Maroon 5 sugar

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Maroon 5 Sugar.

Maroon 5 Sugar.

introductionSugar, was sent to Contemporary Hit Radio in 2015.

It is categorized as mix of Disco, funk-pop and soul.

The video was inspired by the 2005 romantic comedy Wedding Crashers, as the band crashed every wedding that was happening in the whole city.

Camera angles and shotsCAMER SHOTSExtreme long shot

Long shot

Full shot

mid shot

Close up

Extreme close upCAMERA ANGLESBirds eye angle

High angle

Eye-level angle

Low angleCAMERA MOVEMENTCrane shot

Tracking shot/dolly shot


Camera angles and shotsIt was successful in featuring a large range of different camera shots and angles.This included, many medium shots in order to show the audience the narrative of the video. There were lots of medium shots/close up shots of the quests to show the confusion on their faces as they didn't know what was happening. This made the surprise even more satisfying and thrilling for the audience.There were stereotypical low angle shots of the band which was used for the effect. Full shots were done to show all the members of the band. There were tracking shots of the main singer as a creative effect.

Mise-en-sceneSettings and props

Costume, hair and makeup

Facial expressions and body language

Lighting and colour

Positioning of characters/objects within the frame

Mise-en-sceneThe visual theme basically accords to the idea of going around to multiple weddings and surprising the guests and bride and groom who are possibly big fans of the group. The band members dressed in black suit and tie as they dressed for the occasion of a wedding. There where scenes shot as they were driving around the city in their car. There were also scenes of the band stand singing in the wedding halls, in front of all the people. It is interesting to see the contrasting themes for each of the wedding parties. The bride and groom wore the stereotypical attire, white dress and black suit and tie.The band members carried around their instruments to every wedding venues.The lighting and colour is very vibrant and colourful to match the mood of the song.

editingOrder of shots



Shot duration

Pace and rhythm

Special effects

editingThe order of shots throughout the video is essential to maintaining the narrative of the video and maintaining continuity editing.The cuts are fast paced to keep the mood lively and happy. They are also in relation to the pace and rhythm of the song making sure that the video looks professional.Everything is pieced together to maintain realism in the narrative and make sure it flows effortlessly.Eyeline-match is used when the bride and groom see the band members.Match-on-action is used when the band members are entering the venue and setting up in the main wedding hall.

Establishing shot


Low angle

Tracking shot

Setting of the band stand