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LOS ANGELES COUNTY COUNTY OF LOS ANGELESInternal Services Department1100 North Eastern AvenueLos Angeles, California 90063- -- . - -- "- --"- .- - - - .- - - - .- - - - .- - . - .- - " - -- - . . -- _. -- - -- --- --DaveLambertsonDirector To e1lrich lives through effective a1ld cari1lg service.Telephone: (323) 267-2101FAX: (323) 264-7135May 26, 2005Agenda Date: June 7, 2005The Honorable Board of SupervisorsCounty of Los Angeles383 KennethHahnHallof Administration500WestTempleStreetLosAngeles,CA 90012Dear Supervisors:REQUEST FOR APPROVAL TO EXTEND BUSINESS MACHINE MAINTENANCESERVICES AGREEMENTS AT EXISTING RATESAND TERMS TO DECEMBER 31, 2005(ALL DISTRICTS -3 VOTES)IT IS RECOMMENDED THAT YOUR BOARD:Authorize the Director of the Internal Services Department, or his designee, tosign amendments to the current Business Machine Maintenance ServicesAgreements with the contractors identified on Attachment I at existing rates andterms to extend the current term of the Agreements to December 31, 2005 at anestimated cost of $2.3 million for the extension period.PURPOSE/JUSTIFICATION OF RECOMMENDED ACTIONSThe Internal Services Department (ISO) is. requesting a two-month extensionbecause more time is needed than originally planned to complete the solicitation forour business machine maintenance contracts.ISO administers agreements for business machine repair and maintenance servicesthat include 87 vendors and cover more than 20,000 pieces of equipment. A list of thesevendors along with the type of equipment serviced is detailed in Attachment 1. Thereare three major equipment categories requiring services:. Large photocopy machines, mainframe computers, servers and other majoritems of equipment.The Honorable Board of SupervisorsMay 26, 2005Page 2. Personal computers.. Small and inexpensive office equipment such as fax machines, microfichereaders, mailing equipment, printers and other items.Through the use of the existing business machines agreements, ISO arranges formaintenance and repair services for departments, pays vendor invoices and bills theapplicable County department for the services provided.The Business Machine Agreements' term is through August 31, 2005 and theDirector of the ISO has the authority to execute two additional one-month extensions.Therefore, ISO's authority to order these services under the existing contract expiresOctober 31,2005.ISO originally expected that the solicitation could be completed well ahead of theagreements' expiration date. However, we are behind schedule because:. ISO's other contract workload has been larger than anticipated. ISO's Contracting Division has experienced an unusually high vacancy rate.Although we have sil"1cehired additional staff, based on the tasks that still needto be completed and the complexity of this solicitation (i.e., it involves more than80 vendors, and 20,000 pieces of equipment), we do not believe we will be ableto complete the solicitation on time.. ISO needs to change the portion of the solicitation related to the maintenance ofrelatively small and inexpensive office equipment such as fax machines,microfiche readers, mailing equipment, and other items. In our solicitation, werequested vendors to bid an annual fixed fee amount for all items within a classof equipment (e.g., fax machines, etc.) for the entire County. In retrospect, ISObelieves that it would be more cost effective to obtain these repair services on atime and materials basis (i.e., rather than fixed fee). In addition, given thegeographic size of the County and the volume of the equipment that needs to berepaired, the requirement that a vendor bid on all the equipment listed in acategory for the entire County inventory was too onerous and may haveprecluded some small businesses from responding to the solicitation.The Honorable