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  • The Maroon Report The s tuden t vo i ce o f Greenv i l l e .

    News June 11, 2014

    Seniors Travel to Philly and Coast

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    By Theresa Bates

    On June 6th, the senior class departed for their senior trip to Pennsylvania and New Jer-sey. A little over thirty seniors attended the three day trip. Stops on the trip included Dorney Park, Point Pleasant Beach, and Philadelphia.

    Large amounts of planning went into mak-ing this trip possible. Advisors Mrs. Terrell and Mrs. Statham along with members of the Class of 2014 worked on this trip from the beginning of the year. A vote was held to determine whether the class would embark to Mystic, Boston, or Philadelphia. The cost of the trip was $350 for each student, including meals. The cost was lowered due to fund-raisers like the bottle drive.

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    College Costs Add Pressure to Seniors Plans By Anna Kelly

    By now the acceptance letters and rejection letters have arrived, and most of Greenville's seniors have had to decide where they're going to be next school year. Many factors help students decide where to go next: program, size, location, but the factor students talked about most was cost.

    SAT and ACT scores already had huge stakes for students as juniors and seniors both try to increase their scores in order to be-come a more appealing college candidate, but now there's even more on the line. Higher scores often equal larger scholarships, and college has just gotten more and more expen-sive.

    The cost of attending a public four-year college has increased 27%.

    The cost of attending community college has increased 24%.

    The cost of attending private college has increased 13%.

    All of these cost increases have occurred over the past five years. These statistics aren't a secret. In fact, the figures previously listed can be found on the College Board website. To make matters worse, there are even more costs that go into much of the college application process.

    As mentioned before, the SATs and ACTs are important to take, which is why College

    Inside Our Final Issue!

    Senior Plans pg 3

    Applying to College pg 8

    Stop Senioritis pg 10

    Personality Quiz pg 12

    Two different Hall Talks!

    Senior Athletes pg 16

    Seniors pose for a group picture on Point Pleasant Beach on June 7th

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    Brenner Bachman

    Theresa Bates

    Will Brandt

    Jared DeLuca

    Katie Herron

    Our Staff

    Cassie Cutright

    Anna Kelly

    Maranda Seager

    Emily Statham

    Megan Terrell

    Senior Trip continued from page 1

    On Friday, after a four hour car ride, the group arrived in sunny Philadelphia. There, they ate at Bourse Food Court, a popular eatery, and explored the city. After a tiresome three hour tour of the city, students ate dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe

    The feature that attracted most students to this trip was a day dedicated to Point Pleasant Beach in New Jersey. Students looked forward to a day at the beach with a boardwalk, arcade, rides, and concessions. Students spent four hours on Saturday ex-ploring the beach, playing soccer, Frisbee, and tanning.

    Caitlin Hopkins explained before the trip, Im very excit-ed to see the coast of New Jersey and walk on the boardwalk.

    After the beach, the seniors went on a formal dinner cruise which sailed on a scenic river with a view of the city skyline. This dinner was a favorite among the seniors.

    A whole day was spent at Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom. Students arrived at opening, 10 oclock, and stayed all day. The park was surprisingly quiet, so the seniors enjoyed a line free day. Previous trips have gone to Lake George, New York City, and Boston.

    Cost of College continued from page 1

    Board and American College Testing can charge $34-$49.50 just to take the exam. Also, if a student needs to send their scores to more than four colleges, it's an extra $10.50 for each additional school

    There are more costs such as application fees (easily $30 but often more), SAT and ACT prep courses (optional but have been shown to increase scores dramatically), and whatev-er other fees companies and colleges can possibly tack on. However, there are ways to be more cost-effective with your education.

    Depending on your home financial situation and your grades, many schools will give you a fee waiver application. Meaning, it's free for you to apply to the school. College Board and American College Testing also allow for those in need to have a fee waiver and to take the tests without cost. Even more so, nearly all colleges award financial aid benefits based on academics, sports, arts, and needs.

    The cost of college is high but the sooner students and parents start paying attention to it, the more aid there is that can be received.

    The Maroon Report wants to sincerely thank Ms. Bonnie Spencer for her patience, efficiency, and effort print-ing the paper this semester!

    We couldnt have done it without you!

    Thank you Ms. Spencer!

