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Lingnan University Library September 2010

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Text of Lingnan University Library September 2010

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  • Lingnan University Library September 2010
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  • AV materials, books, journals & newspapers Searched by Library online catalogue E-resources: E-Databases, E-Journals, Selected Internet Resources Subject Research Guide Citation Tools
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  • Library Online Catalogue Subject Research Guide E-Database, E- Journals, Selected Internet Resources AV materials
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  • E-Databases Bibliographic Databases - contains descriptive information (citation and subject headings) for publications, such as books, periodical articles, & government documents, etc. Full-text Databases - contains the partial or complete text of works, such as articles, books, poems, and essays.
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  • E-Journals Library subscribed e-journals Journals available in the database Coverage to present to 1 year ago
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  • Step 1 Identify key concepts Author? A particular work? Content of the work? Criticism of a particular work? Main concepts can be the name of an author or key word from a particular Step 2 Selection of search words Related words/synonyms Austen, Jane (NOT Jane Austen for author search) literary criticism or literary interpretation Hong Kong: Hong Kong, hk
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  • Step 3 Search command Use AND/OR E.g. Austen AND Pride Truncation ( retrieves all variant endings of that word) E.g. Criti* (criticize, criticism, critical etc.) Parentheses ( ) : gives priority and order in the search statement E.g. (fiction or novel) and Austen
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  • Title search Pride and Prejudice Subject search Fiction Author search Austen, Jane (NOT Jane Austen for author search)
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  • Academic Search Premier Collins Cobuild Wordbanks Online Contemporary Literacy Criticism Exploring Novels/Exploring Poetry/Exploring Shakespare/Exploring Short Stories JSTOR Literature Online (LION) MLA Directory of Periodicals
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  • By subject By database name All databases
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  • Metalude By Department of English
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  • General Enquiry: 2616-8586 Reference Enquiry: 2616-8571 Ask a Librarian / Email: [email protected]
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  • Q & A Thank You!

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