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The Walking Stick

Always within reachHelping Hand

Catching sentence1

My ProductWhat is it?Self-standingGrabberRetractor

Who is it for?Elderly peopleDisabled people with leg and back problems

How did we have this idea?Aging population Elderly people tend to drop their stick very oftenHelping others

Summarise how we came up with our idea2

Bottom up research

Elderly people and disabled

Specialists Spaulding Rehabilitation Center- Boston

Schedule appointment with specialist at Rhodes Island Hospital on August 5th, 5 pm

I would like to pick up objects without bendind to much or hurting by back - GiseleEach time Im going on the car, I have to put my cane in the truck. It would be good to have a retractor - Cheukfong

Top down research

4.8 million people are ages 65 and over and are using a cane in 2014 70% of the market

RankStateTotal resident population (thousands)Population age 65+ (thousands)Percent of population age 65+1Florida15,9822,80817.624New York18,9762,44812.946California33,8723,59610.6

Marketing StrategyBeachhead marketElderly peopleLocal startFlorida

AdvertisementTV commercials Words to mouth

Problems I might faceHard to reach the consumerPeople dont like the look of a walking stickThey may prefer to use a wheelchairElderly people dont go on the internet to by a stick


Future Plans



South of France

New York


THANK YOU!Always Within Reach