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Laura Meija Portfolio

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Architecture student portfolio

Text of Laura Meija Portfolio

  • p o r t f o l i ol a u r a m e i j a

    b.archp o r t f o l i o

    [email protected] +371 29357780

  • education:

    02.2011. now Masters degree in Architecture and Urban Planning, Riga Technical University

    09.2007. 02.2011 Bachelors degree in Architecture and Urban Planning, Riga Technical University

    01.2010. 07.2010. Exchange programme at Politechnical University of Valencia, Faculty of Architecture

    09.2006. 05.2007. Bachelors degree in Business and Economy, Riga Technical University, unfinished

    09.2000. 05.2006. State Gymnasium of Sigulda


    2007 - now volunteer in Student council at Faculty of Architecture12.2011 participant in Future City Game developement proposal

    for Sigulda Palace complex; organized by City Council of Sigulda in cooperation with British Council

    06.2011. - 09.2011 internship in City Council of Sigulda as an assistant of city architect Maija Geidane

    03.2011 jury member of youth film festival Kinodroms02.2011 04.2011 participation in landscape design and realization of

    Aluksne courtyard during the national campaign Big Cleanup

    02.2009 representative of RTU Faculty of Architecture during the exhibition School 2009

    07.2006 12.2006 assistant at the private practice of Arch. Gunta Graudupe

    additional education:

    11.2011 EFLA Regional Congress of Landscape Architecture Mind the Gap in Tallin, Estonia

    25.10 Design For All workshop, ran by Pete Kercher (Italy), Ambassador at EIDD - Design for All Europe

    10.2011 Experience exchange tour in Lithuania with student council of Architecture faculty of Vilnius Technical university

    04.2011 Seminar and tour Sustainability in architecture in Stockholm, guided by Arch V. Bokalders

    10.2009 Motivation seminar Step 2010 organized by RTU for student council03.2008 Design Laboratory workshop run by Zile Davidsone /Academy of

    Fine Arts/03.2008 Laboratory of Light workshop run by Ilze Kundzina /Dipl.Arch. RTU/2006-2007 drawing studies at a private practice of artist Laila Bogustova2004-2005 dance studio Dzirnas1998-2002 Study of Fine arts in School of Arts and Music in Sigulda

    1996-2001 piano classes at a private practice of Ingrida Dreimane


    fluent: english, latvianconversational: spanish, russian, german

    interests: moviemaking, nature, snowboard

    [email protected]+371 29357780;

    creative approach to design and concept, strong approach to site analyse, precision in model making, freehand drawing, graphic design skills, fast perception of new information, good organizator skills, great visual and verbal communication.

    AutoCad, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premier Pro, Ms Of-fice, MathCad, VectorWork, Google Sketchup.



    computer skills:

    L A U R A M E I J A resume

  • contents

  • assignment: to design energoefficient multifunctional skyscraper, ISOVER Manhattan, NY.

    concept: Inspiration from Nature. Study. Play. We created a spherical shape - the larg-est volume, the smallest surface area, less heat loss, as well as a safer form of the aerodynamic point of view-wind fluctua-tions do not affect the building so much.Interior design and planning creates a healthy environment and microclimate for inhabitants - multi-storey winter gar-den purifies the air, positively influences peoples mood. The building is provided with natural ventilation and supplied by renewable energy and capabilities to sort and recycle waste, this is to encourage people for eco-friendly lifestyle. comment: team project with architecture students Liva Banka and Reinis february 2011

    blossom_let it grow


    above: conceptleft: perspective and general plan

  • below: sectionleft: sustainability schemesbelow left: perspective


  • 1: On The Edge/ pavillion by the seamaterial: paperdate: may 2007

    2: Playgroundmaterial: wooddate: february 2011



    06composition 1: home as a shelter- emotion created by the citydate: october 2008

    2: playgrounddate: march 20date: march 2011







  • science & research center



    assignment: to design science and research center in the territory of an old textile Riga, Latvia, left bank of Daugava Riverconcept: Defining what is good about the existing place. Keeping sense of place, creating new image.material: rust steel, dark wood, glass.comment: team project with architecture students Liva Banka and Liene may 2011

