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    Labour Party lifted Lord Nazir Ahmeds suspension on Friday and told him he was free to resume full rights conferred by Labour Party membership. Lord Nazir Ahmed, Britains first Muslim peer, told The News on Friday that Iain McNicol, Gen Secretary of the Labour Party, had told him in writing that the investigation into Lord Ahmeds remarks in Pakistan had cleared him. A Labour Party spokesman told The News: Lord Ahmed is no longer sus-pended from the Labour party. Lord Ahmed was suspended from the Labour Party amid reports that he of-fered a 10 million bounty for the cap-ture of President Barack Obama and his predecessor President George W

    Bush. He was reported to have made the comments at a conference in Haripur in Pakistan in which he criticised the US for wars in Muslim countries but spoke out in particularly

    against the US bounty of $10 million on Hafiz Saeed, founder of the militant group Lashkar-e-Tayaaba. Lord Ahmed thanked the Chief Whip Lord Bassam for conducting a fair in-vestigation into the allegations made by an English language Pakistani newspaper.Lord Nazir confirmed he has instruct-ed his lawyers Neumans LLP to take legal action against all those who have fabricated these allegations. He said: I am delighted that I have been vin-dicated of a gross miss-reporting of a recent speech and I am pleased to be back in the Party as a full member and will continue to play a full and active part within the Labour Party.


    Ring in the Olympics: Countdown to London Games Begins

    TIME TO RING IN THE GAMES. ALMOST.Five super-sized Olympic rings were low-ered off Tower Bridge on Wednesday, draping the internationally recognized symbol over the landmark spanning the Thames river.London Mayor Boris Johnson gave the order to lower the rings with a few words barked into a walkie-talk-ie from a barge circling below.The fusing of a London icon the gateway to the city with the rings is a signal that London is ready to go one month before the Olympic games, which start July 27 and end on Aug. 12."We are as ready as any city has ever been at this stage in the Olym-pic process," Johnson said. "I think probably better."London Mayor Boris Johnson (C), Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt (L) and LOCOG Chairman Sebastian Coe pose for photos on a river boat under the Tower Bridge af-

    ter the Olympic Rings were lowered into position for display in London.The massive rings 25 meters (82 feet) wide and 11.5 meters (37 feet) tall are part of efforts to bedeck the city in Olym-pic banners and bold colors.

    Meanwhile, all over London, the theme colors of the games are being raised on light posts, city buildings and in shopping areas. London's look is predominantly

    pink, aqua blue, yellow, purple and green not quite neon but usually shown in shards at the edges of Olympic banners.There's even a "Look Book" for ideas. Local neighborhoods can purchase mate-rials to festoon their buildings in games-

    approved decor.With most of the Olympic venues finished, one of the few big projects still under way is the beach volley-ball venue on the Mall, a street near Buckingham Palace in central Lon-don. The construction had to wait be-cause of celebrations marking Queen Elizabeth II's 86th birthday and her Diamond Jubilee celebrations of 60 years on the throne.It's a big project not just a few piles of sand and some bleachers. A 15,000-seat arena is being built, complete with lighting rigs, facilities

    for athletes, media and staff, six training courts and security screening areas.And yes, there is sand. Lots and lots of it about 4,115 tons.



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    Asian families in Britain have been warned by po-lice to beware of criminals who could target their gold jewellery during the traditional wedding sea-son in summer. Police fear the number of burglaries could soar when a large number of relatives arrive with gifts including gold for newly-married cou-ples. In Slough, 32 km from London, there were more than 300 gold thefts last year -- a third of all burglaries reported to police.It can only get worse with the summer season of weddings about to start, when families come over

    to Britain bearing gifts of gold. The gangs will be homing in like bees round a honeypot and police expect the burglary rate to soar unless residents take sensible precautions. The trouble is Asian families are traditionally reluctant to put their gold and other treasures in the bank for safe keeping, preferring to keep their precious things at home.Jewellers have also been victims themselves, with attacks carried out on several of Slough's 33 shops selling gold.

    British Asians Warned of Gold Theft During Wedding Season

    Conservative Party co-chair-man Baroness Warsi was guilty of only a "minor" breach of the ministerial code in relation to a trip to Pakistan with a business partner, the Prime Minister's adviser on ministerial interests has ruled. Warsi accepted that she should have informed of-ficials of her relationship with Abid Hussain - a second cousin of her husband - and had al-ready issued an apology.David Cameron said he was satisfied that a report found that she did not at any point use her office for any personal financial gain. Lady Warsi said in a statement: "I have always maintained that I have never misused my min-isterial office for personal or financial gain. The last month has been a difficult time for me and my family and I am pleased

    I can now move on from this period and get on with the job

    that I am privileged to do."

    Warsi in 'Minor' Breach of Code

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    New figures have revealed that since coming to power in May 2011, Labour councillors on Sheffield City Council have recruited fourteen new senior managers, at a cost to the tax-payer of 788,222. The figures, which were revealed by opposi-tion Lib Dem councillors, show that, since May 2011, Sheffield City Council have recruited to fourteen posts with a sal-ary above 50,000. The posts

    recruited to include Head of Locality Management, Head of Improvement & Development, Head of Business Services, Director of Operations, and As-sistant Director for Commercial Services.In the meantime Labour coun-cillors have agreed in principle to close three local dementia care centres in a proposal that would create a saving of just 300,000.


    Liberal Democrat MP for Shef-field Hallam and Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, has an-nounced a shake-up of free early years education. He has also revealed that in Sheffield, almost 2,000 two-year-old children from disadvantaged backgrounds will now receive

    free early years education starting next year. This is in addition to all three and four-year-old children in Sheffield who are already eligi-ble to receive 15 hours of free ear-ly years education per week.

    This will come as great news for many families in Sheffield. It is a great boost in early years education in our area and re-ally prepares them for school. Its also a huge help to parents who may be struggling to juggle work commitments with having young children.


    More than 30,000 people lined the streets of Rotherham as the Olympic Torch travelled through the Borough. Thousands cheered on the torchbearers through All Saints Square and Clifton Park, with thousands more on the streets through the town centre, East Dene, Dalton and Thry-bergh.Councillor Roger Stone, Leader of Rotherham MBC, said: "Peo-

    ple from across Rotherham have again shown what a fantastic community spirit there is here by turning out in their thousands for our moment to shine. "I was lucky enough to be able to join the peo-ple in Clifton Park and there was a fantastic atmosphere and the numbers there were similar to the crowds we see for the Rotherham Show every September.

    Thousands Out on Streets to See Rotherham's Moment to Shine

    The Government has announced legislation which will lead to a huge expansion of surveillance powers of communications on the internet and mobile phones. The Communications and Data Bill will allow the police and security services to keep track of who is calling who on mobile phones, the email addresses of all correspondents, and the per-sonal IDs of people chatting on social networking sites. The bill has already been attacked by privacy and civil liberty campaigners.The new powers are seen by the Govern-ment, the police and the security serv