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1. Kylie Gregor Teacher Leader of the English Department at Rich Central High School 2. Curriculum Design Expert Kylie Gregor is considered a highly skilled educational curriculum design professional. As the Teacher Leader of the English Department at Rich Central High School, Kylie Gregor helps other teachers design and implement effective curriculums that increase retention of critical ideas and subjects. Kylie Gregor has many years of curriculum design experience, and relies on that experience to provide teachers with a powerful educational tool. Skilled and Respected Teacher Kylie Gregor has built an accomplished and successful teaching career. With over a decade of professional teaching experience, Kylie Gregor has provided expert instruction to hundreds of young and eager minds. Kylie Gregor has earned the respect of her teaching colleagues because of her undying commitment to education and her students. Kylie Gregor currently teaches at Rich Central High School, located in Olympia Fields, Illinois. 3. Literacy Advocate Kylie Gregor is a strong advocate of literacy. As a high school teacher for more than a decade, Kylie Gregor understands how important it is for students to have strong reading comprehension skills. Kylie Gregor emphasizes literacy as a foundation for all types of education, and she stresses literacy as a foundational key to success. Kylie Gregor is a professional educator who wants more teachers to design curriculums that emphasize literacy. Educational Leader Kylie Gregor is the Teacher Leader for the Rich Central High School English Department. She has displayed unique leadership ability that has served as a powerful example to her colleagues. Kylie Gregor assists other teachers in the development of more effective and lasting educational curriculums. A teacher at Rich Central since 2005, Kylie Gregor has exhibited a strong desire to help both students and other teaches achieve success. 4. Making the Grade Its important for children to have educators who genuinely care about their academic success. Kylie Gregor continually shows her passion and skill for teaching. Kylie Gregor exhibits an honest and real compassion for her students, and she hopes to provide each one with the educational tools that will help them succeed later in life. Kylie Gregors passion for quality education is unquestioned. Helping Children Prepare Kylie Gregor is invested in helping children prepare for their future. She promotes increased teacher interest in better and more effective study and test preparation methods. Kylie Gregor wants to help her fellow educators create better test-preparation courses that help to better prepare students for the reading portion of the ACT. Kylie Gregor believes in providing true instructional leadership to other teaching professionals. 5. 6.