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Graduate Students With Families Baylor University Graduate Student Orientation August 15, 2007 Baylor University Graduate Student Orientation August 15,

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  • Graduate Students With FamiliesBaylor UniversityGraduate Student OrientationAugust 15, 2007

  • Read 100 pages by tomorrowHave dinner with the familyFinish that annotated bibliographyHelp get the kids to bedOh, and it would be nice if you were able to go to church with the family And did you forget your T.A. duties?HOW DO YOU FIND THE TIME??

  • Who am I to talk?First and foremost - a fellow sufferer on the same journeyGrad school, version 1.0 (Just Married!)Wifes MBAGrad School, version 2.0 (balancing work and school)@ Baylor (on the tenure track)

  • What Have I Learned?#1 - Communication is KeyLack of it can seriously affect your familySchedule Study Times & Set Realistic DeadlinesKeep a Family CalendarTo make sure everyones on the same page and knows what to expectAnd update it regularly!And check it regularly, too!

  • At Busy Times(theyre all busy times, but some are busier than others)Its the little thingsA noteKeep the kids in the loop, tooGive the kids a prize to work towards

  • During Family Timesbe present -- dont cheat!schedule studies around meals and kid-times (i.e., after they go to bed).know your own level of obsessionremember your spouses pressures

  • Communication, #2Expectations vs. RealityBig area of tension in marriagesMy wifes mental arithmeticLess time than expectedLearn to schedule your study timesBe flexibleTake advantage of times apart

  • OverallLook for the positivesYou may have flexible timeallows you to have lunch with your spouse and/or kids, be available for school functions, etc.Breaks between semestersallows time to reconnect with family

  • Some Specific SuggestionsFor keeping your sanityEmail each other about scheduling issuesMarriage Counseling 101; Communicate your needs clearly: I needa break.more sleep. some to take a child someplace.more time with you (or as a family).some grace some prayer some helpThere is simple power in these words when spoken to a spouse

  • Some Specific SuggestionsA date night (make a habit of it!)(even if its just doing something special together at home after the kids go to bed)Take a walk (away from work & phone)Go to a parkdont try this in July & AugustGo out for coffeeGo to Place 2BU events

  • Family Time SuggestionsSLC (pool, climbing rock, etc.)Pool parties!Mayborn Museum (Discovery Center)Cameron Park ZooWaco Lions Park/KiddielandBear HabitatSimple things: have your spouse bring the kids over to campus for lunch at the SUBChick-fil-a, Ninfas, Quiznos, and more -- kids love having a choice, and you get to spend a little time together

  • This is a seasonSeasons passFocus on maintaining your relationship with your family(and getting good grades, too)Remember whats important -- remember what will last

  • Your family

  • AlsoRemind yourself of all of this often

    I certainly have a tendency to forget!