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Law Enforcement Against Prohibition www.leap.cc


LAW ENFORCEMENT AGAINST PROHIBITIONLEAP is an international nonprofit educational organization giving voice to law-enforcers who know the war on drugs is a failed and destructive policy. LEAP members wish to support alternatives that will reduce death, disease, crime, addiction, and tax spending, by ending drug prohibition. In four years, LEAP went from five founders to a membership of 10,000 across the United States and in 84 other countries, which is fitting since U.S. drug policy has ramifications that affect the entire world. All LEAP speakers are former drugwarriors; police, parole, probation and corrections officers, judges and prosecutors, prison wardens, DEA and FBI agents. We have a bureau of more than 80 LEAP speakers. WHAT CAN LEAP DO FOR YOU?We are a source of support and information for Law-Enforcers struggling with the disastrous effects of prohibition. We can give you tips on how to safely and effectively advocate drug policy reform. Even if you are not ready to speak out, the fellowship and information provided by LEAP will provide you with an enormous feeling of validation and camaraderie.

LEAP can provide speakers who present to students and educators or to professional, civic, benevolent, or religious organization that any Concerned Citizen designates. LEAP can also supply information, outreach tools, and strategies that can be used to help you recruit other officials and citizens to our cause. LEAP can provide Legislators with knowledgeable and articulate former drugwarriors to testify before committees and forums, offering honest assessments of U.S. drug-war policies from people who are no longer paid to implement those policies. LEAP can be your best information resource for changing our failed drug policies.

Contact us for information, support, or assistanceI believe legalized regulation of all drugs will reduce the rates of death, disease, crime, and addiction, while lessening the drain of tax revenues associated with the War on Drugs. I want to join LEAP!NAME _________________________________________ ADDRESS _____________________________________ CITY ____________________ STATE ____ ZIP_______ PHONE ___________________DATE ______________ EMAIL ________________________________________ Where did you hear about LEAP? _______________________________________________

WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR LEAP?Law Enforcement Personnel Please Join LEAP! If you wish to speak out about alternativedrug policies, we can provide you with important venues. You may also join us as an active member without speaking for the organization or, if you prefer, you may join our organization while remaining anonymous. No matter what level of involvement you choose, you will be part of a rapidly growing, highly influential body of men and women whose voices and numbers cannot be ignored in the formulation of future drug policies.

Law Enforcement Background Police Corrections Judge

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--------------------------------I am a Private Citizen without law enforcement background Yes / No I would like to volunteer I would like to donate money Yes / No Yes / No

Concerned Citizens Please Join LEAP!Anyone can join us. You can also help by donating time, money, or services. There are many necessary and important volunteer jobs available. We cannot succeed without your help.

LEAP is a 501(C)3 nonprofit Send Tax Deductible Donations to LEAP Education FundMail to: LEAP Education Fund 121 Mystic Avenue Medford, MA 02155(781) 393-6985

The Legislator: When you provide us withvenues, LEAP speakers can testify before your committees about lowering the incidence of death, disease, crime, and addiction while saving your constituents billions of their tax dollars.



LEAPs MISSIONTo prevent the multitude of unintended harmful consequences resulting from fighting the war on drugs and to reduce the incidence of death, disease, crime, and addiction by ultimately ending drug prohibition.

COPS SAY LEGALIZE DRUGS ASK US WHYAs long as marijuana is worth more than gold and heroin more than uranium, we will continue to have people willing to kill each other to control the market; willing to kill police charged with fighting these useless wars; willing to kill children caught in crossfire. When any drug is prohibited, an underground market is immediately created and moreover because it becomes dangerous to produce and distribute, that drugs value is artificially inflated. The street value of the drug is17,000 percent higher than the cost of producing the drug. When a rapist or robber is arrested, the number of rapes and robberies in the community goes down but when a drug dealer is arrested, the number of drug sales doesnt diminish. All we are doing is creating job openings for hundreds more entrepreneurs willing to take huge risks for the chance of receiving even huger profits. Fighting the war on drugs is just stirring the prohibition pot and it costs 69 Billion Dollars each year to stir that pot. To remove that profit motive we must end drug prohibition. When we ended alcohol prohibition in 1933 the next day Al Capone and his smuggling buddies were out of business. The same thing would happen to the drug lords and terrorist who, thanks to todays prohibition, sell 500 billion dollars worth of illicit drugs each year to our children around the world. That would end with legalized regulation of all drugs.

LAW ENFORCEMENT AGAINST PROHIBITIONinfo@leap.cc www.leap.cc (781)393-6985

LEAPs Goals(1) Educate the public, the media, and policymakers about the failure of current drug policy by presenting a true picture of the history, causes and effects of drug abuse and the crimes related to drug prohibition. (2) Restore the publics respect for law enforcement, which has been greatly diminished by its involvement in imposing drug prohibition.

Criminal Justice Professionals Speaking Out Against the War on Drugs

LEAPs StrategyCreate a constantly enlarging speakers bureau staffed with knowledgeable and articulate former drug-warriors who describe the impact of current drug policies on: Police and community relations The safety of law enforcement officers and suspects Police corruption and misconduct The financial and human costs associated with current drug policy

The membership of LEAP believe that to save lives, and lower the rates of disease, crime and addiction, as well as to conserve tax dollars, we must end drug prohibition.

A system of regulation and control is far more ethical and effective than one of prohibition.(781) 393-6985

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition