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Unique, Amazing & Delicious.

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Entertain your guests with a different twist at your next event with a unique and elegant Flantastic Flantini Bar. Enjoy from an array of custom flan flavors made to order. Build your own Flantini Bar!

With over 50 flavors to choose from, you can customize your dessert bar to fit your event perfectly. Simply choose your Flantini sizes, then your Flantini flavors and top it off with the garnishments of your desire - and enjoy!

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Perfect for any Occasion!

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FLAVORED FLANS 1. Abuelita Chocolate2. Café de la olla 3. Café Latte4. Classic 5. Coconut6. Cream Cheese6. Cream Cheese7. Espresso8. Ghirardelli9. Ghirardelli Cream Cheese10. Guava11. Ibarra Chocolate 12. Jalapeno 13. Jalapeno/Cacique13. Jalapeno/Cacique14. Macadamia15. Pineapple16. Pumpkin17. Red Chili Pepper 18. Strawberry-Basil19. Tamarindo20. Tres Leches20. Tres Leches21. Nestle Quick

CANDY/COOKIES1. Almond Joy 2. Chocolate Chip3. Godiva4. Mounds 5. Oreo 6. Snickers6. Snickers7. Tootsie Roll

CAKES1. 50/502. Almond Joy3. Apple-Caramel4. Banana Nut (Walnuts - Optional) 5. Banana Split5. Banana Split6. Blueberry7. Brownie8. Buttered Rum9. Café Latte10. Carrot11. Chocoflan (Flancocho)12. Chocolate-Butterfinger12. Chocolate-Butterfinger13. Chocolate Chip14. Chocolate-M&Ms15. Chocolate-Reese’s Peanut Butter

CAKES / CONTINUE16. Chocolate-Snickers17. Cinnamon Streusel 18. Coffee 19. Cranberry20. Cranberry-Mint21. Cranberry-Orange 21. Cranberry-Orange 22. Fudge Marble23. Gingerbread24. Happy Birthday25. Lemon26. Lemon-Poppy-Seed27. Lemon-Raspberry 28. Mandarin Orange28. Mandarin Orange29. Mocha30. Mounds 31. Peach Upside-Down32. Pina Colada33. Pineapple Upside-Down34. Raspberry-Mocha Truffle 35. Red Velvet35. Red Velvet36. Spice37. Strawberry38. Tequila Lime39. Tres Leches (40. White, 41. Chocolate or 42. Orange)43. New York Cheese Cake Flan

CARAMEL INFUSED FLAVORS1. Basil2. Mint3. Espresso with Caramel

CARAMEL ALCOHOL INFUSED 1. 1921 Crema de Tequila (Liqueur)2. Amaretto2. Amaretto3. Bailey’s4. Chocolate Wine5. Kahlua6. Mojito7. Raspberry-Mojito8. Rum9. Tequila9. Tequila

TOPPINGS1. Banana Foster & Banana Foster in white Chocolate2. Berries bathed in Grand Marnier3. Caramel4. Cranberry-Raspberry5. Coconut5. Coconut6. Ghirardelli7. Mango8. Oreos9. Pecan10. Peach11. Raspberry12. Strawberries12. Strawberries13. Walnuts


Flantini’s Minimum of 25Size 2.5”x2.5”

Flan Shots Minimum of 50Size 1.5”x1.5”

Flan Bites Minimum of 50Size 2”x2”


Flantini Bar includes garnishing. Toppings are extra.

Please contact Chef Kiki for complete details.

Flantini Hearts Minimum of 20Size 2.75”x3”

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How sweet are Your words to my taste! Yes, sweeter than honey to my mouth!

Psalm 119 ; 103

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