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  • Lingnan University LibraryAug 2010*

  • Overview Making the best out of the Library begins at the Library home page

  • Using Library Catalogue and Other Library ResourcesMake sure you knowBasic Searches Author, TitleUsing Keywords and Boolean OperatorsUnderstand the Status Codes, Locations and Call Number SystemCheck your Circulation Records, Online Renewals, SMS Alerts, New Book AlertsLimit / Sort Functions


  • Example One If I already Know the Authors Name Question: I want to read the book written by Bill Gates in 1999. What should I do?

    Answer: Search the Library Catalogue by name of Author. But you need to search by placing the Surname in front of the Given Names.


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  • Example Two I do not know the Name of the Author / Title of the BookQuestion: I am writing a paper about translation of Chinese poetry. My Lecturer told me that there is a Lingnan Master Thesis in 2003 about translation of some Chinese poetries. How can I find it?

    Answer: Search the Library Catalogue by keywords, limit / sort by year and material types. There are different material types and one of it is Lingnan Thesis.


  • *Under Keyword / Phrase Search, you can Limit Results to Chinese or English; Books or Journals; Special Material Types; Between certain Years; Sorting Orders and More

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  • Course Reserve

    Course Reserve by Instructor or Course (RES)


  • Finding Readings on your Reading List

    HINTS: the Library Catalogue can only be searched by book author, book title, journal title, etc. Therefore, article titles, title and author of a chapter in the book usually are not searchableExample: You are asked to read the followings:Michel Oksenberg, Will China Democratize? Journal of Democracy, 9:1, Jan. 1998:27-34.


  • *Search article title Will China Democratize has NO MATCHESExample: Michel Oksenberg, Will China Democratize? Journal of Democracy, 9:1, Jan. 1998:27-34.

  • *Need to Search for the Journal title Journal of Democracy insteadExample: Michel Oksenberg, Will China Democratize? Journal of Democracy, 9:1, Jan. 1998:27-34.

  • HKALL Borrowing from other Local LibrariesHKALL = Hong Kong Academic Library Link () allows you to request for books not available at Lingnan but available at HKU, CUHK, HKUST, PolyU, CityU, HKBU or HKIEd -- delivered to Lingnan normally within 3 working days to 5 requests at the same timeUp to 10 books at the same time


  • *Online renewal /View Your Library Account

  • Using Electronic Databases DatabasesProQuest, Ebscohost, Wisenews, Factiva, LexisNexis, Find Databases by Subject, Types, Keyword SearchesWebbridge: Linking up Library-paid Databases and Full-text Contents*

  • Past Examination Papers, Local TV Programmes Lingnan Exam Papers from 1993 on, but instructors can withhold the release of papers TV Programs: Books / Movies *

  • Library Booking Systems*

  • Library Toolbar

    *With the Library Toolbar, you can Access Many Library and University Functions instantly

  • Survival Guide for New Students *

  • Getting HelpGeneral Enquiries 2616 8586Integrated Helpdesk at Information Commons (1/F, Library)Tel: 2616 8571Ask A Librarian (Electronic Reference) Contact Us


  • ~~Thank You~~*

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