Board of SupervisorsMay 26, 2005Page 3Based on the above, ISO believes that it will not be possible to complete this solicitationand award replacement contracts until early December 2005. Therefore, we arerequesting an extension of the agreement term to December 31, 2005.IMPLEMENTATION OF STRATEGIC PLAN GOALSThe recommended action supports the Countywide Strategic Plan Goal Number 1,Service Excellence, Goal Number 3, Organizational Effectiveness, and Goal Number 4,Fiscal Responsibility. This process will improve the overall manner in which ISOpromotes countywide equipment maintenance; thereby, increasing the County'sefficiency in the use of public funds.FISCAL IMPACT/FINANCINGThe costs for the business machine maintenance services for the extended periodthrough December 31, 2005 are estimated to be $2.3 million. ISO's costs for businessmachines maintenance services are offset by billings to customer departments. Thereis sufficient appropriation in ISO's Fiscal Year 2004-05 Budget and the 2005-06Proposed Budget to pay the contractors' invoices.FACTS AND PROVISIONS/LEGAL REQUIREMENTSThe contractors' rates for the extension period will remain the same. The agreementscurrently contain all Board, CAO, and County Counsel required contract provisionsincluding the County's Child Support Compliance Program, consideration ofGAIN/GROW participants, Contractor Non-Responsibility and Debarment, ContractorJury Service and Safely Surrendered Baby Law. ISO has determined that theseservices are not subject to the Living Wage Program. The agreement amendment toeffectuate the extension will be reviewed by County Counsel prior to execution.CONTRACTING PROCESSThis section is not applicable as this is a request to extend existing contracts.The Honorable Board of SupervisorsMay 26, 2005Page 4IMPACT ON CURRENT SERV!CES (OR PROJECTS)If this request is approved, business machine equipment maintenance services willcontinue to be provided to County departments with no lapse in service untilreplacement contracts can be approved.DL:DB:khAttachmentc: Executive Officer, Board of SupervisorsCounty CounselBusiness Machine Contractors3M CO.A.B. DICKIMULTIGRAPHICSABC OFFICE SYSTEMSACS DIGITAL SOLUTIONSAEROFLEX, INC.AIMSALL MAKES OFFICE MACH. CO, INC.ALL STATES OFFICE MACHINES, INC.AMERICAN BIOMEDICAL SERVICE CORP.AMERICAN BUSINESS MACHINEANACOMP, INC.ANGELUS BUSINESS SYS. INCASW ENGINEERING MGMT. CONSULTANTSAUTOMATED FILING SYSTEMSAUTOMATED OFFICE PRODUCTSBELL & HOWELL MAIL & MESS TECH.BMC, INC.CANON BUSINESS SOLUTIONSCAPITAL CASH REGISTERS, INC.CC-OPS, INC.CLICK GUARDCOMPUTER PACERCOMPUTERWORKS TECHNOLOGIESDANKA OFFICE IMAGING CO.DECISIONONE CORPORATIONDIEBOLD INC.DIGITAL COMPUTING SYSTEMSE.G. BRENNAN & COMPANY, INC.EASTMAN KODAK COMPANYEMC CORPORATIONENPOINTE TECHNOLOGIESFRANCOTYP-POSTALlA, INC.FULL SPECTRUM ANALYTICS, INC.GENERAL BINDING CORP.GOLDEN STATE SERVICESHEWLETT-PACKARDHORROCKS CASH REG. SYSTEMIDENTIX INCORPORATEDIKON OFFICE SOLUTIONSIMAGE IV SYSTEMS, INC.INTELACARD LLCINTERNATIONAL BUS. MACHINES CORP.INTRATEK COMPUTER, INC.K-MICRO, INC. dba CORPINFO SERVICESL3 COMMUNICATIONS SECURITY & DET. SYSAttachment IPage 1 of 2Contractor Listi ngType of EquipmentLibrary Book Security SystemsPrinting/Duplicating EquipmentMisc. Copiers, Fax Machines and TypewritersMisc. Copiers, Fax Machines, Typewriters and Small Office EquipmentCommunication Test EquipmentPC MaintenanceTranscription EquipmentMisc. Copiers, Fax Machines, PCs, Typewriters and Small Office EquipmentMedical/Dental Equipment (General)Misc. Copiers, Fax Machines, Typewriters and Small Office EquipmentMicrofiche/Microfilm EquipmentMisc. Copiers, Fax Machines, Typewriters and Small Office EquipmentPC MaintenanceMoving/Automated Filing SystemsMisc. Copiers, Fax Machines, Typewriters and Small Office EquipmentMail Processing Equipment (Outgoing)Misc. Copiers, Fax