Internship Report on ILM College (Sargodha)

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Internship Report on ILM College (Sargodha)

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All praise to the almighty Allah, Beneficial and the Merciful. Without his blessing and endorsement this report would not have been accomplished. The successful completion of this report might never be possible in time without the help some person whose inspiration and suggestion made it happen.This is a matter of pleasure for me to acknowledge my deep sense of gratitude to University of Management & Technology and my College, ILM College, Sargodha for giving me an opportunity to explore my abilities via this internship program. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to our Principal, Prof. Mehboob Ahmed Ch. and our CEO, Ch. Tauseef Liaqat for this opportunity. I also wish to express my gratitude to my internship supervisor Mr. Mussadiq Aziz, for their valuable guidance and advice in completing this project.I would like to record my sincere appreciation and gratitude towards all the officials and employees of ILM College, without whose kind assistance, my internship program would not have succeeded. The facts and other vital information provided by them have contributed towards making this project as comprehensive as possible. I am indeed thankful to them.I am also very thankful and grateful towards my seniors, colleagues and authorities of ILM College for their support, encouragement, and valuable suggestions for the completion of this project as well as for their generosity and co-operation.Last but not the least, I would like to express my sincere thanks to all my family members, friends and well-wishers for their immense support and best wishes throughout the internship duration and the preparation of this report.I believe that this report will be a valuable asset not only for academic institution, but will also be useful for all those who are interested to learn about internship experiences in accounting and consulting firm.


1.Overview Of the Organization52.Organizational Structure72.Introduction To All Departments93.Plan Of Internship Program124.Training Program135.My Learnings156.SWOT Analysis177.Conclusion18

OVERVIEW OF THE ORGANIAZTIONMISSIONImpart purposeful education to the youth from all sections of society at affordable packages under the shadow of Islamic ValuesVISIONProvide career-oriented education and inculcate amongst the students modern skills and techniques of Leadership through Innovation in order to meet the challenging demands of present eraHISTORYILM Trust is well recognized in the field of education due to its notable services in education sector. The Trust started its educational services 25 years back by establishing Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM). That ILM College was later granted university charter and now known as University of Management Technology.The Trust is now embarked upon a new journey by opening a chain of ILM Colleges in the main cities of Pakistan. The aim is to set high academic standards by using innovative teaching techniques. The Knowledge School network is yet another project of ILM Trust - thus providing academic ladder from Play Group to Ph. D.INTRODUCTION ABOUT ILMInstitute of Leadership & Management (ILM) has 25 Years of making excellent achievement in education; excellent from ILM to a degree awarding institute University of Management & Technology (UMT). It has produced more than twenty thousand students in different disciplines who are making their contribution in the national, multinational and international Organizations. ILM has now embarked upon a new journey by opening a chain of ILM Colleges throughout of country with an added vision of spreading knowledge with innovation. Thus ILM is providing academic ladder from Intermediate to Ph.D.ACADEMIC RULES AND REGULATIONSAll students are considered to be the standard bearers for the goodwill of the College. To maintain and academic and comfortable environment at the college premises, students have to abide by the rules and regulations of the college, failure to do so would result in prompt disciplinary action. The decision of the Principal and Discipline Committee is considered final in all matters relating to violation of the rules and regulations. Student should note that they are under the authority and jurisdiction of the college during the college hours. Therefore, the students are advised, in their best interest, to comply with all the rules and regulations as laid down below.COMPETITORS C.F.E College Comprehensive College Dar-e-Arqam College Green field College Heritage College Hi Aims College Hira College I-MATS College ITM College Meridian College Misali Ravian College Punjab Group of Colleges Superior Group of Colleges

ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURENUMBER OF EMPLOYEESILM Group of Colleges is an educational Institute so it has approx. 150 employees under the following categories.MALE STAFF






MAIN CAMPUSILM College Sargodha (Boys Campus)86/87-A, Satellite Town,

INTRODUCTION TO ALL DEPARTMENTSDEPARTMENT OF SCIENCEINTRODUCTIONThe disciplines of Basic Sciences have been the oldest branches of learning science, right from the time of Greeks. The Muslim Scholars of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, etc. laid down the strong foundation of scientific knowledge. The development of modern eras of inventions and discoveries evolved from those strong footings. According to Ibne-Khalun, The study of Mathematics is for the mind, like soap for the clothes which washes away from them Dirt and cleans the Spots and Stains.OBJECTIVES Basic Sciences are essential for proper understanding the technical subjects, promoting research work, widening the vision for the future and enhancing the quality and authenticity in Sciences. The subjects of Basic Sciences: Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Economics, play a vital role in the development of a Country. It is our intention to produce competent, motivated and socially responsible Mathematicians, Physicists, Statistician and Economists that they can build the good traditions through education and to participate actively in the development of our country.PROGRAM OFFEREDThe Faulty of Basic Sciences is comprised of the following four Departments: Department of Mathematics Department of Physics Department of Statistics Department of Chemistry Department of Biology Department of Computer Science

DEPARTMENT OF HUMANITIESINTRODUCTIONHuman thinking is affecting the Behavior, Attitude, Performance and Life. The improvement is possible due to the critic consultation of Social Sciences. The positive change may accrue due to Social Sciences. Human History is accepting the truth of life.PROGRAM OFFEREDThe faculty of Social sciences is consisted of four major Departments. Department of Urdu Department of Islamiat Department of Comm. Geo. Department of Pak. StudiesDEPARTMENT OF SCIENCEINTRODUCTIONThe Department of Commerce has been instrumental in providing candidates with thorough knowledge and understanding of the principles of commerce and business. The B.S. four years and M.Com program are structured on team based learning, class presentations, case studies, field research reports and other reference materials, to combine academic theory with practical problems. To update the students, seminars and workshops on current economic and business issues are also organized in the Department. These methods of study not only provide excel in personal development but also prepare the students to accept future challenges in the fast growing corporate world. It is for these reasons that the M. Com degree holders have been well received by the national and international commercial concerns in and outside the world.OBJECTIVES The main objective of Commerce Department is to produce professional managers , accountant and businessman for the nation. It possesses scientific knowledge and understanding of accounting , marketing human resource management financial management , Quantitative Techniques for business and also known socio-economic Condition of the country. Students are also able to make plan for the development of industry and for the welfare of working people . The Students of Commerce today occupy key position both public and private sector. They are able to prove themselves as a good manager and have a creative and helpful attitude in problem solving. They are able to play leadership role or institute a mechanism that can targeted performance in terms of time, cost or some other measure of effectiveness from the plan. Students of Commerce possess a decision ability to face a various problems. Students possess clear idea of their path of development where they stand and where they are going . They possess ability and power to develop new ideas and are able to implement these ideas.The department offers the following courses of studies: M.Com B.Com (Hons.) 4 years B.Com (IT) 2 yearsComments on Organizational structureThe organizational structure of the ILM College Sargodha is very strong as shown in the figure the complete hierarchy of the organizational structure of this college. Everyone always fulfill their responsibilities and task when given to them. A complete top down and bottom up flow of communication is present in the structure of the college.

PLAN OF INTERNSHIP PROGRAMINTRODUCTION TO THE OFFICEI work in the Department of Accounts of ILM College. Where I taught a bundles of new things related to my field which help me a lot in my practical life. All the staff while talking about accounts, everyone is so competitive and supportive. The essential roles and duties of virtually any accounting department includ