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2. MICHIGAN 3. THE CLIMATE 4. LANDFORMES VARY FUE MOUNTANS. THE GRATE LAKES Richer soil plants peninsulas 5. NATURAL RESOURCES RICH SOIL TREES CAN CROPS SOY BEENS GRASS IRON COPPER 6. FORMING The Midwest is the hart land . They have forests Have Low lands It is cheap growing 7. Explore the west 8. WASHINGTON MONTANA INDANA WYOMING OEGON ALASKA UTAH Hawaii IDAHO CALAFORNIA 9. climateclimate Volcano Hot Hawaii Milled summers 10. Farming Oil Tourism Mining Software Lumber 11. Rocky Mountains Death Valley Yellow stone Waterways volcano 12. Pears Cherries Pinapple Nuts Gold Rock Minerals Beaches 13. Arizona New Mexico Texas Oklahoma 14. Very Hot At night it is very cold 15. Grand Canyon Colorado River Mountains Valley Basin Waterfalls Kivas 16. Cacti Palm Tree Oil Cattle Sand 17. Cattle Ranches Fishing on the Coast of Texas Oil 18. Tennessee North Carolina West Virginia Louisiana Mississippi South Carolina Aransas Kentucky Alabama Virginia Georgia 19. Windy Warm Hurricanes Rainy Sunny 20. Island Swamps Mountains Wetlands Mammoth Cave 21. Coal Oranges 22. Rice Cotton Tobacco Crawfish Quilts Oranges 23. Pennsylvania New Jersey Maryland Maine Massachusetts New York Connecticut New Hampshire Delaware Washington DC 24. Four seasons Hot Summers Rains Snow 25. Appalacian Mountains Ellis Island Beaches Hudson river 26. Skiers come Snow borders Shellfish Erie canal Water man Tourist Whaling