Machines, Typewriters and Small Office EquipmentCanon Production Copiers, Fax Machines, Printers, Typewriters and Microfiche Reader/Prlnter~Cash RegistersPC MaintenanceNow Danka Office Imaging Co.PC MaintenancePC MaintenanceDanka, Kodak and Other Production CopiersIBM Midrange Computer Systems, IBM Remote Terminal Equipment and PCsSecurity Enclosures and VaultsPC MaintenanceMisc. Small Office Equipment (check signers, paper folders, shredders, binders)Microfiche/Microfilm EquipmentInformation Technology SystemsPC MaintenanceMailing EquipmentHewlett Packard Mass Spectrometers and Scientific Testing EquipmentMisc. Small Office Equipment (paper folders, shredders, binders and laminators)Misc. Copiers, Fax Machines, Typewriters, Small Office Equipment and PCsHewlett Packard Midrange Computer Systems and SoftwareCash RegistersFinger Print EquipmentMisc. Copiers, Fax Machines, Typewriters and Small Office EquipmentMisc. Copiers, Fax Machines, Typewriters and Small Office EquipmentEmbossing Equipment for Making Patient ID CardsIBM Large Scale Computer Systems (Mainframe)PC MaintenancePC MaintenanceSecurity Walk-through Metal DetectorsBusiness Machine ContractorsLANIER WORLDWIDE, INC.LASERCARE TECHNOLOGIES, INCLIEBERT GLOBAL SERVICESMAIN PHOTO SERVICE, INC.MARATHON COPIER SVC.,INC.MGE UPS SYSTEM, INC.MICROGRAPHIC SERVICEMIDEO SYSTEMS INC.N.B.S. CARD TECHNOLOGY CORP.NCE STORAGE SOLUTIONSNEOCOMP SYSTEMS, INCNEOPOST, INC.NORITSU AMERICA CORP.NT COMPUTER SERVICESOCE-USA, INC.OFFICECOM, INC.OMEGA MICROFILM CORP.OMNINOTE, INC.OPEX CORPORATIONPACIFIC DUPLICATORS SYS., INC.PERKINELMER LAS, INC.PLAS-TECH RESOURCESPRICE COpy SYSTEMSPROF.ALTERNATIVE SERVICESRADIOLOGICAL SPECIALIST, INCREPROGRAPHIC SUPPLYRISO, INC.SAVIN CORPORATIONSCANTRON SERVICE GROUPSOURCE GRAPHICSSPECIALIZED BUS. SYSTEMS, INC.STORAGE TECHNOLOGY CORP. (STK)SYSTEM ONE BUSINESS PROD, INC.TAB PRODUCTSTEC-AMERICA, INC.TECHNOFIX OFFICE PRODUCTSTHERMO ELECTRONUNISYS CORPORATIONUPSCOVOICE PRINT INTERNATIONAL, INC.WEST COAST BUSINESS EQUIPWIZTEC, INC.XEROX CORPORATIONAttachment IPage 2 of 2Type of EquipmentMisc. Copiers, Fax Machines, Typewriters and Small Office EquipmentPC MaintenanceSpecialized UPS and Precision Air Conditioning Equipment for Data CentersCameras and Photographic EquipmentMisc. CopiersSpecialized UPS and Precision Air Conditioning Equipment for Data CentersMicrofiche/Microfilm EquipmentEvidence Recording Equipment (digital cameras, scanners, storage)Embossing Equipment for Making Patient ID Cards and Bracelets at Medical CentersInformation Technology Tape Storage SystemsPC MaintenanceMail Processing Equipment (Outgoing)Photograph Negative and Print Processing MachinePC MaintenanceOce Production CopiersMisc. Copiers, Fax Machines. Typewriters and Small Office EquipmentMicrofiche/Microfilm EquipmentVoicemail/Email/Paper Mail Integration SystemMail Opening and Extraction EquipmentDigital DuplicatorsScientific Testing Equipment (moved to Full Spectrum Analytics, Inc.)Embossing Equipment for Making Patient ID CardsMisc. Copiers, Fax Machines. Typewriters and Small Office EquipmentMail Processing Equipment (Outgoing)Medical X-ray EquipmentEngineering CopiersMisc. CopiersMisc. CopiersOptical Mark Readers and Test ScorersHewlett Packard PlotterslLarge Scale PrinterslScannersMoving/Automated Filing SystemsLarge Scale Disk and Tape StorageMiscellaneous Small Office Equipment (check signers. paper folders. shredders. binders)Moving/Automated Filing SystemsPC MaintenanceMisc. Copiers, Fax Machines, Typewriters and Small Office EquipmentMass SpectrometersUnisys Large SCale Computer Systems (Mainframe)Specialized UPS and Precision Air Conditioning Equipment for Data CentersVoice/Call Recording Systems for Call CentersCash RegistersWorkstation PC'sXerox Production Copiers, Fax Machines and Printers


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