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Maroon Pride Magazine Issue 1 Volume 1 aroon Pride is a magazine publication for the UP Varsity Sports.

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    11th Avenue corner 39th Street Bonifacio Triangle

    Bonifacio Global City 1634 Metro Manila, Philippines

    Tel. No.: (632) 988-6088 Fax No.: (632) 988-6000


    Avelino J. Cruz, Jr. F. Arthur L. Villaraza Simeon V. Marcelo Raoul R. Angangco Sylvette Y. Tankiang Bienvenido I. Somera, Jr. Alejandro Alfonso E. Navarro Joe Nathan P. Tenefrancia Augusto A. San Pedro, Jr. Manuel L. Manaligod, Jr. Susan D. Villanueva Patricia A. O. Bunye Rodel A. Cruz Thea T. Daep Aida Araceli G. Roxas-Rivera John Jerico L. Balisnomo Miguel U. Silos Elmar B. Galacio Rosa Michele C. Bagtas Divina Gracia E. Pedron Franchette M. Acosta Victor E. M. Pangilinan Pancho G. Umali

    Senior Associates

    Jean Jacquelyn A. De Castro Kristoffer James E. Purisima Rogelio D. Torres, Jr. Rowanie A. Nakan Joseph Anthony P. Lopez Ruth Nichole R. Ureta Leonardo A. Singson Charles Edward M. Cheng Ramon Manolo A. Alcasabas Rene Raphael A. Guina


    Khristine C. Dy Raymond G. Pasiliao Leah Glenda J. Quesada Fritzzie Lyn F. Espaol Juanito L. Saosa, Jr. Davidson Rich L. Sih Jacques S. Lynn Julius Gregory B. Delgado Oliver P. Baclay, Jr. Kristin Charisse C. Siao Michael Angelo O. Lopez Jon Anton Daryl Y. Chua Mark Francis P. Abaya Bernard Joseph B. Malibiran Shaina Anella B. Ramirez Jason B. De Guzman Maria Concepcion P. Simundac Amethyst L. Dulig Jesus Nathaniel B. Gonzales Joseph R. Migrio Jerome D. Canlas Anna Carmi R. Calsado Dee A. Arceo Bernice C. Mendoza Vivien Leigh S. Rodulfo Maria Vinina Bonita A. Padilla Michico Rizza G. Oi Mark Anthony T. Amurao Romina R. Bernardo Don G. Villanueva Katrina Marie C. Francisco-Lao James Daniel S. Donato Alpheus D. Macalalad Sheryl Anne S. Molera Criselda S. Santiago Maria Theresa M. Domingo John Paul C. Fadrigo Fernand Joseph D. Miranda Norvin Ralph S. Jalipa Ricardo P. Bernabe III

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    Sassja CucuecoEDITOR-IN-CHIEF



    Gelo BilbaoART DIRECTOR




    Chitong RiveraBert MendozaBong Somera Rico DomingoUP MBT Managers

    UP Alumni Association, Inc.PUBLISHER

    My involvement as a manager of the UP Maroons Basketball Team was born from a tragic incident, the untimely demise of J Castro. J was a law classmate, fraternity brod, teammate in various basket-ball teams, simply put - a very good friend. As a teammate he was the quin-tessential point guard who made others, like me, look good thru his masterful playmaking skills. He often assisted me in the post for a turn-around jump shot or a drive to the hoop. This time around he passed on to me his post as manager of the UP Maroons, to continue his unflagging efforts to make the team competitive once again for the Final Four of the UAAP, and have a shot at the crown. Js dream lives on.There is truth in the adage a sound mind in a sound body. The sports pro-gram of a university is one of the gauges for determining the completeness of a school as an institute of learning. It has become a consideration for new high school graduates in choosing the college they would want to en-ter. Universities that are perennial champions in the UAAP league enjoy an edge over the others. Going by the over-all performance of UP in the UAAP games, there is no doubt that attention has to be given to its sports program. It is in this mindset that I thought of coming out with a magazine that will showcase the different varsity athletes and varsity teams. It was an idea in-spired by my association with my high school alumni - in one of the reunions I got to talk to a fellow high school alumnus who published a magazine that featured alumni of another university. By adapting the idea for the develop-ment of UPs sports program I thought that I could catch the attention of the UP community by featuring the athletes and get the much needed support to improve the quality of their training and attract the best recruits. Thus, the birth of MAROON PRIDE. The maiden issue of MAROON PRIDE features the mens basketball team, basketball being the kick-off event of the UAAP season. We look forward to featuring the other varsity teams in the next issues that are scheduled for release every quarter. Let us wear our colors and see you in the games!

