Italian Desserts By Zoe Peterson And William Ojiambo

Italian Desserts

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Italian Desserts. By Zoe Peterson And William Ojiambo. Top Ten Italian Desserts . Number One Gelato. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Page 1: Italian Desserts

Italian DessertsBy Zoe Peterson

AndWilliam Ojiambo

Page 2: Italian Desserts

Top Ten Italian Desserts

Page 5: Italian Desserts

Number Three Struffoli

Strufolli is glued together with

honey and sometimes has lots of sprinkles. It is made to eat with coffee and made

out of fried dough.

Page 6: Italian Desserts

Number Four Tiramisu

Tiramisu became popular by a movie. It means ‘’pick me up’’

in italian. Some of the ingredients are: eggs, coffee, cocoa, and a sweet cheese called

mascarpone. It is from Venice.

Page 8: Italian Desserts

Number Six Biscotti

One cookie is called biscotto and a group is

called biscotti. Biscotto means twice

baked.They are made with

flour, sugar, eggs, and usually almonds or

other nuts.Biscotti are made for

dunking in coffee.

Page 9: Italian Desserts

Number Seven Ciarduna

Ciarduna is a traditional pastry from the province of Palmero. It is an

almond cookie shell filled with mascarpone or ricotta filling.

Page 11: Italian Desserts

Number Nine Baba

Babas aren’t just famous in Italy they are also famous in France and Poland.

Babas are very complicated to

make. Another name for it is ‘’rum cake’’.

Page 13: Italian Desserts

Gelato V.S. Ice Cream Gelato is not sugaryIt is creamyIt is not as fatty (5 to

7 percent fat)Gelato is served

warmer than ice cream

Gelato is churned at a slow speed

Ice Cream is served frozen

Ice Cream has more fat (10 to 15 percent fat)

Ice Cream is churned at a fast speed

Ice Cream has lots of sugar

Page 14: Italian Desserts

How Pasta BeganPasta began in China.

But, a merchant named Marco Polo from Venice Italy

went to China and found pasta. He brought the idea

back to Venice and started making it.

Page 15: Italian Desserts

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Page 17: Italian Desserts

Gelato Taste Test