    Students are all smiles on the Spirit of Philadelphia cruise

  • The Maroon Report News page 3

    Future Plans for GCS Seniors By Brenner Bachman Christian Allen- Undecided Sarah Amedure- Mount St. Mary College Jess Andreone- Syracuse University Brenner Bachman- St. Bonaventure University Will Bame- Employment Katelyn Bashwinger- Undecided Theresa Bates- Ithaca College Kristen Bear- Clarkson University

    Wyatt Beaumont- Employment

    Dominick Belarge- Employment

    Devan Bell- SUNY Cobleskill

    Brianna Blakeslee- Onondaga CC

    Liz Boomhower- Western New England Uni-versity

    Cody Bowden- Hudson Valley CC

    Colleen Bowden- Hudson Valley CC

    Pat Brown- Patrick Henry College

    Jessica Caldwell- Undecided

    Reba Cappelli- Russell Sage College

    Liz Chase- SUNY New Paltz

    Tristan Cichocki- SUNY Potsdam

    Claire Collins- SUNY Cobleskill

    Devin Collins- Undecided

    Meagan Czyzewski- Russell Sage College

    Ashley Daigneault- Co Greene CC

    Jared DeLuca- Hudson Valley CC

    Emily Dowdall- Co Greene CC

    Abby Duker- Siena College

    Leonard Duncan- Undecided

    Megan Eldred- SUNY Plattsburgh

    Becca Eldred- Air Force

    Kira Fariello- Russell Sage College

    Devon Fisher- Undecided

    Emily Fishlinger- Mount St. Mary College

    Ryan Gage- Undecided

    On the Bright Side.. On the Bright Side..

    RYLA Honors Two Greenville Students

    The RYLA Conference is a program for high school sophomores who have shown leadership potential in their home, school, and community. The conference is de-signed to introduce participants to thoughts and ideas, which if utilized, will strength-en and develop their leadership skills. Group projects, activities and social time are embedded in this five day conference at Mount Saint Mary College in Newburgh, NY. This years awarded students are Elaina Spahmer & Alyssa Hopkins.

  • The Maroon Report News page 4

    Senior Plans continued from page 3

    Thomas Gamsjager- Undecided

    Meg Gardiner- Co Greene CC

    Mike Garramone- Clarkson University

    Erich Geldner- Co Greene CC

    Nora Graudons- Air Force

    Steven Grunwald- Hudson Valley CC

    Brianna Haque- Co Greene CC

    Frank Hempstead- Undecided

    Nick Dwarika- Hudson Valley CC

    Jackie Hicks- Alfred University

    Nick Hoffman- Hudson Valley CC

    Caitlin Hopkins- Utica College

    Jeff House- Undecided

    DJ Huffman- Hudson Valley CC

    Zach Hummel- Hudson Valley CC

    Mike Jennings- Co Greene CC

    Joshua Keir- Undecided

    Anna Kelly- Ithaca College

    Kole Klob- Hudson Valley CC

    Bayley Kuykendalll- Hudson Val-ley CC

    Kathleen Laforge- Undecided

    Taylor Lagace- SUNY Plattsburgh

    Carolina Lewis- Boston College

    Bailey Licata- University of Tennessee

    Brittany Lupinos- Green River CC

    Ashley Mackey- Undecided

    Ali Macpherson- Manhattanville College

    Jesse Mancini- Undecided

    Amy Mataraza- Albany College of Pharmacy

    Theresa McCloskey- Herkimer CC

    Catelinn McElroy- Co Greene CC

    Josh McIlhenny- Nyack College

    Stone McQuade- Undecided

    Patience Mergendahl- Undecided

    Francesca Michalek- Hudson Valley CC

    Erin Milsom- College of St. Rose

    Emily Mitchell- Hudson Valley CC

    Paige Myers- Undecided

    Tristan Petit- Air Force

    Leanna Prudhomme- Hudson Valley CC

    Tiffani Raffiani- Fisher College

    Destiny Reed- Hudson Valley CC

    Danielle Salisbury- SUNY Morrisville

    Maranda Seager- Hudson Valley CC

    Alexa Silk- Russell Sage College

    Alysha Sisson- Undecided

    Adam Smith- Alfred State University

    Matt Snow- Dominican College

    Connor Statham- SUNY ESF

    Megan Terrell- Hartwick College

    Marisa Thomas- Hudson Valley CC

    Cortland Tisch- SUNY Albany

    Janie Udicious- Undecided

    Eddie Van Auken- SUNY IT

    Bitty Van Auken- Memorial School of Nursing

    Autumn Vaniderstine- Hudson Valley CC

    Trevor Weeks- Clarkson University

    Wesley Wentz- Co Greene CC

    Sara Winnie- Co Greene CC

    Cody Zibura- Army

  • The Maroon Report Features page 5

    Hall Talk

    By Katie Herron

    What are your best senior memories?

