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Our February 2011 issue

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    TRIBUNEFebruary 14, 2011

    Kim Skoric, AdvisorJessica Ramirez, Editor-in-Chief

    Volume 13, Issue 5

    Berthoud High School850 Spartan Ave.

    Berthoud, Colorado 80513


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    In This Issue...

    We Spartans!

    48-Star Flag Offers History to BHS

    Jessica RamirezNews/Editor-in-chief

    Roonie Fest: The Academy Awards of Berthoud High SchoolAlison BonillaNews writer

    FBLA Moves Past Districts and Looks Toward State in VailJosh AtkinsonSports writer

    An artifact from Berthoud High Schools past has been revived: an old 48-star flag that hung in BHS

    when Turner Middle School was still the high school. Beth Bristol was the secretary for the superintendant when the flag was hanging. After the superintendant left, he gave the flag to Bristol, who kept it until just recently when she contacted Stu Boyd. Boyd took the flag and decided to recognize its importance to BHS students on January 21. Berthoud students and alumni alike crowded into the auditorium to witness the historic event. Boyd spoke about the flag and its past. He talked about the American flag, presenting interesting facts like what date a new flag always flies on (July 4th). He told the story of Bristol keeping track of the flag during her eight moves to five different states.

    After the ceremony, Boyd said, Its important for students to appreciate history, including local history. This flag is an important part of our local history. Its a link between the old building and students and this building and these students. The flag was framed and will be hung directly outside the school auditorium. Next to it will be a painting donated by Rolland Fletcher several years ago, who is in the picture with three soldiers, Spike Bales, Tony Velasquez, and Barry Thomas, who attended Berthoud schools and died in combat . A l l B H S s t u d e n t s w e r e noticeably respectful for this event which Boyd referred to as a wonderful, historical moment.

    PHOTO BY GRAHAM LIER - MTBerthoud JROTC members carfully pick up the flag to move it from the auditorium to its new home near the soldiers painting.

    Every year the students of BHS dig out their cameras and write scripts for their fr iends to l ive out dreams of being movie stars. Students get to experience the thrill of creating their own films for Student Leaderships movie festival, Roonie Fest. Im really interested in film. The idea just kind of came to us. Theyll think its kind of different from what they see in the mainstream. said sophomore and film creator T.K. Stout, who teamed up with friends to make a movie. Last years winner Luke Taylor won with a spoof based on the James

    Bond series. This year, the event will take place on Thursday, F e b r u a r y 2 4 , i n t h e schools auditorium where the audience will see the premieres of eight student made films. The price to attend will be $5 and the movies will begin to show at 6:30. Its going to be really awesome! said senior and student body president Katie Kouns. Student council is making a movie and its sure to be epic.



    The Future Business L e a d e r s o f A m e r i c a (FBLA) provides students at Berthoud High School with opportunities to learn about various elements within the business field. Students then practice these new skills in contests against other schools. According to sponsor Teri Assmussen, The students are tested in the areas of production and presentation.

    Objective tests are also used to measure the students against one another. On February 9, thirteen FBLA members from BHS ventured to Greeley. There they competed at Districts in ten different categories, ranging from Computer A p p l i c a t i o n s t o Wo r d Processing. Five students earned the chance to move on to the state competition. Chad Schlagal placed first in Computer Applications. Ravi Smith earned a spot at state with his fourth place finish in Economics. As a group Alexandra Hofmeister, Zach Sandell, and Alisha Golson will compete at state in the area of Parlimentary Procedures as a result of their second place finish at districts. The State FBLA Competition will occur April 17 19 in Vail.

    Members of FBLA stand proud after Districts in Greeley.

    Photo courtesy of Teri Assmussen

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    Jessica Ramirez, Editor2Febru

    ary 14, 2011

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    Thank you for your support and help.

    The club Go MAD (Go Make A Difference) is dedicated to helping the community. Go MAD recently met after school and made bracelets to raise money for an organization, Kiva. The bracelets will be sold at lunch the week Tuesday February 22 through Friday February 25. Specially designed pins will be sold with the bracelets for $2. Its giving a chance to people who have had to work for everything their whole lives. Its a great way for high schoolers to make a difference. said senior and co-founder of Go MAD, Lauren Sawinska. All money made will be donated to Kiva, a website that is using microfinancing to fund entrepreneurs in developing countries. Were teaching people how to fish instead of giving them fish. said one of the clubs sponsors Ann Gonzales.

    Go MAD and Buy Bracelets

    Alison BonillaNews writer Every year, one of the most

    popular fundraisers at Berthoud H i g h i s P e n n y Wars. Organized by National Honor Society, the event always successfully raises money to help a community member in need. Last year, the school raised $1300 to help Berthoud student Alex Sabados. This year, the money went to another local student with medical expenses. Senior NHS member Lauren Sawinska was chairperson of the event, along with juniors Allie Berger and Nick Trujllo. Sawinska

    NHS Declares War at BHSThe annual Penny Wars fundraiser comes to Berthoud

    said, Penny Wars is a fundraiser that shows if everyone gives just a little of what they have, we can make a difference.

    The event was held January 31 through February 11. Teacher Laurie Brandvold, long-t ime winner o f Penny Wars, said, I love to inspire kids to give. Its really the result Im interested in, not winning. Trujillo said, My favorite thing about Penny Wars is trying to beat Mrs. Brandvold.

    Be sure to listen when the winner is announced to see how your class compared to the almighty Brandvold.

    Jessica RamirezNews/Editor-in-chief

    The Berthoud High School band has been growing in popularity in the past few years. Recently, three BHS band members became part of an elite group of Colorado studentsHonor Band. Senior Beth Eggerling, flute, sophomore Stefani Messick, clarinet, and freshman Jake McDonald, baritone saxophone,

    all got invited to perform. Honor Band begins with a statewide contest for anyone who wants to audition and anyone who a teacher recommends. The selected group performs twice. The first opportunity is in Greeley tonight, February 14, at 7 pm. Students can see the performance for $5. The second is at CSU Pueblo on February 17-19. Messick, who was invited to join Honor Band for the first time this

    year, said, Im excited. I didnt place as high as I wanted but I know I have two more years to try. Eggerling participated in the event last year as well, but still said, Its pretty cool and Im excited. The band, with members from all over the state, is quite exclusive. McDonald, who is excited to perform, said, Its different from school band because some people are higher up in skill than others.


    The Penny Wars jar, found in your 2nd period.

    Three Berthoud Students Privileged to Join Honor BandJessica RamirezNews/Editor-in-chief

    Spartans of the Month


    The BHS Spartans of the Month for February 2011. From left to right: Top row: Victoria Clark, Dylan Brown, Preston Hollis, Ashton Brown, Tabythia Lee; Bottom row: Clayton Figg, Kevin Green, Tyler Owens.

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