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LTP @ Cramp Elementary

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LTP @ Cramp Elementary. This is how we did it…. Starting Out. Get Administration on board – support is important Explain that students will have cameras in school, at home (possibly) Explain that students will be given rules to follow about the cameras - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of LTP @ Cramp Elementary

LTP @ Cramp Elementary

LTP @ Cramp ElementaryThis is how we did itStarting OutGet Administration on board support is importantExplain that students will have cameras in school, at home (possibly)Explain that students will be given rules to follow about the camerasNo pictures of people without permissionNo cameras in class, during classes time, unless classroom teacher allows for itStudents will show responsibility for the camera, its a privilegeParental Permissions required

Starting OutSet Up

Set UpGet your paperwork in order, create a paper LTP folderCamera warrantiesPrinter and cameras direction sheetsCDsStudent permission slip blanksInformation about LTP for handouts

Set UpGet equipment from LTPLog in ALL cameras and equipmentTry all equipment; insert batteries into camerasGive copy of log to Tech Support (school) back upCreate a Student Camera log sheetCreate a LTP folder on your computer for image downloads and back upsClassroom numbersInternal folders with student namesHomework Due DatesSet UpCopy student permission slipsCopy of class attendance sheet to log in permissions or Non permissionsGather images for first class decoding image

Starting Out:

CollaborationCollaborationTalk to classroom teachersHow do they want to start?Possible themes to explore?When?Is there a common collaboration time (common prep)?When to have the teaching artist come in?Let them know your concerns, timing, schedule, etc.Once a month homework assignmentsEvery other week, rotating camerasHomework buddiesBe honest about timingStaring Out:

FIRST ART CLASSFirst Art ClassDiscussionStudent privilege and responsibilityCamera safetyHow to store itDont flash it aroundDont let older or younger siblings use it its your responsibilityAccidents happen just let me know about it when it does happenLimit use of previewing images uses a lot of energyLogging in cameras/logging outHow to store itflip batteries to conserve energydont put it in a pocketdont dump it in a book baguse arm bandTurn off when not in use10Portraits

First Art ClassPicture TakingHave to use the cameras provided, do not allow for using cameras from homeAppropriate imagesWhat is acceptable vs non appropriate its your responsibilityPhotographer safety when is it not appropriate to take picturesLightingBlurry images can they work?Cropped images use the viewer!Interesting anglesLimit the number of images for homework to no more than 20

Younger siblings.

Interesting Angle

Its a what??

First Art ClassTaking pictures of people with their permission only!Posing a photo to tell a storyTaking an un-posed image to tell a storyThinking in picturesTelling stories in picturesTaking a series of pictures to tell a storyFirst LessonHomework

HomeworkSet strict deadline first time aroundSigning out camerasChecking cameras to make sure they workAssigning or choosing a homework buddyReview assignmentTake a photo taking trip around the school to practice with the camerasHomeworkOn Deadline DayLog in camerasDownload images to computer into student foldersPrint a shuffle page for students to pick fromCheck off logDelete images from disk to clean it out for the next timeIf you have a student teacher they can do this or train a student to do at lunch timeHave students create a photography portfolio to save all shuffle pages, final prints and photo ideasGood Luck!Remember to have funKeep an open mind andBREATHE!