    1: concept process2: landscape design3: model


    1 3



  • H E A T I N G

    L O B B Y

    K I T C H E N

    C A F E

    T E M P O R A R YE X P O

    D I N O S A U R S

    H I S T O R Y

    W O N D E R S O F T H E W O R L D

    C A R P A R K

    S T O R A G E

    E Q U I P M E N T

    V E N T I L A T I O N

    S O U V E N I RS H O P

    A D M I N I -S T R A T I O N

    P A T I O

    1: first floor plan2: second floor plan3: east facade4: south facade5: north facade6: site7: landscape design

    1 2







  • 1: portoriginal size: 29x21 cmmedium: acrylicdate: july 2009comment: this painting is inspired by colours and light used in impressionist marinas

    2: composition in 2Doriginal size: 60x42 cmmedium: aquareldate: october 2008

    3: boatsoriginal size: 60x42 cmmedium: acrylicdate: july 2009





  • assignment: to design a residential hous-ing with small apartments (1-2 persons per apartment)location: old town of Valencia, Spainconcept: manzana (apple) - housing is designed with its movement around central element inner greenyard, offering recreation terraces and pleasant visual experiencewhile moving through the building.comments: individual projectdate: march 2010

    rental apartment house

    la manzana




    1: model2: south-east facade3: section4: site5: sixth floor plan (next page)6: roof plan (next page)


  • 11

  • 12

    destiny garden is a memorial to all those people who were lost to Latvia during 20th century as the victims of totalitar-ian regimes. The garden is designed as a movement through different emotional states: peace, doubt, prayer, promise, solace, enlightement and desire.

    meditation pavillion contest: to design a meditation pavillion near the waters edge while experiencing solace.location: Koknese, Latvia

    concept: unique is a hawk who flies without moving his wings. It shows his unlimited power.

    /Latvian poet I.Ziedonis/

    date: november 2009comment: team project with Liva Banka and Jevgenijs Busins.

    destiny garden

    meditation pavillion

  • urban planning

    Bisumuizaassignment: urban plan proposal for resi-dential area of Bisumuizalocation: Bisumuiza, Riga, LV

    concept: most of the residential areas of Riga lack strong identity or center. Site of Bisumuiza is unique with its location and potential to create easy access to the surrounding infrastructure of capital, at the same time offering silent and natural environment for its residentials. Con-cept is based on creating a spine of the area - structure, that serves as a building, boulevard and transport line at the same time. The spine creates active and vivid linear center with mixed-use functions. The central residential part on platforms with free-standing mixed-type buildings offers pleasant car-free environment for inhabitants.

    comment: team project in cooperation with V.Bruzgulis, N.Saprovskis, L.Ievina, M.Rikards, october 2010

    2 3


    41: masterplan of Bisumuiza2: spine of the area3: building types4: Bisumuiza in context of Riga city


  • residential housing


    assignment: to design apartment build-ing in future residential area Bisumuiza, in the city of Riga.

    location: Bisumuiza, Riga

    concept: Bringing the daylight into the building, creating staircase as light and cosy semi-private space for inhabitants.

    comment: individual projectdate: december 2010

    1: elevation2: section3: perspective4: context sketch of area






  • 1: north facade2: west facade3: concept4: ground floor plan (offices)5: second floor plan (apartments)6: location






  • row housing


    assignment: to design compact row housing for a familylocation: Bisumuiza, Riga, LVconcept: Building is made by considering the interaction of daylight and sustain-ability aspects, row houses are designed to be compact, with minimum heat loss, thus, providing garden spece in the front and backyard. Building is planned in 3 different levels: ground floor - open space for whole fam-ily to be together, 2nd floor - apartments for children, 3rd master apartment with studio and terrace.comments: individual projectdate: december 2010

    1: model2: section3: ground level4: first level plan5: second level plan6: perspective








  • frame to frame_ capturing different moments on the same frame without rewinding the footage.

    1_ colour of a daycamera: Dianadate: october 20102_ geometry of a placecamera: Dianadate: october 2010

    comment: these pictures I made during lomo laboratory organised by lomo developer and freelancer in Latvia Maksim Shadursky.