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Part 1 Undergraduate Student BSc Architectural Studies University of Strathclyde

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  • To Live + To WorkUrban Housing

    To GatherHouse of Worship

    To LearnWeather Monitoring Station

    Selected First Year Work To Settle Dance Studio To Shelter Room With a View

    PORTFOLIO Laura PetruskeviciutePART 1 Undergraduate StudentBSc Architectural StudiesUniversity of Strathclyde

    SELECT Sculpture Competition

  • To Work + To Live Urban Housing

    technologies usedAutoCAD,SketchUp, Indigo Render, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign,

    part 1 was a group work to prepare a master-plan for Bellgrove site in East Glasgow.

    part 2 each student needs to develope a par-ticular part of masterplan by developing multi-use urban housing. It should house 40-60 in-dividuals and should combine work and living spaces.

    My choosen block faces public spaces on its south and east facades.The groundfloor is kept as work- studio spaces for residents while upper floors for living.Flats are designed so that living spaces would face south side and public square while bedrooms are fac-ing north and private courtyard.According to orientation , south side has a lot of glazing to benefit from solar gains and reduce heating demands , while north side consits of smaller windows pattern.Shutters system is used to protect building from overheating as well as to create greater privacy if needed.

  • To Learn technologies usedAutoCAD, SketchUp, Indigo Render, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign

    The requirement of brief was to cre-ate a weather monitoring station which is open for wider public.

    The building is situated in old mills site in St. Andrew.Circulation core becomes as a transmission element between public and private, old and new. Moreover, copper cladding re-acts to weather during the time cre-ating unique appearance of facade. Roof lights provide a good quality of light to different activities spaces. Thermal shutters and solar panels make the building energy efficient during the whole year.

    Weather Monitoring Station

  • To Gather House of Worship

    technologies usedAutoCAD, SketchUp, Indigo Render, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign

    The requirement of brief was to cretae a worship place in Invera-ray.

    The place I have created is non-denominational chapel which is open for all people. It has two main spaces : one is for contemplation and thinking another is for commu-nity gatherings. Flexible gather-ing space can support different programatic events enriching its community.

  • To Settle Dance Studio

    technologies usedAutoCAD, SketchUp, Adobe Photo-shop, Adobe InDesign, hand drawing

    The requirement of brief was to create a flamenco dance studio in Rothsay Isle of Bute. Building design was inspired by moving flamenco dancers dress cloth. Three main parts of the building define contrats in function and shape of spaces.

  • To Shelter Room With a View

    technologies usedAutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop,hand drawing

    The requirement of brief was to create a shelter in Mount Stuart.Corten steel structure is situated on the shore of Firth of Clyde. The shape has developed from the beetle seen on the site. It is a diverse experience to be in-side as the light penetrates from the upper shell as well as the front surface would frame the view where the horizon meets the water.

    SELECT Sculpture Competition

    The competition was to design a sculpture for SELECT, the Scottish Electrical Con-tractors association - to be installed in their office courtyard, a former walled garden at the Bush Estate near Penicuik.

    The Institutes judges considered Cor-Ten steel proposal was highly appropriate.The entry proposal was illustrated in the RIASs magazine, RIAS Quartely.

  • Achievments


    -To Learn featured in the end of year exhibition

    - To Settlefeatured in paperspace

    - award in Deans list

    -participant in Annual Art Exhibition in University of Strathclyde

    -participant of JVDM young artist exhi-bition


    - To Settle featured in the end of year exhibition

    - SELECT competition proposal fea-tured in RIAS Quaterly magazine

    Contact:Tel. No +447564033167Email: laura.petruske@gmail.com

    Website: http://www.wix.com/laurapetruske/laurapetruske