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    LIFE W ood bridge Volume 4 Issue 7 Number 34 Your Life. Your Community. Your News. July 2014

    InsideBedford and Hancock . . . 6Bridge Scores . . . . . . . . 8Calendar . . . . . . . . . . . 35 Committees . . . . . . . . . 17 Events and Tours . . . . . . . 17Garden Tasks . . . . . . . . 10Groups and Clubs . . . . . . 34Where in the World . . . . . 38WOA Update . . . . . . . . . . 4

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    Summer solstice has come and gone and we are entering the hot month of July. July promises to be "hot" at Woodbridge in many ways. Don't miss the Wheels of Woodbridge "Rods, Roadsters and Cruising Cars" show Saturday, July 12. This is the group's annual fundraiser to benefit Second Harvest Food Bank so it is not only a great show, it is a great cause!

    My appreciation to local songstress Debby Hickey for her patience and understanding. Last month I mentioned her three cleverly written fight songs but forgot to include them in the paper. Please see pages 22 and 23 of this edition. I promise the songs are included this time!

    Our Family City M u r a l

    Our theme, this month, is Woodbridge the All-American Community and what better time to highlight one of the many murals in downtown Manteca that Woodbridge residents have helped to paint and, in doing so have forged a lasting relationship with the people of Manteca. In early October 2010, several Woodbridge residents joined with members of the Manteca Mural Society to create a lasting memorial to the American community titled Our Family City. Woodbridge residents Sandy and Bill Stanger, Edie Brown, Marge Nelson, Jana Kattenhorn, Roger LaPresle and Bill and Patti Barnhart spent much of one weekend bringing to life these pictures of the American family and community on the side of the State Farm building on Main Street near the Presbyterian church.

    Early Saturday morning several members of the Mural Society and I prepared the building by snapping vertical and horizontal chalk lines over the entire side of the building making 12-inch squares. We then outlined where each individual drawing would be painted and snapped those areas into six-inch grids. As people started to arrive, each was given an option of which drawing to work on and handed an 8x10 copy of the drawing that also had a grid outlined on it. Using charcoal sticks, we transposed the outline

    of the images in each picture onto the wall, grid by grid, enlarging them to ten times or more the original size. Once those were completed, we went over the outlines with black paint, which you can see in both the first day's work and the completed drawings. By noon the drawings were pretty much outlined and we began to prepare the paint for the next day. We took about six base color paints, then using predetermined formulas to achieve various shades of colors, we mixed the base paints by estimating amounts to attain the colors we would use the next day. This took nearly the entire afternoon.

    The next morning dawned heavily overcast, not the sunny Sunday morning we had hoped for. Right about the time we all settled in to start painting, the clouds opened up and the rain started down. Luckily, one of the Mural Society volunteers was in construction and had a roll of plastic on his truck that unfolded to about a 15-foot width. He and I climbed up on the roof of the building and unrolled the plastic the full length of the building, attaching it to the faade as we went along and allowing it to hang down over the scaffolding set up to paint the upper portions of the wall. This seemed to satisfy the painters and we all set to work. I first painted the tractor in one of the pictures and then moved on

    By Bill Barnhart

    See FAMILY page 12

  • www.ourwoodbridge.net Woodbridge LIFE Page 3 July 2014

    From Dodie's Desk:By Dodie Miller, Activities Director

    The Annual Spring Garden Tour brought out a large number of residents and guests who enjoyed the day touring the backyards. Ten residents volunteered their yards for the tour. They were: Jerry and Robyn Bartley, Betty Buff, Bill and Nancy Deuell, Tom and Wanda Emerick, Robert and Joyce Graham, C.D. and Nilima Joglekar, Frank and Cathy Mello, Alan and Sandy Nevares, Rich and Judy Whitlock and Sheila Zaballos. A BIG thanks to all of you for giving our community another beautiful garden tour our sixth!

