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1. Fetzer WinesPoint-of-Sale 2. Fetzer WinesRecipe Book 3. Fetzer WinesSales Sheets 4. Five RiversPoint-of-SaleCase Card 5. Five RiversPoint-of-SaleDisplays 6. Five RiversSales Sheet 7. Old ForesterDirect Marketing1870 Society 8. Channel MarketingHeartland Whiskey TourPOS and PromotionalPieces 9. Michel PicardReference Guide 10. Bolla Wines of ItalyIn-Store Displays 11. Bolla Wines of ItalyIn-Store Display 12. Bolla Wines of ItalyDirect MarketingPromotion forIntroductionof BollaChianti Wine 13. Fontana CandidaPoint-of-Sale & Ad 14. Columbus HospitalMotivational Goal Posters 15. Columbus HospitalOutdoor Board 16. JasperGroupCorporate Brochure& Teaser 17. ALSCollateral 18. Vest Advertising advertising that fits Advertising That Fits Campaign not quitep re s e n t a b l e ? advertising that fitsadvertising that fits advertising that fits o n e s iz e fit s n o bo dy. st ep o ut o f t he rou t in eca ll us. well help pull yo ur ima ge to gether.502 267 5335 | V E S T a d ver t i si n g . c om lo o king f o r mo r e e x p o s u re ? call us for adv ertisin g th ats cu stom tailored.Proud Sponsors of the Louisville Leopard Percussionists. 502 267 5335 | V ESTa dver tising. c om 502 267 5335 | V E S 502 267 5335 | V E S T a d v e r t is in g .c o m20096_09 Vest Exposure ad.indd 1 10/20/09 4:02:37 PM 19. HumanaAdvertising If you have a Medicare supplement plan. . .Jean and Joan are nearly identical in every respect. They look somewhat alike, have the same tastes, andshare similar lifestyles. But when it comes to their Medicare plans, they couldnt be more different.Not all Medicare HMOs are created equal.Meet Jean. Meet Joan.She has a MedicareWith herSupplement Policy. HumanaChoicePPO Plan, she gets more benefits...and pays a lower premium.More money for shopping? Humana Gold Plus (HMO-POS) is a convenient all-in-one Medicare health plan. Its Point of Service (POS) option lets you choose a provider outside the plan network for some services. To learn more about this exciting new option call today. Benefits include: $0 monthly plan premium Fitness program gym membership at no additional cost Quit smoking program 24-hour nurse hotlineJeans MedicareJoansSupplement benefits: HumanaChoicePPO benefits: Emergency coverage at home and when you travel Choice of doctors Choice of doctors Health and wellness program Choice of hospitals Choice of hospitals And more! Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage Fitness Program To find out why a Humana Gold Plus (HMO-POS) SmartSummary RxSM plan is right for you, call: Humana Active OutlookSM Emergency coverage worldwide Lower premium than most supplements 1-800-526-5344 TTY: 1-877-833-4486 Talk to a Humana representative today to see how, like Joan, you can get more benefits for a lower premium. 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week[1-800-000-0000] TTY: 1-877-833-4486[Monday Sunday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.]An HMO with a Medicare contract. The benefit information provided herein is a brief summary,but not a comprehensive description of available benefits. Additional information about benefitsis available to assist you in making a decision about your coverage. This is an advertisement;for more information contact the plan. Applicable to plan H0307-009. A Medicare approved PPO available to anyone enrolled in both Part A and Part B of Medicare through age or disability who continues to pay Medicare applicable premiums if not otherwiseH0307_GHA064BESCpaid for under Medicaid or by another third party. Copayment, service area, and benefit limitations may apply. You will pay more for covered services received outside the network. M0006_GHA_00SB 0/07 20. HumanaDirect Mail 21. Retouching Samples 22. Retouching Samples 23. Retouching Samples 24. Retouching Samples 25. Retouching Samples 26. Retouching Samples 27. Retouching Samples 28. Retouching Samples