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  • September 2017 Helping Hands Newsletter 1

    Helping Hands Newsletter September 2017 Dover, Delaware

    Presidents Message Sue Hoecker

    Vice Presidents Message Mary Dawn Ditty

    September Program

    Our speaker this month will be Sandi

    Blackwell who created the term,

    Square-agonal. She is from West Va.

    where she sells her quilts and is deeply

    involved in the quilting communities of

    the state. Sandi teaches often, has

    published 4 books as well as patterns,

    teaches on Craftsy, etc.

    Sandis program will be a Square-agonals Trunk Show. Continued on pg 2

    Mark October 23 on your calendar for our annual Auction. Bins

    available in back of room for you to contribute your items. Ive

    been hearing a lot of great ideas for theme basketsstart

    planning for yours now. You will be hearing from our Committee

    regarding needs. Always a fun night.

    Christmas Dinner Committee has been meeting and planning

    details for a great evening of fellowship for all of us on

    December 5th. Look for article in this newsletter.

    Raffle Quilt 2018 is nearing completion. Lucinda Mercier is

    chairing this project. Thank you to everyone who came to the

    sewing workshops to work on thisyour efforts are appreciated.

    Food Bank at First Baptist See article in this newsletter.

    Thank you to Geri Headley for leading this effort. Many food

    bags have been made by members and food items needed are

    listed in a separate article in this newsletter. The end of year

    holidays present significant needs for food banks. This is one

    small way we can give back to the church and food bank where we


    Ann Fischer has some exciting news to share from Quilting For

    Others. Thirty-one quilts were assembled and sent to Houston

    for flood victims. Great job, ladies! Always makes you feel good

    to help others.

    Membership for 2018 begins at our September meeting. $25

    pays your dues for an entire year of meetings, workshops, and

    special discounts to quilt shops. The value of sharing with a

    group of people with like interests is immeasurable. See Kates

    article in this newsletter.

    I look forward to seeing you all September 25th! Say hello to

    someone you havent met before and let them know they are


    Sue Hoecker My Soul is Fed by Needle and Thread

    Please join us every 4th Monday of the month at 6:30 pm.

    First Baptist Church of Dover, located at 301 Walker Rd.

    Our membership fee is $25.00 per year.

    Quilts of Valor night was a special evening. It was a very

    meaningful ceremony, and wonderful to welcome so many guests.

    Also enjoyed ourpicnic of fried chicken and all the side dishes.

    Thanks go out to Peg Gilson and Betty Rigo for coordinating the

    QOV effort, Mary Kokoszka for the ceremony, and to Robin

    Aschenberg for coordinating the food. And, to each of you who

    brought a special dish to share. A good time was had by all.

    The Quilts of Valor free workshop was held the following day

    with a full house of sewers, pressers, cutters and much donated

    fabric. At the end of the day we had enough blocks for two

    more quilts, with a third in the works! Great job Peg and Betty.

    I hope each of you will take the simple pattern and contribute

    to this worthy effort. This is your chance to be a part of this

    great project.

    September meeting holds the big reveal of our Block of the

    Month Lucky 13 Quilts. Hope you are finishing yours to be

    part of the fun. Sandi Blackwell, pattern designer, will be our

    speaker for the evening, with a workshop on Tuesday. Look for

    details in this newsletter.

    UFO #5 is due at September meeting. I personally want to

    thank Kate Ruper for this projectit has really kept me on


    Raffle Quilt continues to travel to many venues. Barbara

    Austin is doing an exceptional job promoting it. There are still

    several slots open for you to serve at a venue its so much fun

    meeting people and sharing the love of quilting. Dont forget to

    pick up your tickets at the back table if you havent already

    done so.

    Our first annual Retreat was a great success. Thank you

    to Mary Kokoszka and her Committee. A relaxing time for us all

    to share free time sewing and fellowship. Thank you to Mary

    Dawn Ditty and Lisa Stallings for your leadership in our evening

    activities. Dont want to miss next years retreat. Date has been

    set. Start planning for it now.

    Refreshments Robin Aschenberg Hello Ladies of Helping Hands.

    The letters of the alphabet responsible for refreshments this

    month are "O -Z. If you are responsible for refreshments and are not going to attend that month, it would help if you contact another member

    to take refreshments for you.

    Thanks, your refreshment chair, Robin Aschenberg Any questions? Please feel free to call or e-mail me at:

    302-670-2535, and

  • September 2017 Helping Hands Newsletter 2




    Vice Presidents Message continued from pg 1

    Membership Kate Ruper

    Quilt of Valor Workshop

    Our QOV Award Ceremony in August was so

    inspiring that we want to get a start on quilts

    for our 2018 awards. Fourteen members came

    to work on QOV. Hard work was accomplished

    by all! Enough blocks were made to assemble

    two more quilts.

    Those who helped were: Peg Gilson, Betty Rigo,

    Sara Short, Tracy Vaughn, Rose Ann Battista, Sue Hoecker,

    Geri Cohens-Headley, Joyce Sinclair, Beth Flaherty, Nancy

    Thomson, Trish Audy, Barbara Austin, Marie Austin, Judy

    Field, and Mary Dawn Ditty. See pictures of our product.

    2017 QOV recipients

    Reminder for Membership: HHQG Christmas Dinner The second HHQG Christmas holiday celebration will be

    held December 5, 2017, at Wyoming United Methodist Church.

    The doors will open at 5:30PM and dinner will be served

    at 6PM. Tickets will go on sale at Guild meetings and will be

    $18 per person.


    will have a short period of Show and Tell for members' quilts.

    Due to time constraints, we request that you bring ONE quilt

    for showing. POC: Nancy Roberts 302-538-5594

    Sign up for September workshop:

    Spiral Out by Sandi Blackwell

    Tuesday, September 26

    from 9-3 at Wyoming Methodist

    $40 for members

    Email Mary Dawn Ditty

    Sign up for October workshop:

    Wooly Tree workshop

    Tuesday, October 24

    2 sessions (AM or PM)

    AM is full, PM still available.

    Wyoming Methodist

    $25 for members

    Kits available for $25 fee payable at

    the workshop.

    ALL materials provided.

    Wooly Tree model. Varied colors and sizes available.

    Wooly Tree model. Varied colors and sizes available.

    Raffle Quilt 2018 Lucinda Mercier

    Dear Helping Hands Members,

    This is our last sit n sew for next years raffle quilt and it

    is to do the final cutting and piecing together of the top

    and border. Please help if you can on September 13th at 6

    p.m. at the Barclay Farms Clubhouse.

    Your help is greatly appreciated.

    I would like to thank our small group of ladies who have

    already helped. Your time and efforts have shown, the

    raffle quilt is beautiful. Be proud of yourselves.

    I truly am...thanks so much, Lucinda Mercier

    Workshop Fees: Fees for all-day workshops are $40 payable to the guild

    when you sign up. Half day is $25. Member led workshops

    are $15 to cover guild costs.

    You have probably already heard, we are starting our annual

    membership drive in September. We would like to have the

    drive completed at the November meeting so the roster can

    be finalized and made available to members in January 2018.

    Dues remain $25. You can pay by cash or check made out to

    Helping Hands quilt guild.

    If you are not able to attend a meeting, you can mail me a


    Thank you all for making my job as membership chair such a


    You can text, phone, or email me with questions, but

    remember I am one of those people who rarely reads email. , 302 697-7274, 302 359-5615 cell, Kate

    Ruper 388 Sedgewick Dr. Magnolia, DE 19962