    Summer Dance 2014 was the beginning of our summer dances to come. We had the 50s band The Hot Rods who had just about everyone on the dance floor. We danced to lots of great oldies to help us shake off some calories and get us prepped for the summer. We needed it after enjoying those In-N-Out burgers! The band brought lots of energy to the room and we remembered that golden era of Rock n Roll.

    The Drama Group performed three shows - two on a Thursday and one on a Saturday. The main title The Drama Group Hits the Road broke out into four plays: The Camper, Road Trip, Speeding Ticket and Dinner Date. As always, there was lots of laughter as the audience related to all of these skits.

    With the nice weather upon us our Happy Hours on the patio started up again in May with DJ Dave Badilla and the Crystal Image Band. We have such a beautiful setting on our lakeside patio. It is a perfect open outdoor venue with our beautiful Lake Rockwell in view for

    dancing and socializing. Come out and enjoy these happy hours through the summer. Well have B T Express at the end of July.

    Well be out around the gazebo (by the putting course) for an outside concert by the group California Creedence led by resident Bill Kistner, Saturday, July 5. The group focuses on the songs of Creedence Clearwater Revival and of John Fogerty. You will find more details under Coming to Woodbridge - Events and Tours on page 17. Our Veterans Group will be selling hot dogs in the parking lot to support the Veterans of Korea Honor Flight Program.

    The Decades Band will be playing at the end of this month and will draw us into the illusion of some of the greatest concerts from the last five decades. Details are in the Events and Tours section of this paper on page 17.

    We are going to have our first Water Rodeo Saturday, July 25. You will definitely want to participate in or at least watch this fun event. We have water rafts (the horses) and a cowboy hat with the name of the horse our cowboys will be riding.

    Dodie Miller, WOA Activities Director

    By Carol Jo Hargreaves, WBL Editor

    Woodbridge an all-American community is the theme for this months Woodbridge LIFE. Independence Day will be celebrated in one week and most Americans, including Woodbridge residents, will enjoy some combination of family, fireworks and fun to mark this patriotic summertime holiday.

    Stemming from our forefathers famous words in the July 4, 1776, Declaration of Independence, there are many self-evident truths which characterize the American way of life: that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

    Living at Woodbridge provides new or increased opportunities to pursue these rights, particularly life and happiness. Some have been heard to say, Its a vacation without having to pack your bags! You can play where you live, live where you play! Every day is a 'big kids' play day! Most of us would agree living at Woodbridge by Del Webb is one of the best decisions weve ever made.

    Yes, Woodbridge, a community designed around an old-fashioned Norman Rockwell theme, is as all-American as hot dogs, baseball and apple pie.

    In this edition, articles about Americas beloved pastime by Butch Larson and Dave Reed update us on the mens and womens softball teams. See page 18 for team rosters, the game schedule and recent play. Also, on page 19, relive Bob Websters thrilling youthful experience of being a Giants batboy.

    In Batter Up, Pam Phelps introduces us to two nearby ballparks and encourages us to visit them before the season is over. See page 28.

    Master Gardener Sandi Larson discovered there is an All-America plant selection made every year. In her article on page 10, Sandi explains the scientific selection process and notes one particular winning plant for our area.

    In our cover article, Bill Barnhart shares Woodbridge residents experiences when helping paint the Our Family City mural in downtown Manteca. The colorful mural depicts the Manteca family and community and, to Bill, completing the mural under adverse conditions created a sense of family and community for the painters as they worked on it.

    Page 29 is an assemblage of photos further bearing out the sense of family and community. Our kids and grandkids have fun at many Woodbridge activities.

    One thing that seems true about American values: Most of us believe in unique individualism. Thus the same list of values could not be applied to all, or even most, of our fellow citizens. And, in the same way, each Woodbridge resident derives his/her own benefits while savoring the vast menu that is the Woodbridge lifestyle.

    Until next month,

    Carol Jo and the Woodbridge LIFE team

    From the Editor

    Carol Jo Hargreaves, WBL Editor

    See DODIE page 6


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