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He Is Risen!! He is Risen Indeed, Alleluia · PDF file He is Risen Indeed, Alleluia Happy Easter one and all I n H is S ervice ♰ Rev. Donald P. Beaumont Rev. Donald P. Beaumont [email protected]

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  • The Beacon of Bethel Lutheran Church Let God’s light shine before all mankind.

    “Where Faith Grows” 440 943-5000 E-mail= [email protected]

    APRIL 2017

    Pastoral Message Greetings in the name of our Risen and Glorified Lord and Savior,

    “April showers, yada yada yada” and of course all that goes with that old rhyme. But April showers

    are not what’s on my mind today. As I sit and compose this message my mind is focused on the

    upcoming preparations for Confirmation and First Communion, along with Holy Week and Easter. All

    this while doing the duties associated with the pastoral office. The demands and stresses are enormous

    this year. It is only through the knowledge that God has, and always will, provide me the needed

    strength to do what we all know that needs to be done. I have had many offers to help in the upcoming

    weeks and I have accepted a few. But truth be told there are some things that need to be handled

    through the pastoral office.

    Now I am going about the task of writing a pastoral message for the April issue of the Bethel

    Beacon. I was thinking of writing about the upcoming events and the opportunities for worship. But

    that would be redundant and you can see all that in this issue. So, let me just say a few important


    He Is Risen!!

    He is Risen



    Happy Easter one and all

    In His Service

    ♰ Rev. Donald P. Beaumont Rev. Donald P. Beaumont [email protected]

    Joshua 24:15

    As for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.

    mailto:[email protected]

  • THE ROLE OF THE CROSS If the cross is the place where the worst thing that could happen happened, it is also the place where the best thing that could happen happened. Ultimate hatred and ultimate love met on those two crosspieces of wood. Suffering and love were brought into harmony. ... To be “saved” requires a severance from the former life as clean and sharp as though made by a knife. There must be a wall of separation between the old life and the new, a radical break. That means death — death to the old life, in order for the new to begin. … This wall of separation, this barrier, is the cross.

    —Elisabeth Elliot, A Path Through Sufering

    ___________________________________ 2017

    ___________________________________ WHEN WE CAN’T FIND EASTER

    Easter is the most joyous Christian holy day ... except when it’s not. What do we do

    when our mood isn’t what we think it “should” be? The kids are sugared up, we’re juggling

    family gatherings (and conflicts), everyday challenges remain, and festive hymns — however

    rousing — fail to lift our spirits. We wonder, “What’s wrong with me, that I can’t seem to

    find Easter?”

    Been there, done that. And it’s okay. You’re okay.

    Jesus’ resurrection doesn’t scoop us out of our troubles, but the death-defying Christ

    walks through them beside us, on our own Emmaus road (Luke 24). We aren’t alone. When we

    can’t find Easter, Easter somehow finds us — if not on this designated Sunday, perhaps two

    days from now, or next week or mid-May. Watch for it; keep your heart open. Christ is risen

    indeed — and you shall be too.

    —Heidi Mann

    Midweek Wed., March 29 7pm

    Palm Sunday Sun., April 9 10am

    with Confirmation and 1st Communion

    Maundy Thursday Thur., April 13 7pm

    with Communion

    Good Friday Fri., April 14 11am & 7pm

    Contemporary Service Sat., April 15 6pm

    Easter SONrise Service Sun., April 16 6:30am

    Easter Celebration Sun., April 16 10am

  • OUTREACH COMMITTEE Our last Outreach meeting was held on the 9th of March. We began with a

    half hour discussion on the first two chapters of the book “Joining Jesus on His

    Mission” that Pastor gave us at the last meeting. Everyone seemed to enjoy this

    book so far. We learned that we have to develop a different mindset as far as

    reaching out into our community, and you will be hearing more about this later as

    we continue to read the next four chapters - this being our “homework” to

    prepare for discussion in the future. Jack presented the committee with a

    revised description of the duties of the Outreach Committee, as outlined in

    our bylaws. The proposed changes will be voted on at the next voter’s meeting on Tuesday, March 28th.

