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  • Welcome to Julys NewsletterWelcome to Julys Newsletter. I hope everyone enjoyed the Jubilee week; which probably is a distant memory to everyone now in Furness the celebrations certainly seem to last the whole week. This month has also seen the Olympic Torch work its way through the Lake District, Cumbria and Lancashire in the few days that it decided to pour down. Most planned events seen to be a washout, but for those who were daring enough to brave the weather I know that you would have enjoyed the historic event.

    This month has been very busy with networking events, no chore for me there as I love to network. I have met some really nice and well-connected people at these events. At one of these events I heard a very inspirational woman talk about how shed built her business through the foot and mouth disaster. I was drawn to her humbleness and ability to adapt to change in difficult circumstances. This has made me consider the importance about moving forward and not keeping your business stagnant in these difficult times, I read a blog about how almost half of small business had deliberated closing down within the past five years, this is a sad statistic. Adaption should be something we should all think about when growing our businesses.

    Here at TI Payroll & Accounting we are exceptionally busy at the moment with accounts for those who need their figures for the Tax credits. If you are in this position and you havent got your accounts to us .. you must get a wriggle on the deadline is 31st July!!! HMRC have tightened up their procedures regarding tax credits this year and you really need to be on top of the deadlines to make sure you get all that you are entitled too.

    I would like to thank Lorraine Oates of Power & Paint Photography for once again producing a lovely photo for this edition of the newsletter and Id also like to thank Hannah Bell for being my guest blogger on this months subject of why it is important to have a will in place to protect your business as well as your family.

    As usual if you have picked this newsletter up and you would like to be on our mailing list please visit www.subscribe.tipayroll.co.uk and request to receive these newsletter monthly so you never miss out.

    Tracy x

    JULY 2012, EdiTion 4


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    BIO: Dad of two little girls; husband to @MandyTelford; Labour Co-operative MP for Barrow & Furness; shadow transport minister; chair of Labour Friends of Israel.

    This months Tweeter of the month is our Local MP who at the moment is rallying to save our local train link between Barrow-in-furness and Manchester.

    If you are local (or if youre not and know how important local raillines are to those who dont live near a motorway) then please link with MP John Woodcock on either twitter or facebook and follow the link to sign the petition.

    Direct petition link: https://www.change.org/petitions/first-transpennine-express-the-secretary-of-state-for-transport-save-our-through-trains

    Dates for your Diary

    July 12th The Business Network - Lakeside Hotel 13th Pink Link Furness 19th Payment to HMRC 19th CIS Submission Due 31st Tax Credits Deadline!!!

    August 10th Pink Link Furness 19th Payment to HMRC 19th CIS Submission Due 23rd The Business Network - Lancaster 27th Late Summer Holiday

  • Running your own business is immensely satisfying and hopefully a financially rewarding process. your business is often thought of as your baby, you nurture it, you watch it grow and you hope that it will flourish long after you have died. A living legacy of your life and work for generations to come. For this to happen, like all business ventures, you will need to plan ahead. Much like you would plan for your familys future following your death you need to plan your business continuation strategy.

    Without an effective continuation strategy your clients could be left out in the cold. The potential disruption, upset and financial harm could have a devastating impact. Protecting clients interests and ensuring that the status-quo is maintained following your death is good for client relations and shows your clients that your business values their custom.

    You are the best person to plan what will happen to your business.

    your loved ones will be left to deal with the administration of your estate and if you dont leave a plan for them to follow how will they know what to do? Death comes to us all it is not pleasant but if we dont plan for it an already stressful and emotional situation can turn into a nightmare for those left behind.

    your business is an asset, however big or small it has a value. It provided you with an income and could, if properly managed, continue to provide that income following your death. Managed correctly your business can continue to provide a financial benefit to your loved ones once you have died.

    If you employ staff you also need to consider how their future will be safe guarded. If you are no longer

    here to steer the business they might lose their job, their income. To protect your employees you need to think about who can take over if you are not around to run the business and what precautions, such as insurance, you should have in place.

    So what should you do? As a minimum you need to talk over your wishes with your loved ones- after all it is they who will be left behind once you have died. Better still would be to speak with your accountant and/or legal advisor. They can talk through the various options with you; specific to your personal and business needs.

    Guest Blogger: hannah Bell, Lakes Legal Limited

    Will your death kill your business?

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    Well, you know, I was a human being before I became a

    businessman.George Soros, right wing

    Financial Advisor

  • Client Focusdebbie roberts - damptec.com Ltd

    debbies business

    success shows damp

    proofing is not all rot

    Debbie Roberts runs Damptec.com, which

    covers all aspects of wood treatment

    and damp proofing. It also does cellar

    conversions and woodworm treatment,

    among other things.

    She formed it in 2010 to support her

    brother, Neil Elliot, in his existing plastering

    and damp-proofing business. So Debbie

    really is keeping things in the family.

    Debbie says that one of the most important

    things to think about when starting her

    business was developing a marketing

    strategy. Its all about the right brand; as

    she says, the right advertising mediums

    and differentiating ourselves from the

    competition. Debbie also recommends

    brushing up on research before jumping

    in. Judging by Damptecs rising profile,

    Debbie certainly has her own businesses

    image licked.

    So when people hear about the quality

    service that Damptec provides, it doesnt

    get met with plank looks.

    Debbie would like Damptec to continue

    to be known as a trustworthy, friendly

    and prompt business offering value for

    money and a safe quality service. This all

    means that Debbies business makes the

    competition look a bit wet.

    Debbie enjoys being her own boss, being

    responsible for making her own decisions

    and having the freedom to decide which

    direction her business should go in.

    When it comes to the economic downturn,

    Debbie reckons that once the euro zone

    settles down, banks confidence will

    increase and businesses will invest more.

    She hopes therell be a drip, drip, drip

    effect from the global to the national level.

    Debbie thinks her business would be better

    oiled if the government helped small

    companies by extending national insurance

    holidays and improve the business rate

    regime which is penalising small retail

    business. Anything less would just be

    papering over the cracks.

    When Debbie isnt helping people to get

    plastered (in a business sense!), she

    enjoys going walking and having meals in

    restaurants. With supporting her children

    at sport in all weathers, Debbie may need

    more coats.

    As time rolls on for her business, Debbie

    would like to seal further deals and build

    on her existing client base. In the future,

    Debbie says that she wants to train up and

    expand the workforce and for her company