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Senior Valedictory

Text of Kylie Krummel - Sr. Val

  • Life isnt worth living for nothing. You have to find something to live forand what you live for will always be unique to you.

    Look around you right

    now; there is only one set of eyes

    seeing exactly what you are see-

    ing now from exactly the same

    angle. Only one brain is inter-

    preting this completely unique

    view in its own completely

    unique way. When you think

    about it, you are the only you

    that there is, was, and ever will


    Your experiences are

    all singular to you.

    The need for compari-

    son in this world is greater than

    ever before because of the mas-

    sive influence of media and en-

    tertainment. However, there is

    no comparison to you.

    You are you, you are

    the only person who can be you,

    and you are you better than any-

    one else. Take charge of that and

    embrace it. Theres no need to

    compare yourself to others if

    there is no comparison there to


    You are the only YOU.

    An overview of me; by me.

    Established 1994

    Version 18.0

    Top Ten: K-Pop Artists 2

    Runt, Twin, Meaning of Life


    Time Capsule, Golf re-gionals,


    Acheivements... 5

    Roman Missal, Pope Francis


    Gangnam Style, Hallyu Wave


    Art 8


    REQUIRED Inside this issue:

    Special points of in-


    Briefly highlight your

    point of interest here.

    Briefly highlight your

    point of interest here.

    Briefly highlight your

    point of interest here.

    Briefly highlight your

    point of interest here.

    Kylie Krummel

  • 4 Super Junior Siwon,

    Leeteuk, Shindong,

    Eunhyuk, Ryeowook,

    Sungmin, Yesung,

    Heechul, Henry, Zhou

    Mi, Kangin, Donghae,

    Kyuhyun, [Han Geng],


    1 G-Dragon

    Top Ten: K-Pop Artists

    Page 2 Kyl ie Krummel Vers ion 18.0

    2 BIGBANG G-Dragon, TOP, Taeyang,

    Daesung, Seungri

    3 U-Kiss Soohyun, Dongho, Kevin,

    Eli, Kiseop, AJ, Hoon, [Kibum],


    5 Teen Top L.Joe, Changjo, Ricky, Niel,

    CAP, Chunji

    8 VIXX Hongbin, N, Leo, Ken, Ravi, Hyuk 7 B.A.P Daehyun, Youngjae, Himchan, Zelo, Yongguk, Jongup

    6 SHINee Key, Jonghyun, Onew, Taemin, Minho

    9 Nuest Ren,

    Baekho, Aron, JR,


    10 F. Cuz

    Jinon, Daegun,

    Raehyun, Kan,

    Yejun, [LeeU]

  • Personal Essay Reflection #1: Runt

    Meaning of Life

    Personal Essay Reflection #2: My Twin

    It is always with a

    teasing grin that my brother

    tells me that I am the child

    that wasnt supposed to be

    born. In reality, he and I are

    twins so there is no way to

    tell which one of us was in-

    tended and which wasnt, but

    since he was born sixty sec-

    onds before me, he assumes

    that he is the intended child

    and I am the mistake. Aside

    from being the so-called mis-

    take, I am the youngest, the

    smallest, the shortest, the

    weakest and the only female

    child in my family. I could be

    described as the runt of the

    litter, if you can call our av-

    erage three-child home a

    litter. In order to dispel the

    runt label, a majority of

    my life has been devoted to

    finding something in which I

    can excel and stand out, be-

    cause Im always following in

    the footsteps of others in my

    familysomehow even my

    twin manages to put me in his

    shadow. However, this has

    only encouraged me to be

    even more creative in order

    to be noticed. And there is an

    advantage to my brother

    automatically seizing the

    leadership role; when times

    get tough, those sixty seconds

    can turn into several years of

    maturity that enable my

    brother to protect and lead

    me the way a real older

    brother would. (220)

    eighteen years, keeping my

    secrets and completing my

    sentences without fail. Being

    the exact same age provided

    a similarity in interests during

    our childhood that other sib-

    lings never encountered. De-

    spite being equivalent in age,

    Colin, decided quickly that he

    did have a baby sister

    even though Im only 60 sec-

    onds younger than him. Im

    not sure what I will be able to

    do without him, because Ive

    always felt a sense of co-

    dependence on him. While he

    was only a minute older, I

    looked to him constantly for

    leadership and bravery, and

    now Ill have to come up with

    those things on my own. (164)

