a) Brazilian Big Brother

    b) American Big Brother

    c) Table for Three

    d) Big Boss

    5. Present Chief Minister of Rajasthan?

    a) Ashok Gehlot b) Yeddyruppa c) Nitish Kumar d) Ashok Chavan

    6. Who was awarded the Mens World Footballer of the Year Award 2011?

    a) Wayne Rooney b) Christiano Ronaldo c) Lionel Messi d) Yaya Toure

    7. Who was awarded African Footballer of the Year Award for the year 2011?

    a) Wayne Rooney b) Christiano Ronaldo c) Lionel Messi d) Yaya Toure

    8. Who among the following recently won the 2011 National Humanities Medal?

    a) Markandey Katju b) V.R. Krishna Iyer c) Amartya Sen d) Anna Hazare

    9. Where in India was the Literary Festival 2012 held?

    a) Jaipur b) Mumbai c) Udaipur d) Hyderabad

    10. Who has been considered for first Gates Innovation Award?a) Narendra Modi b) Nitish Kumar c) Mayawati d) Sheila Dixit

    11. Who founded Gadar Party in America?

    a) Lala Hardayal b) Kazi Obeidullah c) Sher Singh d) Tarak Nath Mehta

    12. The Indian National Congress adopted the resolution of 'Poorna Swaraj' in its session at-

    a) Lahore b) Bombay c) Kolakata d) Surat

    13. The first High/Supreme Court Judge, who voluntarily made public his assets, is-

    a) Justice U.C. Khanna

  • 7/27/2019 Jamia Millia Islamia Mock




    b) Justice V.K. Chandrachud

    c) Justice K. Chandru

    d) Justice D.V. Shailendra

    14. Where is the Headquarter of UNESCO is situated?

    a) Hague b) Sydney c) Paris d) New York

    15. What do We call the line between India and China?

    a) Maginot Line b) 49 Parallel c) Durand Line d) Macmohan Line

    16. The 31st India International Trade Fair was held in-

    a) Mumbai b) New Delhi c) Chennai d) Bangalore

    17. Where was the summit of IBSA concluded in 2011?

    a) Cape Town b) Delhi c) Rio De Janerio d) Pretoria

    18. Who is the author of the book "Whatever the Odds"?

    a) Rahul Gandhi b) Sonia Gandhi c) K.P. Singh d) Vijay Mallya

    19. Which State Government implemented the Public Service Guarantee Act in the state on

    14th November 2011?

    a) Punjab b) Rajasthan c) Maharashtra d) Kerala

    20. Renowned Indian ...... Singer Jagjit Singh passed away in 2011.

    a) Folk b) Ghazal c) Qawwali d) Pop

    21. Who has been elected as the Chairman of Audit Bureau of Circulations?

    a) Sam Balsara b) Shailesh Seth c) Vijay Malhotra d) Michael Moran

    22. Among which of the following stations did Indian Railway flag off its first air-

    conditioned double decker train recently.

    a) Mumbai-Surat b) Mumbai-Goa c) Howrah-Patna d) Howrah-Dhanbad

    23. India is the ..... largest two-wheeler manufacturer in the world.

    a) 4th b) 3rd

    c) 2nd

    d) 5th

    24. Shaurya is a nuclear-capable.......... medium range missile.

    a) Air to Air b) Air to Surface c) Surface to Air d) Surface to Surface

    25. Where was the first meeting of the South Asia Forum organised recently?

    a) Kathmandu b) Colombo c) Dhaka d) New Delhi


    Passage 1:

    One of the most hazardous conditions a firefighter will ever encounter is a backdraft (also

  • 7/27/2019 Jamia Millia Islamia Mock




    known as a smoke explosion). A backdraft can occur in the hot-smoldering phase of a fire

    when burning is incomplete and there is not enough oxygen to sustain the fire. Unburned

    carbon particles and other flammable products, combined with the intense heat, may cause

    instantaneous combustion if more oxygen reaches the fire.

