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  • KANI KANI PELE The Monthly Newsletter of Kailua United Methodist Church Volume XVIV No. 7 July , 2016

    1110 Kailua Road, Kailua , HI 96734 Making Disciples of Christ from All Generations

    Crazy Love Years ago when I was in

    South Africa, I visited a

    squatter settlement of over a

    million people called

    Khayelitsha. This was a

    sprawling slum of shacks as

    far as the eye could see. My

    host was a pastor named

    Graham Cyster.

    There was a group of Stanford students in South

    Africa at the same time I was there, and these

    students told Graham that they wanted to do

    evangelism in Khayelitsha. Graham said, Are you

    sure? They said, Yes and off they went. As they

    walked along they came across a group of young

    black men who said to them, Youre Americans

    arent you, what are you doing here? The Stanford

    students replied, Were here talking to people about

    Jesus. Oh really, what about him? the young men

    asked. That Jesus loves them, one student said.

    Hearing this one of the young men blurted out,

    Bull.! Bloody bull.! Youre telling me Jesus

    loves me. I live right over there (pointing to a shack

    with a tarp covering). Jesus doesnt live in

    Khayelitsha. And Jesus doesnt love me or he

    wouldnt allow me to live here. As Graham

    watched this unfold, he thought, Dont say

    anything. But the students tried to defend their

    position. Eventually, they gave up, went home and


    Graham and Dorkus Cyster lived in the Broken Wall

    Community, a multi-racial Christian community that bordered this slum area. They decided to start a

    church in Khayelitsha. When they did, the residents

    were highly skeptical Give them two months, six months, or a year, and theyll be out of here.

    But Graham and Dorkus stuck around. They spent

    time getting to know families in the area. They

    became familiar faces. There was a high, corrupt

    police presence in this area, and at times Graham

    confronted the police, defending the residents he had

    gotten to know. When needed, he would stay in their

    home, or they would stay in his.

    Unlike the Stanford students, Graham didnt just

    show up as an outsider. He became a member of this

    community, and in doing so, he earned their trust. By

    the time of my visit, the church they started had

    grown to 60 members and was serving the

    community in vital ways.

    Graham didnt relate to Khayelitsha from a safe

    distance. He got dangerously close. Thats exactly

    what God did in Jesus Christ. John puts it this way,

    God (the Word) became flesh and dwelled among

    us. God became a person and moved into the

    neighborhood. Thats what we celebrate as


    There is something so beautiful, so powerful about

    God becoming a person: God stubbing his toe; God

    getting laughed at in school; God getting yelled at by

    his parents; God wanting nothing more than a bite to

    eat; God feeling lonely on a Friday night; God

    getting so anxious that his sweat is bloody; God

    facing the death penalty. God living in Khayelitsha.

    God living in Kailua. God living in Waimanalo. God

    reaching out to us by becoming one of us.

    I can understand a person wanting to become God,

    but God wanting to become a person. Why would

    God do that?

    Crazy love. Blessings, Pastor Tim

  • The Kani Kani Pele (The Ringing Bell in Hawaiian) page 2


    SATURDAY, AUGUST 13, 2016

    Please join us for our Sixth Annual Summerfest, a celebration of summer featuring local handmade crafts, jewelry, plants, produce, food, shave ice, thrift shop, specialty items. We are still accepting vendor applications. If you would like to help or have any questions or would like a vendor application, please call the church office at 261-6238 or visit our website at www.kailuaumc.org. Hope to see you at Summerfest. Invite all your friends!

    Volunteer opportunities. Questions? Please contact Deborah Tom at 808-728-9993. As part of our church goal of being a serving Ohana, Summer Fest proceeds will benefit Outreach programs; primarily Beacon of Hope House (www/beaconofhopekumc.org), Girls on the Run of Hawaii (www.girlsontherunhawaii.org), and India Missions.

  • The Kani Kani Pele (The Ringing Bell in Hawaiian) page 3

    July Birthdays

    If you are interested in the July birthdays,

    please call the church office at 261-6238


    Once again, Summer Fest will have a booth where

    you can get unbelievable bargains in wonderful plants

    for your yard.

    We need all types of plants from your yard to

    enhance the beauty of other KUMC members yards.

    ALL proceeds go toward KUMC Outreach Projects.

    For further informa0on, call Jane or Larry Marcum

    at 261-8752. Mahalo!


    Lee Mitchell was a nice guy. Friendly and quiet

    on approach yet very keen about

    KUMCs care and upkeep. Lees

    widow, Dee Mitchell and his

    family set up the Lee Mitchell

    Trust to con0nue the church

    upkeep and repair and specifically

    acknowledge the care of our

    Medita0on Rock Garden.

    Its easy to fund an exis0ng

    trust or start a new trust. To make a tax deduc0ble

    dona0on please speak to or email Doug Borton at

    hichristyborton@gmail.com or Jerry Allen at


    Our 2016 highschool graduates, Rashawn Scales and Aliya Petranik.

    2016 KUMC Foundation Scholarship awardees are: Aliya Petranik and Griffin Lockette (pictured); and MeiLan Sim and Austin Tom (not pictured).

  • The Kani Kani Pele (The Ringing Bell in Hawaiian) page 4

    Its 0me to Relay! Relay for Life Windward Oahu is on Saturday July 9th from 2-10pm at Kailua High School.

    Please join our church team and come out and support American Cancer Societys signature fundraising event for

    cancer research and educa0on but more importantly, to show support for survivors, caregivers and families. Call

    Deborah if you have ques0ons, 808 728 9993. Its free and its easy to join or donate, see below for details:

    Copy and paste this into your search bar:


    Click on purple: search for a team Click on purple: search for a team

    Type in: Kailua United Methodist Church OR Type in: Kailua United Methodist Church

    Click: Join Click: Donate

    Create an account

  • The Kani Kani Pele (The Ringing Bell in Hawaiian) page 5

    Join us for a weekend of renewal as we connect to God through teaching, worship, prayer and fellowship. We will learn about the Holy Spirit and gain firsthand experience in listening prayer.

    Friday, Aug. 5 - 6:45 pm to 8:30 pm (an evening session of worship, teaching, and ministry) Saturday, Aug. 6 - 8:30 am to 2:30 pm (three sessions of worship, teaching and ministry -

    breakfast refreshments and lunch included)

    Our teaching and ministry times will be led by Rev. Larry Eddings, a retired United Methodist pastor from Seattle and founder of Wind of the Spirit Ministries, and by Jeremy and Joy Ellington, church planters in Kerala, India.

    Kailua United Methodist Church 1110 Kailua Road, Kailua, HI 96734

    Childcare will be provided. Questions? Call us at (808) 261-6238


    Come down and join us at the Annual Kailua Fourth

    of July Parade and support our Shave Ice tent! We

    will be selling shave ice at our annual shave ice sale

    located at the Allens house at 78

    South Kainalu Drive across from

    the Kailua Recrea0on Center from

    9:00 a.m. 0ll the end of the

    parade. All proceeds go to the

    American Cancer Society Relay

    for Life.


    Join us for our second

    annual KUMC Family

    Bowling event at K-Bay

    Lanes on Marine Corps

    Base-Hawaii on Sunday,

    July 31 from 3:00 to 6:00

    p.m. Two games and shoe

    rental for only $8.00/

    person. Well also have supper catered by Sam

    Adams grill. Roll into the new school year with a

    fun aKernoon of bowling with friends. Please sign

    up today aKer worship at the bowling table (look

    for the giant bowling pins), or let Kim Matyskiela

    know at krsquaredm@gmail.com. If you need base

    access, be sure to see Kim as soon as possible.


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