    Saran wrapping Mr. Forrests car

    - D.J. Huff-

    man, Steven Grunwald, Rocco Cava


    Shoving a banana into Nicole Caprios face - Emily Dowdall

    The milk challenge - S

    teven Grunwald

    Winning the

    Patroon confer

    ence for the fir


    time in soccer

    - Taylor Lagac


    When Brenner Bachman almost killed someone with a

    wiffle ball bat - Mike Garramone

    When Mr. Davidson broke the m

    eter stick,

    attacking the Cyclops - Abby D


  • Well another year has almost come to an end and the senior bench, a place where seniors spend most of their time, will be handed down to the upcoming 2015 senior class. Contrary to other years the Class of 2014 was very lenient and not protective over our prized possession. The class of 2014 didn't seem to care who actually sat on the bench. Fresh-men, sophomores, and juniors all joined in on the fun and took a nice cozy seat next to the seniors. Sitting on the senior bench will definitely be missed by the class of 2014.

    Pictured: Seniors Megan Terrell and Theresa Bates

    Seniors: Megan Eldred, Taylor Lagace, Maranda Seager, Rebecca Eldred, Reba Capelli, Marisa Thomas, Elizabeth Chase, Caitlin Hopkins, Megan Terrell, Caroline Lewis, Bayley Kuykendall, Ali Macpherson

    The Maroon Report Opinion Page 6

    Be a part of Geurtzes Gang!

    Please continue sending your thoughts and prayers to Ms. Geurtze! Support her in her second fight against cancer! Go to the main office and ask Ms. Statham for Ms. Geurtzes notebook and leave her a note! We love you Ms. Geurtze! Stay strong and kick cancers butt so you can come back to us ASAP!

  • The Maroon Report Opinion page 7

    College Offers Many Benefits By Katie Herron

    For a lot of people, college is a necessary milestone to achieve their aspiring career. Even though college is not for eve-rybody, it is a good idea to start thinking about, if you haven't already. College costs a lot of money, but it is worth it. You wouldnt spend all that money on something that wasnt valuable.

    If you want to go anywhere in life, preferably to good places, go to college, states sophomore Makayla Peseka.

    College requires a great deal of work, including read-ing, writing, studying, taking tests, and a lot of fun new experi-ences. Youll meet many new people and make many friends. If you decide to stay on campus, the experience of freedom is surely something to look forward to (but comes with great re-sponsibility). College is also good for ones self and social

    development. It will help you further develop communication skills that will help you throughout school, your career, and the rest of your life.

    College is a great chance for those who are there to excel in areas that interest them. It can also be a great place to learn about yourself and oth-

    ers says guidance counselor Mrs. Cardinal.

    College has a positive impact on the rest of your life. Without attending some sort of schooling after high school, it is difficult to find a decent job to support yourself. College pro-vides you with multiple memories and a college degree. You will have the means to achieve your dream career, and Im sure you will be proud to be able to say that you graduated from this college, with this or these degrees.

    Is High School Preparing You For College? By Jared DeLuca

    People have a multitude of arguments as to why school is important. One of those arguments would be that school prepares you for college. But how much does it really prepare you?

    The workload preparation is very inconsistent; the fact being, it all depends on the teacher and their beliefs on homework. However, for the most part there is a good amount of work to be an introduction into college level work.

    The emphasis on work ethic is good preparation for college too, because most college professors wont care if you dont do your homework. And as clich as it sounds, grades tend to suffer when students dont do homework. When students go to college, they will be in a bod place if they dont do their homework.

    The content of work in high school is a little light in comparison to college. But high school is supposed to give students a more general exposure to subjects than the more specialized

    focus of college so perhaps this is unavoidable. However, students should be prepared to have to take it up a notch sometimes a big notch when they get to college.

    Besides academics, high school promotes thoughts about your future. High school makes you think about what you want to do when you grow up. This helps you decide what college classes you want to take. If you are confused about college choic-

    es or certain requirements high school has guidance counselors who can inform and help you in college decisions or with questions. In this way high school is certainly preparing students for college.

    However, in high school, the school holds your hand and makes sure youre showing up to class and on time. But with college the responsibility is on you to make sure you are getting your education. In this sense high school is poor at preparing stu-dents for college.

    High school is a nice introduction for college, but its always hard to face the real thing. So despite how students may feel going into college, high school prepares you some ways. In other ways, be ready for some adjustment!

    College costs a lot of money, but it is worth it.

    The content of work in high school is a little light in com-parison to college.

  • The Maroon Report Opinion page 8

    By Anna Kelly

    It's intimidating to think about the future, but it needs to be thought about in order to succeed. The following are things that worked for me or things I wish I had known when I applied to college.

    Don't wait until senior year to think about college junior year is probably the most important year for your grades when it comes to college. Now, that doesn't mean you're doomed if you think your grades could have been better junior year, but if you have the opportunity to step up your game that year, DO IT!

    Be yourself- I know we've all heard this one, but it's true! Even in your application essays, don't try and act serious and over-ly professional if that's not who you are. EVERYONE is...


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