    Bong Somera

    Maroon Pride would not have been possible without the ideas of our UP MBT Managers: Chitong Rivera, Bert Mendoza, Bong Somera, and Rico Domingo; and our Ninongs and Ninangs who have, from the very start, provided the utmost help that we needed. It is through their tireless and generous efforts that we have come up with a flour-ishing magazine. We would also like to thank the following for their per-petual support not only for the success of this publication, but also for their kindheartedness: President Alfredo Pascual and Chancellor Caesar Saloma, for their awe-inspiring messages; the UPAA staff, for motivating us to do our best and for providing us a place to work; Ms. Elna Divino, for con-stantly guiding us; Rey Madrid for his suggestions; Coach Ricky Dandan and his most welcoming staff and players; Ronnie Magsanoc, Bob Noriega, and Joey Mendoza for sparing us their time and giving us encouragement; Angeli Villaraza, Abigail Bautista, Jenny Perdigon and Jaypee Lao, Karen Castro and Chito Avecilla, for their contributions. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my staff, for never giving up. Lastly, for you, yes, you, for reading the first issue of Maroon Pride. Mabuhay ang Unibersidad ng Pilipinas! Mabuhay tayong lahat!

    Sassja Cucueco


    E O


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    My warmest congratulations to the UP Alumni Association and the UP Mens Basketball Team for the launching of the publication called Maroon Pride. This magazine showcases the achievements and efforts of our mens basketball varsity team as it prepares for the upcoming season to take the championship title in the UAAP mens basketball team again. The new publication also features the generous support given to the team by the UP alumni.

    The road toward the championship is always long and arduous. However, it is a road well-paved with the hard work and determination of the individual members of the UP mens basketball team, and the camaraderie and team spirit of the entire team itself; the exhaustive training and discipline instilled by our coaching staff, the commitment and patience of our team players parents, and the tireless and generous efforts of the UPAA, through UP Regent Chitong Rivera, Rico Domingo, Bert Mendoza and Bong Somera, and the Board of Directors. Because of this, what we now have is a stronger, more cohesive team composed of talented, intelligent players and an excellent coaching staffa team ready to take the next steps toward attaining the championship.

    The University has always taken pride in the outstanding achievements of all its athletes and sports teams. Hence, my administration is fully committed to supporting the UP athletes and the UP sports program in general, a commitment founded in our Charter mandate to promote physical education, uphold excellence in sports activities, and cultivate pride, self-discipline and teamwork. This, we are doing by seeking funds to rehabilitate and develop the sports-related infrastructure in the various constituent units, and by actively campaigning for donations and assistance for our sports programs from generous UP alumni, friends and partners in government and in the private sector.

    I exhort our entire UP Community to show our support to the UP athletes and varsity teams, including our UP Mens Basketball Team. In so many ways, our athletes and coaching staff best embody that intangible quality we call the UP Spirit; the drive to succeed against all odds combined with the willingness to work hard and to work smart; the commitment to excellence, honor and integrity no matter the endeavor; and the burning desire to give ones all in the service of something greater than we arefor the team, for the University, and for the people.

    With all that the UPMBT players and coaching staff, as well as the UPAA, have given up and worked for, there can be no doubt that UP is well on its way to victory. Mabuhay ang UP Mens Basketball Team! Mabuhay ang mga atleta ng UP! Mabuhay ang UPAA! Mabuhay tayong lahat!


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    young men wearing their colors, competing under their names, serve as their commercial models. As students tout school spirits, brands get sold. In a commercial arena, the most bought merchandise is the one with the most trimmings.

    What I can say to you is: we are not merely our modes of production. We are a collection of 206 bones, 604 muscles, 10 organ systems, and 100 billion neurons. I want you to keep in mind that the body is an instrument that needs to be fine-tuned through physical exertion. It is your primary vessel to experience things, to learn things.

    When you go out to play on the hardwood floor during the season, Id like you to remember the constants: that the players opposing you are made up of the same biological components as I listed above, and that you are playing on a standard court of 70 to 94 feet long by 40 to 50 feet wide. Your rival teams may come from financially superior colleges and universities, but remember that you are from the University of the Philippines. You belong to the best of todays youth.

    Your opponents will come at you with their utmost as sportsmen, and you will be more than their equals, and will surpass them. But in the midst of the competition, do not for