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  • St. Michael Catholic Church & School

    Gastonia, North Carolina

    Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord

    16 April 2017



    St. Michael Catholic Church & School Gastonia, North Carolina

  • This Week at St. Michael Sacred Liturgy Meetings & Events

    Sunday, April 16 Easter Sunday Resurrection of Our Lord

    7:30 AM Holy Mass - Gary MacMillan 10:00 AM Holy Mass- For the Deceased Members of the Cherry Family 12:00 PM Holy Mass (Spanish) - Priest Intention

    7:00 PM SAA: C-Hall

    Monday, April 17 Easter Monday

    St. Anicetus

    No Holy Mass No Lauds

    Parish Office Closed 6:30 PM K/C 4th Degree: PC 7:00 PM Spanish Mtg: C-Hall

    Tuesday, April 18 Easter Tuesday

    No Holy Mass No Lauds

    8:45 AM Latin II: C-Hall 5:00 PM Church Directory Photos: C-Hall 6:30 PM Stewardship Mtg: HFR 7:00 PM Spanish Emaus Mtgs: PC/Gym 7:00 PM Latin Schola: Church

    Wednesday, April 19 Easter Wednesday

    5:00 PM Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament 5:00 PM - 5:45 PM - Confessions 5:50 PM Vespers & Benediction 6:15 PM Holy Mass - Gail Ignat

    5:00 PM Church Directory Photos: C-Hall 7:00 PM Catholic Scripture Study 7:00 PM English Choir Practice: Church 7:00 PM Finance Council: Office

    Thursday, April 20 Easter Thursday

    7:00 AM Holy Mass (EF) - Judy Todd 7:45 AM Lauds

    5:00 PM Church Directory Photos: C-Hall 6:00 PM Fatima Planning Mtg: HFR 7:00 PM Latin Schola Practice: Church 7:00 PM Span Pastoral Committee Mtg: HFR

    Friday, April 21 Easter Friday

    St. Anselm

    7:00 AM Holy Mass - Yesenia Jimnez Linares 7:30 AM Lauds 8:15 AM Holy Mass - Mike Guffey 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament

    9:30 AM Catholic Scripture Study: HFR 5:00 PM Church Directory Photos: C-Hall 6:00 PM Adult Basketball: Gym 6:00 PM Spanish Youth Group: C-Hall 7:00 PM Spanish Choir Practice: Church 7:00 PM Legion of Mary: HFR

    Saturday, April 22 Easter Saturday

    Sts. Soter & Caius

    8:00 AM Lauds 8:15 AM Holy Mass (EF) - Intentions of the Confraternity of St. Peter 3:30PM - 4:45 PM Confessions 5:00 PM Holy Mass - Judy Todd

    8:30 AM Span. 1st Communion Retreat: PC 9:00 AM Lay Dominicans 10:00 AM Church Directory Photos: C-Hall 2:00 PM Spanish Baptisms: Church 6:30 PM K/C Social: PC 8:00 PM AA Meeting: C-Hall

    Sunday, April 23 Divine Mercy Sunday

    7:30 AM Holy Mass - Max Ober 10:00 AM Holy Mass - For the People 12:00 PM Holy Mass (Spanish) - Priest Intention

    8:45 AM Donuts and Dogma: PC 8:45 AM English FF: School/C-Hall 10:00 AM Spanish FF: All bldgs. 11:30 AM Evangelization Comm: HFR 3:00 PM Divine Mercy Holy Hour & Chaplet with the Childrens Choir: Church 3:30 PM Spanish Study Group: C-Hall 7:00 PM SAA: C-Hall

  • Please Remember in your Prayers

    Parish Members & Friends: Fr.JamesEbright,Fr.GeorgeKloster,DeaconJohnWeisenhorn,DeaconRonSteinkamp,CraigBement,JoeBell,BarbaraBerg,LouiseBotugno,Burton&BethBradley,DorianBroadway,MichelleCampbell,LydiaCatlett,StevenCherry,MercedesDalleyandBabyMark,ChuckDeal,BettyDow,ElizabethEddie,LoganEscandon,JoseEscandon,Pete&RebeccaFiles,ShannonFrazer,KarlyFreeman,KathyGeoffroy,PennyGodwin,PaulGrenier,JessHaley,GwenHart,CalvinHebert,CarolHenderson,DorothyHenley,ConnieHutter,GaryIgnat,BuddyJames,RobinJohnson,BriceidaJuya,FrankandMiriamMicheli,StephanieMiller,HeatherMonteleagre,SteveMurphree,GeraldOrazem,CharlesPasour,ErvinPhillips,HenryPhillips,JessiePilieci,MillieandTerryPurvis,LydiaRobinson,GladysRodriguez,SueRuocco,AlSantoro,PatSplawn,SisterMaryOliviaShirley,MarieSeager,EthanScott,JimSneska,BobStauss,AnneTinsdale,LincolnTwitty,ChipWatson,MadisonWatson,LeoWeisenhorn,VeronicaRoseWelsh,Paul&MarionYager,fatherofVirginiaHavenFor all in service to our country: StefanZapata,DerrickDobbins,MatthewBarker,KevinHaskins,StephanieMiller