    Plans are moving right along for the 7th Annual Bethel Outreach Golf Outing, which will be held on Friday,

    June 16th. There is a page in this issue of the Beacon with details on the outing and sign up instructions. Jim

    Krainz has also put this information on our website – check it out at

    With Maundy Thursday being the date that we would have held the April meeting, we agreed to change the

    date of our next meeting to April 6th, which is a week earlier than usual. Since then, I have found out that

    Pastor and Jack have another commitment, so there is a chance we may change the date – again! Look to the

    weekly bulletin for further updates!

    Thank You!

    Alice Beeman, Mike Bretz, Jim Krainz, Christine Risher, Steve Risher,

    Jack Schimmelmann & Jackie Storts (Committee Chairperson)

    (Article submitted by Christine Risher)

    FORSAKEN FOR US Church reformer Martin Luther considered Jesus’ cry from the cross, “My God, my God, why have you

    forsaken me?” (Matthew 27:46) as “the greatest words in all of Scripture,” writes Timothy Keller. In Walking With

    God Through Pain and Suffering (Penguin Books), Keller notes, “Luther knew personally about what he called

    Anfectungen, a word that means the ‘assaults’ that the world, the flesh and the devil make on human beings

    through the evils and suffering of life.”

    Jesus suffered Anfectungen “in infinite degrees, beyond anything any other human being will ever

    experience,” Keller writes. And he did it all for us. As Luther said, “In Christ, the God-forsaken sinner has a Savior

    who has taken on himself the full depths of human estrangement from God — and overcome it.”

    SOCIAL COMMITTEE Our March “Potluck & a Movie” was held on the 19th. Sixteen people showed

    up to watch the movie “Risen.” As always, we enjoyed some good food and

    fellowship. We will not be hosting a movie in the month of April – BUT we are

    having our annual Easter Breakfast, held right after the SONrise Worship

    Service until 9:00am. We hope you can join us! The menu will include casseroles,

    sausage, cheesy potatoes, French toast sticks, hard-boiled eggs, fruit, dessert,

    coffee and juice.

    Our next “Potluck & a Movie” will be on Sunday, May 21st. The featured

    movie is called “Miracles from Heaven” – as always, dinner at 5pm with movie at 6pm. Hope to see you there!

    Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday, April 18th, and as always, everyone is welcome to attend!

    Christine-Dave-Georgann-Julie-Sherry (Committee chairperson) - Steve

    (Article submitted by Christine Risher)

  • Lutheran Ministries Media, Inc. 5 Martin Luther Drive Fort Wayne, IN 46825-4996

    Worship for Shut-Ins Sermon Summaries

    These Worship services on WRLM can be viewed on Time Warner Cable channel 12 and U-verse channel 67 at 11:30 am on the following Sundays

    APRIL 2017 April 2, 2017 – Fifth Sunday in Lent Psalm: 130; Epistle: Romans 8:1-11; Gospel: John 11:17-27, 38-53 “The Death of a Friend” - Sermon Text: John 11:17-27, 38-53 by Rev. Paul E. Shoemaker, Emanuel Lutheran Church ~ New Haven, IN The death of a loved one changes our world. Jesus had a friend who died and He felt great sorrow at the loss. The Good News is that Jesus has conquered death. As Jesus says, “He who believes in Me shall never die.” April 9, 2017 – Palm Sunday/Sunday of the Passion Psalm: Psalm 118:19-29; Epistle: Philippians 2:5-11; Gospel: John 12:12-19 “Palm Sunday Exclamation” - Sermon Text: John 12:13b by Rev. Dr. Daniel J. Brege, St. Paul Lutheran Church ~ Decatur, IN On Palm Sunday the people shouted a profound exclamation: They were quoting from the Old Testament, they were labeling the work that Jesus was about to perform, and they were describing Christ's work among us now through Word and Sacrament: "Hosanna, Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord." April 16, 2017 – The Resurrection of Our Lord – Easter Day Psalm: Psalm 118:15-29; Epistle: Acts 10:34-43; Gospel: Matthew 28:1-10 “This Is The Day!” - Sermon Text: Psalm 118:24 by Rev. Dr. Thomas R. Ahlersmeyer, Holy Cross Lutheran Church ~ Fort Wayne, IN Can you point to one day that changed the entire course of your life? Absolutely! Jesus’ Easter Sunday victory over death has changed your eternity as well as how you face each day of your life. “THIS IS THE DAY that the Lord has made” is a hope-filled, joy-filled reality because Jesus Christ IS risen! April 23, 2017 – Second Sunday of Easter Psalm: Psalm

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