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Cold Deserts By the end of this presentation you will be able to: Identify the category that a cold desert goes into Name the most popular dessert associated with this category State the quality points to look for in a cold dessert

Cold desserts

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Page 1: Cold desserts

Cold DesertsBy the end of this presentation you will be able to:• Identify the

category that a cold desert goes into

• Name the most popular dessert associated with this category

• State the quality points to look for in a cold dessert

Page 2: Cold desserts

There are 8 Dessert Categories

• Gelatine based• Egg based• Mousses• Rice Desserts• Fruit Based• Ice-cream based• Meringue based• Convenience products

Page 3: Cold desserts

Gelatine basedGelatine is dissolved into a liquid and then chilled. As the dessert chills it then sets.The most common gelatine based dessert are;• Bavarois- a mousse made from anglaise. Gelatine is added

before being cooled. Then cream is folded in. The mousse is set in a mould before being de-moulded and served

• Delice- same as above but with a layer of sponge in the bottom of the mould. The mousse once set can be finished with a glaze or a fruit jelly

• Charlotte russe- sponge fingers are layers around the out side of a mould- bavarois is made and set, holding the sponge fingers in place

• Pannacotta- A sweetened vanilla cream set with gelatine• Jelly- Flavouring, water and sugar are boiled. Gelatine is added

and set in the fridge

Page 4: Cold desserts

Quality points to look for in Gelatine based desserts

• Gelatine based desserts; Bavarois• Anglaise should be cooked out so that it coats the back of a wooden spoon. Or

reaches 85°C on a temperature probe• Leaf gelatine is soaked in cold water before being added into the Anglaise. Once

dissolved it is strained to remove any strands of gelatine or over cooked egg. This mixture is now cooled before having the cream folded in

• Cream is semi whipped and folded in using a metal spoon• The bavarois mixture should be piping consistency before being placed in the

mould• Once de-moulded the bavarois should hold its shape• Should have a wobble and not be set solid• Even sized• The ingredients should be evenly mixed in• The gelatine should be smooth, no strands of gelatine• When you cut into the bavarois their should be small air pockets which show

that the cream was carefully folded in• Strong flavour of raspberry or vanilla depending on the what was used

Page 5: Cold desserts

Egg based (crème Renversee)• Crème caramel• Crème brûlée• Diplomat Pudding• Custard tart• Egg based desserts and made from an egg custard.

The milk/cream, whole eggs or egg yolks and sugar and combined together, poured into a mould and carefully cooked in a bain maire. The eggs are gently cooked making them the setting agent within these desserts. Once cooked they are either de-moulded and finished or served in the dish/ ramekin

Page 6: Cold desserts

Quality points to look for in egg based desserts

• Crème caramel- Eggs, milk, cream and sugar are whisked together. Poured into a mould which has caramel already set in the bottom. Gently cooked in a Bain Marie( roasting tin ½ filled with water) place into a oven at 150°C . The water is not allowed to boil

• Smooth silky consistency. Strong flavour of vanilla and caramel on the top. Should have a wobble

• De-moulded whole• Served chilled

• Crème Brûlée- cooked the same as a crème caramel. When cooked the crème brûlée is chilled and then a thin layer sugar is placed on top and caramelised

• Smooth silky consistency- strong vanilla flavour. The caramelised sugar is a thin layer. Not burnt. Even glaze. Caramel is allowed to harden before being served

Page 7: Cold desserts

Mousses• Chocolate mousse• Lemon mousse• Mango, raspberry, blackcurrant, strawberry• A sweet dish made with a smooth light mass

(Fruit puree or melted chocolate), the main ingredients in a mousse is whipped cream. Some mousse recipes have whipped egg whites folded in after the cream has been added, which will lighten the mousse

Page 8: Cold desserts

Quality points to look for inmousses

e.g. Lemon mousse• Light in texture • Consistency of whipped cream• Strong flavour of lemon• Good balance of citrus and sweetness