    I have something

    that if one doesnt have at

    the moment he or she is

    born, one will never have in

    his or her entire life. It is one

    of the few things that have

    stayed completely constant in

    my life since the precise mo-

    ment of my birth; a twin

    brother. My brother has been

    my built-in best friend for

    there is no messing up;

    youre going to live your life

    the way you were supposed

    to because everything you do

    will immediately become

    your life. Youre in control of

    your own fate, though. Now,

    God does have a pretty big

    hand in all of this, but he

    gave humans free will for a

    So if you really are uniquee;

    totally, utterly and com-

    pletely different from every-

    one else...what then? What

    you do then is you figure out

    what makes you unique and

    why, and then you try to find

    people who complement your

    uniqueness with theirs. The

    best thing about this is that

    reason. So the overall goal is

    to find a perfect balance be-

    tween Gods will for you and

    what you want to do, and

    most of the time they will

    end up being very similar to

    each other.

    Page 3 Kyl ie Krummel Vers ion 18.0

  • The items I would place in a

    time capsule to represent me

    may seem useless or pointless

    to others, but represent a

    great deal of memories about

    my life.

    1. My lacrosse stick: It holds

    all the memories I have

    from every season I

    played the sport. It

    represents something I

    worked hard on.

    2. My golf charm bracelet:

    Given to me by the un-

    derclassmen on the golf

    team, it shows how close

    knit we were.

    3. My violin: Ive partici-

    pated in orchestra since

    junior high and it is my

    favorite peaceful hobby.

    4. Headphones: I adore mu-

    sic, and that is my favor-

    ite way to listen to it;

    blocking everything else


    5. The bible I got on senior

    retreat: In the front

    cover this bible says

    dear Kylie and inside

    the back cover reads

    from God. It signifies

    what I learned on the


    6. My mailbox: I have never

    once moved ever in my

    life, so my mailbox with

    my address on it really

    does represent my whole

    entire existence.

    her shoulders. Shed been having massive headaches, but shed been playing through the pain. Our head coach then boarded the bus. Once we arrived, the other alternate and I helped unload bags and accompanied the rest of the team to the range. Not more than forty minutes before the regionals were

    The morning of our Regional tournament, I woke up and drove myself to the school to board the small bus that be-longed to our even smaller girls golf team. I joined the girls who were already there with a smile, halfhearted because I was an alternate. Eventually our last player arrived with a blanket around

    scheduled to begin, the coach spoke two small words to me: Youre playing. My heart went from excited to petri-fiedI wasnt prepared to play regionals, mentally or otherwise. But I gathered my bag from the back of the bus where Id left it, warmed up quickly, and played the best I

    could at Regionals. (161)


    Personal Essay Reflection #4: Regionals

    player gets four marbles of

    their color and tries to get

    them around the board and

    back to their home base. If

    you land on another marble,

    you can send it back to the

    start. There are often

    screams of joy and rage as we

    pursue the home bases. Eve-

    ryone has learned how to

    maneuver around the board

    expertly and distract their

    opponent while they get

    closer and closer to

    aggravating them. I love

    the memory of playing Aggra-

    vation because it repre-

    sentedand still represents

    the love that my family has.


    Personal Essay Reflection #3: Aggravation

    There are innumerable mo-

    ments I could select as a spe-

    cial memory of mine; my

    childhood wasnt one of fear

    or trauma. One of the sim-

    plest times my family shared

    is also the time that stands

    out to me the most. The

    game of Aggravation is a

    modern twist on a classic

    marble board game. Each

    Page 4 Kyl ie Krummel Vers ion 18.0

  • Personal Essay Reflection #5: Values

    Personal Essay Reflection #6: Jesus

    Thats what she said.

    Probably considered one of

    the funniest comments a high

    school student could make

    considered funny by some,

    but not by all. I do not fall

    into the category that finds

    sexual humor amusing in any