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Head And Neck Head And Neck

Head And Neck. Swellings In Parotid Region Acute: Acute: SC tissue abcess SC tissue abcess Parotid Mumps, septic parotitis Parotid Mumps, septic parotitis

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Text of Head And Neck. Swellings In Parotid Region Acute: Acute: SC tissue abcess SC tissue abcess Parotid...

  • Head And Neck

  • Swellings In Parotid RegionAcute: SC tissue abcess Parotid Mumps, septic parotitis Bone OstemyelitisChronic: Salivary Gland origin Extrasalivary Gland origin

  • Salivary Gland originUnilateral (suspect Tumor): Cystic Adenolymphoma Solid Tumor (B or M)Bilateral (mostly Benign): Inflammatory (chronic Parotitis) Sialactaisis Endemic (Nutrirional) parotitis Mikulicz Syndrome,Sjogrens Tumor (10% Adenolymphoma) Others

  • Extra-salivary GlandSkin SubcutaneousLymph NodeFacial Nerve NeuromaMasseter Muscle Idiopathic Hypertrophy, FibrosarcomaMandibule Adamantimoma

  • Acute parotitis (Parotid Abscess)Aetiology: Organism: Staphaureus Route: mouth rare Blood Predisposed: Dehydration,Bad hygieneClinical Picture General: Toxaemia Local: Swelling, oedema, Throbbing pain, Tender gland, oral cavity pus on pressure on the gland, Cervical LNTreatment Incision and Drainage

  • Acute parotitis (Parotid Abscess)

  • Chronic Parotitis (Recurrent Parotitis)Adulthood: Obstruction by stone or stenosis Autoimmune (Bilateral) Sjogrens Syndrme Childhood (Sialectasis): Congenital Autoimmune ( 3m-10y )remit at 15y

  • Chronic Parotitis due to obstruction by stone

  • Chronic Parotitis due to Sjogrens SyndromeKeratoconjuntivitis SiccaXerostomiaRhematoid Arthritis

  • Cavitary sialectasis with Sjogrens Syndrome

  • Mikulicz syndrome

  • Sialectasis (snow storm apperance in sialogram)

  • Salivary Gland Calculi50 times more common in submandibular gland !Clinically recurrent inflammation,pain increase with meals,stone may felt in mouth floorDiagnosis : Plain x ray or Sialogram

  • Submandibular stone

  • Submandibular stone

  • Parotid stone

  • Treatment of salivary Gland CalculiParotid Gland single direct extraction multiple superficial parotidectomy Duct extraction in front of masseter transoral over the masseter parotid incisionSubmandibular Gland Excision Duct stone extraction from mouth

  • Submandibular excision