Page 9: Cold desserts

Rice Desserts• Pear conde- Rice cooked in milk and

sweetened with sugar is then served cold with a poached pear- glazed with apricot jam

• Rice Creole- basic rice pudding made served in a hollowed out baby pineapple

• Empress Rice basic rice pudding made with the addition of egg yolks. Set in a mould and de-moulded. Topped with stewed fruit

Page 10: Cold desserts

Quality points to look for in arice dessert

• The rice is cooked• Absorbed the flavours which it was

cooked in• Creamy in texture• Served cold

Page 11: Cold desserts

Fruit based dessertsThe fruit is the main element in this dessert. Often the presentation of the fruit is the key!Examples are;• Fruit terrine• Peach melba• Fruit salad• Poached pear

Page 12: Cold desserts

Ice–cream based• Artic roll-An Arctic roll is made of vanilla ice cream wrapped in

a thin layer of sponge cake to form a roll, with a layer of raspberry flavoured sauce between the sponge and the ice cream

• Peach melba- is peaches with raspberry sauce and vanilla ice cream

• Knickerblocker glory- is an ice-cream sundae served in a tall glass

• Banana split- bananas are served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce

• Baked Alaska- a thin layer of sponge is wrapped around vanilla ice cream. Meringue is then piped over the top of the sponge. It is then baked in the oven and served straight away

• Sundae- scoops of ice cream topped with flavoured sauces and whipped cream

Page 13: Cold desserts

How ice cream is made:Ice cream is normally made using a sorbetière (ice-cream maker). It can be made using a normal household freezer, but the ice cream will not be such good quality.A sorbetière slowly churns and freezes the ice-cream mixture. Asthe mixture freezes ice crystals are produced. These are kept smallby the churning action. Small ice crystals mean high-quality icecream with a smooth texture.Freezing the ice-cream mixture in a normal freezer produces largerice crystals so the texture is not so smooth.Ice cream is generally made using high-risk products so it must bestored below –22°C. This temperature makes the ice cream hard toserve. Remove ice cream from the freezer and place it in the fridgebefore service to make it easier to serve.

Page 14: Cold desserts

Meringue based• Pavalova - Meringue made from whisked egg whites and sugar,

baked at a low temperature 100-120oC until crisp on the outside but still chewy on the inside. Some recipes have corn flour and vinegar are added to the meringue. Once the meringue is cooked and cooled it is topped with crème Chantilly and fresh fruit

• Vacherin - These are all made with Swiss meringue and piped with star orplain piping tubes. They can be dried on top of the oven overnight or dried in an oven on a low heat of about 90°C. This could take four to eight hours. Make sure that meringue products are not dried at too hot a temperature as they may discolour and lose their characteristic white colour. Vacherins can either be large or individual round gateau-type

• Floating islands- meringue poached in warm milk. The poaching liquid is then used to make a sauce anglaise. This is then chilled before being served with the poached meringues

Page 15: Cold desserts

Quality points to look for in Meringues

• Meringue whisked to peak stage• Sugar is added gradually• Even sized• Pale white in colour• Light texture• Pavalovas, vacharins- crisp on the outside• Floating islands. Uniform shape. Milk is

not allowed to boil otherwise meringue will soufflé and then collapse once removed

Page 16: Cold desserts

Convenience products• Flans- pastry based shell, filled with

cream or a custard- decorated with fresh fruit

• Eton mess- whipped sweetened cream served with crushed meringues and strawberries

• Gateaux- Layers of sponge and cream, smoothed off which cream and decorated to resemble what is in side the gateaux

Page 17: Cold desserts

Quality points to look for in convenience products

• Flans-Pastry is crisp and cooked through. Golden in colour

• Filling is set inside the tart or will hold its shape once cut

• Fruit is neatly arranged on top and correctly glazed

• Eton mess-Cream whipped to peak stage. Good balance of flavours. fruit and meringue is cut in even sizes which would fit on a spoon