    Firefighters should be aware of the conditions that indicate the possibility for a backdraft tooccur. When there is a lack of oxygen during a fire, the smoke becomes filled with carbon

    dioxide or carbon monoxide and turns dense gray or black. Other warning signs of a potential

    backdraft are little or no visible flame, excessive heat, smoke leaving the building in puffs,

    muffled sounds, and smoke-stained windows.

    Proper ventilation will make a backdraft less likely. Opening a room or building at the

    highest point allows heated gases and smoke to be released gradually. However, suddenly

    breaking a window or opening a door is a mistake, as it allows oxygen to rush in, causing an


    26. A backdraft is a dangerous condition for fire-fighters mainly becausea. there is not enough oxygen for breathing

    b. the heat is extremely intense

    c. the smoke is dangerously thick

    d. an explosion occurs

    27. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a potential backdraft warning sign?

    a. windows stained with smoke

    b. flames shooting up from the building

    c. puffs of smoke leaving the building

    d. more intense heat than usual

    28. To prevent the possibility of a backdraft, a firefighter should

    a. carry an oxygen tank

    b. open a door to allow gases to escape

    c. make an opening at the top of the building

    d. break a window to release carbon particles

    29. When compared with a hot, smoldering fire, a fire with visible, high-reaching flames

    a. has more oxygen available for combustion

    b. has more carbon dioxide available for consumptionc. produces more dense gray smoke

    d. is more likely to cause a backdraft

    Passage 2:

    Power is all Maya : Sagarika Ghose

    Mayawati's aggressive display of state power is at odds with a new demanding electorate.

    Sitapur, UP: Between the circling helicopter and the massive crowds there is almost atelepathic connection. Seconds before the chopper appears, a sparse crowd blooms into a

  • 7/27/2019 Jamia Millia Islamia Mock




    sudden multitude. Silence and murmurings mutate into chants and shouts. Scores of blue

    elephant shaped balloons dance into the air. Mayawati's helicopter hovers. On the ground

    buntings, flags, streamers, waving hands reach upward. The helicopter descends into a

    mammoth flash fiesta, where only seconds before there were just a few thin lines of dozing

    cadres.Waiting journalists (your columnist among them) blink in disbelief: but the rally ground was

    almost empty just now, where did the crowd come from?

    Crowds and helicopter embody the Mayawati paradox. The face of the Dalit revolution who

    now brazenly flaunts state power. Ruling in the name of the poorest of the poor and herself

    one of Indian democracy's proudest achievements, yet surrounded by commandos, armoured

    cars and a security apparatus that rivals the American president, complete with jammer vans

    and police trucks. Mayawati's vote share is set to decline in this election, yet from Sitapur to

    Gorakhpur to Barabanki, the crowds at her rallies have so far been jaw droppingly

    stupendous. Amidst swelling crowds, she remains an island, totally inaccessible to voters and

    to the media, a symbol of mass aspiration as well as of brute power and official hierarchy.

    AK 47s and Ambedkar define the Mayawati persona, she built the BSP movement by

    organizing the poor, now she's built an iron curtain around her.

    She's accused of massive corruption. Her so called 'house' (the BSP calls it a museum) in

    Badalpur in her ancestral village in Western UP is a grand mansion, equipped reportedly with

    a helipad, set amidst sprawling lawns. The 5000 crore NRHM scam has already resulted in

    the death of four UP officials. Mayawati and her family are accused of owning huge

    properties across UP and the national capital.

    BSP cadres are full of fear, smarting from her stern measures, nursing its wounds from her

    whiplashes. She's changed 50 per cent of her sitting MLAs, sacked over 20 ministers, sackedher faithful associate of 27 years Babu Singh Khushwaha, and trusts nobody except a small

    coterie of bureaucrats.

    Yet she has brought backunprecedentedlaw and order to Uttar Pradesh, She's smashed the

    mafias. The big dons from Atiq Ahmad to Raja Bhaiyya to Munna Bajrangi are either in jail

    or chased out of UP. Notorious dacoits Thokia and Dadua have been gunned down in

    encounters. For the resident of UP, the lawless days of Mulayam Singh Yadav's regime are a

    distant memory. Her development record may not be as impressive as other ch

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