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<ul><li> 1. 09.24.13 ARMY TO MBA A Logical Leap A captivating tale of Gordon Barfields journey as an engineering student at West Point, a combat platoon leader, a theater production manager, and a coordinator of 1000s of military ceremonies. Audiences will get to know Gordon as they see his struggles at Ranger School, his rewarding time as a youth basketball coach, and the joy he finds in marriage and fatherhood. After a career in the Army, he seeks to take on new challenges and be a positive influence on the world and his community through business. Two thumbs up. Roger Ebert </li></ul> <p> 2. Culture The Economist September 24th 2013 Editor: We already discussed some of your background. What do you want to do with a Sloan MBA? As I transition from the Army and seek new challenges in the private sector, I realize that a Sloan MBA offers the right tools to tackle those challenges. With an analytical focus, Sloan fits well with my military background and desire to solve difficult problems while working with teammates. Through an individualized curriculum, I can work to strengthen my weak areas of business and finance. Sloans community and cooperative atmosphere will allow me to lend my unique perspective as my diverse group of peers and I grow together. I know that with a Sloan MBA, Ill be able to succeed in business and make a meaningful impact on the world. What kind of impact? As I briefly discussed in my first essay, my time in Iraq allowed me to grow as a person and as a leader. Whether leading soldiers who were initially unmotivated, working with Iraqi soldiers to improve security, or providing humanitarian assistance while helping a small village school, I took pride in the mark I left on a small area of western Iraq. Unfortunately, despite the good we did, some things we could not change. I now want to make a difference in places like Iraq through my contributions in business. What were some of the problems you want to fix? While in Iraq, I saw the struggles with energy inconsistency, the effects of oil smuggling, and the pains of inadequate roads, power lines, and equipment. Realizing the potential for positive change in places like Iraq, I seek to use my Sloan MBA to work in general management for a responsible corporation seeking to fix global problems with infrastructure and energy. By utilizing my leadership capabilities and insight from working in diverse groups combined with the skills and experience Sloan will provide, I hope to positively impact the energy and manufacturing industries goal of improving world- wide quality of life while working to reconcile the effects of improved infrastructure and standards of living with long-lasting damage to the environment. New Documentary: Army to MBA: A Logical Leap Q&amp;A: Gordon Barfield 3. Army to MBA: A Logical Leap (2013) Not an ordinary military applicant, Gordon has led in the most ill-defined environs and solved problems not encountered by other military officers. Watch as Gordon draws his strength as a leader and teammate from his family, his time coaching 4th/5thgrade basketball, and his love of sport and the outdoors. Gordons journey continues, and as he seeks new challenges, earning an MBA at Sloan truly is A Logical Leap. 4. Gordon Barfield A Perfect Fit for Sloan 9.24.13 ARMY TO MBA </p>