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    Number 3, Winter 1979 Editor: Robert M. Hiatt



    AACR 2 Published. AACR 2 Implementation Plans ALA AACR 2 Introductory Program Retrospective Name Authority

    Records wi th AACR 2 Information Word Division on Library of Congress

    Printed Records Romanization Tables Rule Interpretations Revised Corporate Name Head-ings


    The Free-Floating Subdivision t t~olonies" 12 Form Subdivisions 12 Erratwn . 16


    Classification Policies Relating t o Literary Authors 16

    Classif3ting Congresses 18

    Subscriptions to and additional copies of Cataloging Service Bulletin are c ~ v c ~ i l - able upon request and at no charge from the Cataloging Distribution Scrvice. Library of Congress, Building 159, Navy Yard Annex, Washington, D.C. 20541. - Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 78-51400 ISSN 0160-8029 Key title: Cataloging service bulletin

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    of a Work


    Cataloging Service Bulletin, No. 3 / Winter 1979 .-


    The Anglo-Ameri&n Cataloguing Rules, second edition, was published. on December 7. Orders from the United. States and i t s posses- sions may be ad.d.ressed. t o

    American Library Association Dept. 50 East Huron Stree t Chicago, m i n o i s 6 0 6 ~

    !Two issues w i l l be available:

    ISBN 0-8389-3210-x (casebound) : $15 ISBN 0-8389-3q-8 (paperback) : $10

    ALA w i l l . also s e l l t he unbound. sheets fo r $12.50.

    0rd.ers from Canada may be addressed t o

    Canadian Library As sociation 151 Sparks St ree t Ottawa, Ontario KIP 5E3 CANADA

    fo r the two issues

    ISBN 0-88802-121-6 ( cas ebound) ISBN 0-88802-122-4 (paperback)

    Orders from the United. Kingdom may be addressed to

    Library As sociation 7 Ridgmount Street London WClE 7AE ENGLAND

    f o r the two issues

    ISBN 0-85365-681-9 (casebound) ISBN 0-85365-691-6 (paperback)

    AACR 2 Im~lementation mans

    The Library of Congress has reviewed extensively the Anglo- 'American Cataloguing Rules, second. edition,to ascertain ways i n which the costs of implementation could be reduced both fo r the Library of Congress and, fo r the l ibrary community a t large. This review has con- centrated on the amount,of change i n two areas: forms of headings and automated. systems. Below are the resul ts of the review and the Library of Congress's decisions.

    I. AACR 2 Heading Changes

    A. LC has looked carefully a t the rules and has determined t h a t three changes (one expl ic i t and. two by example) are of such minor importance, but of major consequence, tha t it plans not to follow the ru le and. the implications of the two examples e i ther i n revising older head.ings or i n establishing new headings a f t e r 1980. The Br i t i sh Library and. the Nation& Libraries of Australia and Canada have agreed t o these changes on a preliminary basis.

    1. Department. Appendix B, "Abbreviations, " does not

    . ~ 4 CatCloging Service Bulletin, No. 3 / Winter 1979

  • authorize using the abbreviation "Dept . " i n headings. Since any machine f i l i ng problem would occur only rarely (the abbreviation i s used only i n m ~ n g l i s h ) and since the abbreviation helps t o reduce the length of other- wise longer corporate headings, LC plans t o continue t o abbreviate "De- partment" i n English language headings.

    2. House of Representatives. Tech?li.cally, ;tPe U.S. House of Representatives should, not be shortened to "~ouse . However, since there i s no confusion as t o which chamber of the U.S. Congress ' '~ouse" refers and since, again, using "~ouse" reduces the length of otherwise longer corporate headings, LC plans t o continue to use the shortened form.

    3. United Kingdom. Although "united ~ingdom" i s the cor- r ec t term fo r the jurisdiction now formulated as "Great Britain" (which name i s not applicable to Northern rel land), the major consequences of such a change, when there has been no apparent dissatisfaction with re at Britain," make such a change seem unwarranted. Therefore, LC plans t o continue t o use re at Britain."

    B. ' Persons established before 1981 who have writ ten pre- drrminantly under a t l e a s t a f i r s t forename i n i t i a l t ha t has been f i l l e d out i n the head.- w i l l , i n general, not be changed to reduce the fore- name(~) to an i n i t i a l ( s ) . Exceptions w i l l be made f o r persons represented on American imprints and fo r "famous" persons regardless of the or ig in of t i t l e s . A l l headings established a f t e r 1980 w i l l , however, r e f l ec t the provisions of AACR 2. Under AACR 1 fullness of personal name headings was not consid.ered a matter of superimposition.

    C. In assessing the changes result ing from AACR 2, LC has identified. several categories fo r which needed changes, although desirable, do not significantly af fec t the f i l i n g arranganent and consequently the users ' access. Therefore, LC, in general, plans t o continue t o use such headings tha t already exist ; the AACR 2 provisions will be applied t o newly established headings. Categories of such headings are

    1. reduction of a second forename t o an initial:

    Abrahamson, Max William not changing t o Abrahamson, Max W. (W ~ i l l i a m )

    2. deletion of an unused second forename o r forename i n i t i a l :

    Capet, Marcel F. not changing t o Capet, Marcel

    3. addition of a hy-phen between forenames o r compound surnames :

    Dautheville, Anne France not changing t o Dautheville, Anne-France

    4. repositioning of "ca. " i n dates:

    Pann, Anton, 1797 (ca. ) -1854 not changing t o Pann, Anton, ca. 1797-1854

    5. changing from a nonsystematic to the ALA/LC systemat- i c romanization:

    Maitra, Arun, 1936- not changing to Maitra, A m u p , 1936-

    6. deletion of twentieth-century flourishing dates (such headings a re revised when actual birthdates become

    Cataloging Service Bulletin, No. 3 / Winter 1979

  • available:

    Hu, Chien-min, f'l. 1974- not changing to Hu, Chien-min

    7. retention o r addition of a term to show fhe heading i s a corporate body:

    BFA Educational Media not changing t o BFA Educational Media ( ~ i r m )

    8. deletion of an unnecessary term of incorporation whether used by the body or supplied by the cata- loger:

    Press Association, l t d . not changing t o Press Association

    9. deletion of "pseud. ":

    Cecil, Henry, pseud. not changing t o Cecil, Henry, 1902-

    10. correction of language of addition:

    Louis Antoine, Father not changing t o Louis Antoine, p'bre

    ll. atpansion t o a fu l ler form of name:

    Alcdzar Carrillo, Rafael L. not changing t o Alcdzar Carrillo, Rafael Luis

    12. addition of a geographic qual i f ier i n a nonconflict si tuation:

    Bicentennial Committee on Kistoric Houses to Bicentennial Committee on Historic


    13. reduction i n hierarchy on Far Eastern headings:

    Chung-kuo kung ch'an tang. Hsi-pei chung yang ch%. Tiao ch'a yen chiu shih

    not changing t o Chung-kuo kung ch'an tang. Tiao ch'a yen chiu shih

    14. elimination of a cataloger supplied addition of place of residence o r f i e l d of interest:

    Albrecht, Friedrich, of Leipzig not changing to Albrecht, Friedrich

    15 . capital ization of corporate acronyms/ init ial isms : Amacam

    not changing t o AMACOM

    16. addition of quotation marks t o headings :

    Symposium Astronomy and Our Lives r0ay

    not changing t o Symposium "As tmnomy and Our Lives Today"

    Cataloging Service Bulletin, No. 3 / Winter 1979 s--

  • 17. elimination of t i t l e s of honor, address, or nobility that are not used by the individual i n the works:

    Bryant, Arthur, Sir, 1899- not changing to Bryant, Arthur, 1899-

    18. expansion of abbrevlations " ~ p . and "Abp. " :

    Ruricius I, Bp. of Limoges, d. ca. 507 not changing to Ruricius I, Bishop of Limoges, d. ca. 507

    11. Autcrmation Changes

    The Library of Congress has m y z e d AACR 2 for changes necessary to the MARC formats. In general, changes to the formats appear to be minimal. Two indicated. changes, however, are major, requiring the development of a capability to handle nonfiling characters. Although the use of a technique for handling nonfiling characters may be developed la ter , the Library of Congress, to reduce the costs of the changes to be made i n 1981, will

    a ) continue to place t i t l e s of honor and. address anre re, Lady, Lord, Mrs., and Sir) following the person's forename(s):

    Gilbey, Walter, S i r instead of Gilbey, S i r Walter

    b ) delete i n i t i a l ar t ic les except i n the bibliographic de- scription, t i t l e proper through series area:

    Verdi, Giuseppe, 1813-1901. Trovatore. Balen del suo sorriso

    instead of Verdi, Giuseppe, 1813 -1901. Il. trovatore. Il. balen del suo sorriso.

    It s e a s l ikely that th i s w i l l also reduce near-term costs for other a u t m t e d systems as w e l l .

    111. Early Notification of AAC'R 2 Headings

    Beginning with retrospective conversion of authority records (see below), LC has begun evaluating i t s authority records to determine which w i l l need revision based on the above guidelines. In the e


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