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Helping Hands Helping you, help yourself. Joshalyn Burgos Grade 11 16 years old. What’s the problem?. Working parents have difficulty balancing work, childcare, and maintaining an efficient household We organize FOR you more efficiently Demonstrate how to maintain organization - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Helping HandsHelping you, help yourself.Joshalyn BurgosGrade 1116 years old

Whats the problem?Working parents have difficulty balancing work, childcare, and maintaining an efficient household We organize FOR you more efficiently Demonstrate how to maintain organizationUse aesthetically pleasing dcor

In a survey done outside of school, given to working parents 86% of them responded that their house feels unorganized some of the time to most of the time. Having an unorganized home results in a loss of efficiency. Helping Hands will solve the problem, as well maintain the upkeep of your newly organized home.3Whats our solution?

Providing hands on, in-home organizing servicesUsing organization to provide a more efficiently running householdServices offered in contract, or single organized Contracts offered in three month spans, single jobs used for big occasions4Description of Product/ServiceThis service allows me to go to your home and organize whatever is needed. Whether it be a room, closet, or cabinetMy organizational methods are also charming, and modern, using trendy itemsIt is efficient and convenient Get help creating systems for your everyday challengesBring order, calm, and control to your home and family lifeIncludes a consultation so we can cater to your needs, as well as work around your family schedule and lifestyle

An ancient proverb once said, Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Well the same holds true for organizational. To get the most out of your home, its great to have an organized space. Find what you need, when you need it. Go on to text!5Business Model

Economics of One UnitSelling Price$350.00 Cost of materials $34.00 Cost of labor $57.75 Other variable costs$00.00Total COGS/ COSS$91.75Contribution Margin$258.25Definition of One UnitA full kitchen OrganizeMonthly Break Even Units$566.00=2.1922 units$258.25

If I were to do someone's kitchen, which would average seven hours including consultation time, and transportation time. I included basic materials, such as three wicker baskets, and labels, all together costing $34. Charging minimun wage, or $8.75 an hour my labor costs $57.75. ALL together it costs me $91.75 to do the whole room. Icharge $350, to make a contribution margin of $258.25. Value added is organized space, peaceful state of mind, and efficiency. 6Market AnalysisDescription of Target ConsumerDemographicsGeographics Busy families with annual incomes of $60,000 +, college education, may be stay at home mothersGeographic Information: My customers are expected to live in the Greater-Hartford area, this includes Hartford, and the surrounding Suburban areas. They shop at popular groceries store, like Stop and Shop, and go to family centers like parks, and YMCAsPsychographicsBuying PatternsConservative families, with a middle-class to wealthier lifestyle. They hire people to help with the upkeep of their home, (gardeners, nannies, maids). Makes them more likely to hire a business like mine to come into their homeHiring maids, nannies, to come several times a week, or paying for daycaresTotal population of targeted geographic areaPopulation of target market[1,059,870Market size(based onsurvey)Target Market SizeMarket StatisticsIndustry Name:Consumer ServicesAnnual Industry Sales:$$1 Billion347,205100,000Promotion and SalesNewslettersE-mails, as well as handouts in my communityBusiness CardsPassed out to potential clients, for further contactWord of mouthAdvertising by speaking to friends, and asking them to promote it as well WebsiteInformational, provides contact informationPamphletsProvide more in-depth information for possible customers

Competition Direct Competition Merry MaidsHome Cleaning SolutionsStrengths/WeaknessesCome to your house, have experience.Dont provide personalized service

Indirect CompetitionHome organizational suppliesHGTVStrengths/weaknessesOnly have supplies, not actual instructions How do I stand apart?By having a consultation, and making myself familiar with your home, and family life, I really am providing personalized service. We customize organization, to match YOUR everyday challenges and needs.

My direct competition would be Merry Maids, and Home Cleaning Solution, because they are both service buisnesses as well. However, all they do is clean versus my extra step of organizing the home. Indirect competitors are home organizational supplies, which can be found in Lowes or Home Depot, as well as finding organizational tips. 9QualificationsHave been in charge of cleaning and maintaining my household for the past 4 years. I have researched many different methods for organizing that are efficient, yet fun.Great sales and customer skillsPlan on becoming operational after completion of high schoolTook a Marketing and Entrepreneurship class

Sales ProjectionsTotal Units54Gross Revenue$18,900Net Profit$12,102

Startup FundsItemWhy NeededCostLabel MakerFor organizing $35.00AgendaFor scheduling $12.00Website DesignFor advertising $50.00LaptopFor record keeping$0.00DBAFor legal purposes$15.00WorkspaceCarTo handle business, and hold filesFor transportation$0.00$0.00 Buisness CardsPamphlets PromotionsPromotions$10.00$2.00Total Startup Expenditures$124.00Emergency Fund$62.00Reserve for Fixed Expenses$1698.00Total Startup Investment$1878.00

Helping HandsHelping you, help yourself.Thank you for your consideration.Joshalyn Burgos