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  1. 1. HHH Plan
  2. 2. Our Objective To provide an opportunity for underprivileged kids to receive an education through sponsors. The welfare of the child will also be taken care of. To bring together all the people who are interested in helping.
  3. 3. Key Point In the initial phase, most of the sponsors will be NRIs. The whole idea behind is that a small amount from abroad will make a significant difference. The donation amount will not feel like a burden to the sponsors but at the same time it will help a whole lot of kids.
  4. 4. Who do we need Sponsors Volunteers
  5. 5. Role of the sponsors To make a small contribution on a monthly basis or on a frequency they are comfortable at. Will be assigned children depending on the donation Check on the status of the welfare of the child on a regular basis
  6. 6. Role of the Volunteers Will be responsible for identifying the children who cannot afford an education and convince parents to let the child receive an education Will be responsible for making the payments like school fees etc Will monitor the welfare of children on a regular basis Will be responsible for accountability of the donations (Refer next slide)
  7. 7. Accountability To give a detailed explanation to the sponsors on how the funds are being spent. Show the progress the child is making like providing sponsors with report cards, achievements of child etc Show the sponsors the impact of their donations. An example below Reference: World Vision
  8. 8. Target Enroll 50+ kids into school by the end of this year.
  9. 9. Kick start Initial Sponsors Name Donation Frequency Sairam $100 Monthly Manasa $50 Monthly Ravi $50 Monthly Total $200 Plan Start time: Academic Year (2015) Funds collected till then will be used for school supplies etc Gradually increase and get more sponsors.
  10. 10. Numbers Crunching Conversion: $200 = 12000 INR Assuming it takes 800 INR for a kids monthly expenses. Keeping 20% aside for emergency purposes: 2400 12000 2400 = 9600 12 Kids
  11. 11. Future Plans Use fund raiser web site to reach out to people for donations Use social networking sites to reach out to people to who are interested to help. Build a common platform to get all the interested people together.
  12. 12. Risks The donations may not be consistent. The sponsors might stop funding in the middle of the academic year.
  13. 13. Retrospective Good things about the plan Bad things about the plan Things we can do to improve the plan
  14. 14. Questions
  15. 15. Thank You