    For the repose of the soul of:YeseniaJimenezLinares

    Saturday, April 22 5:00 PM Mass Greeters:SueNeerincxLectors:BetteShirleyandMichelineSchmidlinGifts: MikeandMichelineSchmidlinEMHC: JeffTempleton Sunday, April 23 7:30 AM Mass Greeters: IndegBerdussisLectors: LeeAnnMacMillanGifts: ArleneSellersEMHC: Sunday, April 23 10:00 AM Mass Greeters: JuanitaPenalozaandJaneSheppardLectors: PatrickValentineEMHC: VinceMooney,JohnODalyandLaetitiaSery


    READINGS FOR THE WEEK Monday: Acts2:14,2233;Ps16:12,5,711; Mt28:815Tuesday: Acts2:3641;Ps33:45,1820,22; Jn20:1118Wednesday:Acts3:110;Ps105:14,69;Lk24:1335Thursday: Acts3:1126;Ps8:2,59;Lk24:3548Friday: Acts4:112;Ps118:12,4,2227; Jn21:114Saturday: Acts4:1321;Ps118:1,1421;Mk16:915Sunday: Acts2:4247;Ps118:24,1315,2224; 1Pt1:39;Jn20:1931

    READINGS FOR THE WEEK 4/17 - 4/23

    July 9- July 14. PreK through 12th grade.

    Watch for more details.

    June 5 at 6pm Mass

    Bishop Jugis celebrating

    First Holy Communion May 7 at 10am Mass



    Congratulations to those who entered into the fullness of the catholic faith through our rcia

    class of 2017

  • Around our Parish & Diocese Petition for Prayers

    & Almsgiving

    Three of our parish families have members who are experiencing serious health and financial issues. Our help is needed to join the ef-forts of others in assisting with prayers as well as financial support to help with their medical expenses. You may read more about their condition and make an online contribution by accessing the following links:

    Ethan Scott

    Lydia Robinson

    Welsh Family and Baby Veronica Rose

    To make an anonymous donation or for further information, please call the parish office at


    God bless you abundantly for your prayers and generosity!

    Couples Evening of Reflection Bring New Life into Your Marriage with Father Martin Connor, LC

    Experience the newness of Life that comes with the rebirth of Easter as we allow Christ to

    transform our marriages by the power of His Resurrection!

    Appetizers, dinner, dessert and wine will be available to enjoy.

    When: April 29, 2017

    6 PM - 9PM

    Where: St. Michael the Archangel Parish Center

    Cost: $30/couple

    Register & RSVP by April 27, 2017 at:

    Questions: [email protected]

    Sponsored by:



    DIOCESE of CHARLOTTE Rachels Vineyard Weekend Retreats

    Asheville Area May 5 - 7, 2017

    For more information please contact either:

    Jackie Childers: 980-241-0251/[email protected] Jennifer Ganser; 336-209-2161/[email protected]

    Greensboro Area

    October 20-22, 2017

    For more information please contact either: Jackie Childers: 980-241-0251/[email protected]

    Jennifer Ganser; 336-209-2161/[email protected]

  • Around our Parish

    "TheyhavetakentheLordfromthetomb,andwedon'tknowwheretheyputhim.HappyEaster!Hehasrisen!LetuswelcomeJesusevenmoreintoourmarriagesbyparticipatinginaWorldWide Marriage

    Encounterweekend.Thenextweekendsare:Jun2325,2017inChapelHill,NCandJul79,2017inGreenville,SC.Earlysignupisrecommended.Formoreinformationvisitourwebsiteat: [email protected]



    Schedule of dates and times

    April 18-21 (2 PM - 9 PM) April 22 (10 AM - 5 PM)

    April 25 & 26 (2 PM - 9 PM) May 2-5 (2 PM - 9 PM) May 6 (10 AM - 5 PM)

    By participating you will receive a copy of the directory

    and a free 8 x 10 portrait!

    St. Michael Childrens

    Choir presents

    A Divine Mercy Holy Hour

    Sunday, April 23, 2017 at 3 P.M.

    The message of The Divine Mercy is simple. It is that God loves

    us all of us. And, he wants us to recognize that His mercy is greater than our sins, so that we will call upon Him with trust, receive His

    mercy, and let it flow through us to others. Thus, all will come to share

    His joy. Please join the St. Michael Childrens Choir for a

    Holy Hour of reflection on Gods Divine Mercy.

    St. Michael Catholic Church (Light Reception to follow)

  • In Loving Memory


    In Honor Of:

    Stephana Zara, Heriberto, Carlota y Toa Correa, y Hernn Gmez

    Requested by M/M Christopher & Luz Albanese

    Ann Matovic Requested by Mary Ann Albaugh

    Gerard Anderson Requested by Jeannine Anderson

    George, Margaret, Andrea Balog, Sister Teresa Benedicta, OCD and Bill Mackey Requested by Ms. Noelle Balog

    M/M ET Barker & M/M AJ Carrellas

    Requested by Dr/Mrs David and Mary Ellen Barker

    The Richard & the Belmont Families Requested by M/M James and Nancy Richard Belmont

    Sue and Matthew Bess Requested by Katie Bess

    Salvatore & Theresa Tranchina Requested by Lauretta Boccio

    Lee Broome, Hassie and William Smith


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